The Corporate Archer

In today’s world of highly competitive business what we need is not just a corporate manager or leader, but a corporate ‘archer.’ I say this because of the fact that
04 Aug 2018 10:00
The Corporate Archer
Mayur Kalbag

In today’s world of highly competitive business what we need is not just a corporate manager or leader, but a corporate ‘archer.’

I say this because of the fact that a lot has changed in terms of the way businesses are functioning across the world.

Even in Fiji, a lot of organisations have not only been witnessing but have also been experiencing stiff and growing competition from other organisations based not just in Fiji but from other countries as well.

Through all the business sectors and more so within the tourism sector.

The  fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector the time is right for managers as well as team leaders to develop and evolve themselves towards becoming and this can happen only when they take passionate efforts towards adding special and specific attributes or qualities.

Why chose an Archer to learn about being a better manager or leader?

The answer is that I strongly believe we can learn and imbibe some very beneficial and truly excellent qualities from the archer.

Let us explore these qualities with the hope that all of us can implement them in our professional as well as our personal life.


Gaining proper knowledge about the techniques

It is not as if a person just walks in, picks up a bow and arrow, points the arrow towards a particular spot and then casually shoots it.

There is much more to it than that.

In fact, the person who wants to become a successful archer must have to get trained and must also learn the specific and in-depth aspects of archery.

Aspects such as, the right of way of holding the bow, especially at an angle; the perfect manner in which the arrow has to be pulled back or ‘drawn’ so as to ensure that it hits the target and other such aspects are extremely vital for the archer if he has to be the best.

Similarly, if you want to be a successful manager then the first thing you must do is learn the techniques to ‘manage’ or ‘lead’.

One of the first things that we can do is to read and learn about the various management and managerial subjects namely art of delegation; ways to motivate your team; how to build team morale and self-confidence; managing and resolving conflicts, becoming an effective inter-personal communicator; ways of reporting and dealing positively with your seniors.

Creating and executing ‘strategies’ and plans by assigning roles, responsibilites and accountability, mentoring and coaching, presentation and public speaking skills are also important.

I believe that there could be a few more areas of managerial abilities but the ones I have mentioned are those that can surely strengthen you further as a manager or leader.

I also would like to specifically say that apart from reading books or articles in the newspapers you must attend seminars and conferences that are held or organised on such related topics.


Aim and the target

Even the best Archer will be unable to perform if he or she doesn’t have a target.

Where will he take aim to shoot his arrow if the target is absent.

The same happens to a lot of good Managers as well as leaders.

They do not take the required efforts to identify their Targets. In fact I firmly believe most of the managers need to increase their passion towards creating their own short-term, medium-term and long-term targets as well as inspire the team members to do the same.


Focus and concentration

An Archer has to overcome challenges, some internal and some external.

The changes in the movement of the breeze or the distance of the target being too far could become some of the external challenges or barriers for the archer.

Having said this nervousness or lack of self- confidence, stress and negative thinking could become the internal obstacles which can affect the successful shooting of the arrow.

It is in such situations that the archer must intensify his or her focus and also sharpen his or her concentration to ensure that the internal and external challenges or obstacles do not hinder or obstruct the shooting of the arrow.

Well, I believe the same holds true for a manager or leader. He or she will have to face and successfully battle the internal as well as external challenges or obstacles that may come his or her way.


Failure is a learning not a loss

I have never seen an archer hitting the bull’s eye all the time.

For him or her failing is a way towards becoming even better than the previous time.

The Archer does not allow himself or herself to get bogged down by failure and rather keeps trying to bring perfection in shooting of the arrows.

A lot many times people get very hurt and dejected when they are not able to achieve success or meet the expectations of their seniors as well as their own and it affects their future actions and decisions too.

Just like the archer fails but tries to learn from that failure and gives it another try, similarly we too must improve from a failure.

Do a root-cause analysis and find the true reason for the failure and then begin the process of positive transformation.


Become innovative

Whether it is the archer or a sportsman from any other field, they will always try to innovate as well as improvise.

An archer will try and make his bow better.

He might try a larger sized bow for the long-distance targets.

Or he or she may change the arrows. In fact he or she may create or innovate a competely different way of holding the bow.

These are just examples of how an archer may try new and different things to enhance his or her performance.

Similarly, to be able to speed your professional growth you must always be open to creating new and thought-provoking ideas towards enabling your business to grow at a faster rate.

Thinking differently and creatively is an important requirement for the today’s manager.

There are a lot of such qualities which we can learn from an archer.

In fact this is the way we can and will become a successful corporate archer for our organisation.


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