Letters To The Editor: 7th August, 2018

Misuse of Social Sites Maria Tavaga, Ba It is sad to see that people are uploading and sharing the gruesome pictures of the fatal accident at Nabou on social media.
07 Aug 2018 11:59
Letters To The Editor: 7th August, 2018
Traffic came to a halt where the 3-vechicle crash took place at Nabou in Nadroga. Photo: WAISEA NASOKIA

Misuse of Social Sites

Maria Tavaga, Ba

It is sad to see that people are uploading and sharing the gruesome pictures of the fatal accident at Nabou on social media. We need to show empathy towards the fallen victims and their families.

Some social network site users need to have common sense in differentiating which information should be uploaded and otherwise.

This act clearly shows a lack of respect for our fellow Fijians. Even before the concerned members were notified the rest of the world had come to know of the fatal accident that took the lives of six loved ones.

Those social media users, you should be mindful that one day a close relative may face a similar fate and you will know then just how it feels to have it posted for everyone to see.

Please think before you do anything.

Chinese Medical Ship

Sukha Singh, Labasa

Wouldn’t it be nice if Government could ask the Chinese floating hospital Ark Peace to make a trip to Vanua Levu? I’m told that medical facilities and services onboard are too good.

Road Fatalities

Mohammed Imraz Jani, Lautoka

Does anyone know what road fatality number has to be reached so that Fiji’s careless and brainless drivers realise road accidents can cause deaths?

Importance of eLearning in Education System

Swetha Sheetal Chand, Suva

As part of a growing modern society, I believe that eLearning has a vast impact on Fiji’s education system.

ELearning plays a vital role in the learning process as it makes the students’ learning much easier. Most people are already aware about eLearning, but the biggest question is, what are the benefits of eLearning in the learning process?

Firstly, eLearning makes learning much easier. As a matter of fact, our world has gone through a major digital revolution in technology. As such, this digital revolution has made learning processes much easier to manipulate in terms of the resources it provides at a cheaper cost.

For example, in high schools, most of the notes and resources can be accessed over the internet or a tablet rather than investing in textbooks which are not fully used thus leading to inefficient use of economic resources such as the papers used in producing those textbooks.

Furthermore, eLearning makes learning process more entertaining and interactive. Not every student in a college has the same learning capacity.

Some students learn through writing, some through reading who are considered bookworms and others learn better through watching and listening to videos and audio. As such, eLearning provides a fun and comfortable environment to study in.

Hence, eLearning consists of many advantages which helps student learning environment much easier. Fiji is a growing nation whereby implementing eLearning in the education system would take our country forward in a positive way.


Amrit Singh, Bau Road

The increasing number of people diagnosed with diabetes is shocking. But Government is increasing price of sugary drinks and beverages, while reducing the duty on imported fruits and vegetables to 5 per cent.

In my opinion the export duty for fruits should be fully exempted so that the prices of fruits being imported becomes affordable to all Fijians.

Secondly, issue eCards for purchasing carbonated drinks per individual, say on a weekly basis, by giving only two bottles per person.

If the limit is reached the consumer’s card will become blocked and the consumer will not be allowed to purchase any carbonated drinks during that particular week. The Government should take these ideas and implement them because increasing prices will not deter buyers.

People living in Fiji like to repeat mistakes and it has become a habit. People ignore signs and symptoms of diabetes and when they arrive to an expert doctor for checkup, it becomes too late and the only option available is to amputate the limb(s) so that the cancer does not spread and become fatal.

This increases the number of people living with disabilities in the country. God gave us a body which we neglect to care about and thus doctors amputate them.

Government is already and should continue to invest more in recreational structures like gyms, parks, swimming pools, rather than investing in roads for just one budget. Give $400 million to build recreational parks and footpaths where kids and adults can walk or jog at least.

We hardly see children playing tin pani, tyres, S.T.O.P stop, hopscotch and football daily.

Now I see primary and high school only having sports once a week. Sports was played daily for 30 minutes in my time. Why so many changes to the school curriculum?

I hardly see children running at recess and lunch time in schools in the playgrounds. Can we bring this back?

Ba victory

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

It’s about time Ba stamped its mark again in the Fiji Football arena . They had been written off for a while but suddenly they have woken up again.

It used to be Ba winning every tournament in the past years, and after a very long time they are back. Don’t lose that momentum now.

Vinaka Vakalevu Ba. With the IDC around the corner and with all the Ba supporters getting their confidence back it should be exciting.

Congratulations Ba for winning the INKK Battle of the Giants (B.O.G.).

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