Letters To The Editor 10th August, 2018

RKS Supremacy Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu It may not repeat the victory last year, but the presence of RKS in all but one grade final is another show of guts, determination,
10 Aug 2018 10:22
Letters To The Editor 10th August, 2018

RKS Supremacy

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

It may not repeat the victory last year, but the presence of RKS in all but one grade final is another show of guts, determination, dedication and strength.

They have proved themselves in athletics, rugby 7s, rugby league and the World Under-18 championship.

Being at the grounds and looking at the supporters, I always love to watch how the old scholars cheer.

They know more than those in school at the moment what a true Ratu Kadavulevu supporter is like.

But it’s also great to see families and friends come in their colours and cheer for the whole day until it’s all over.

May the best teams win.

Culture of Dishonesty

Neelz Singh, Lami

Well it’s not wise to say everything starts at home. Businesses too need to be proactive when it comes to addressing dishonesty.

People cheat because they see others doing it.

Findings suggest that the cheating culture is not just a capitalistic phenomenon and that attitudinal differences are driven by gender, country corruption and socioeconomic environment, which are considered trends.

Workplace dishonesty not only costs businesses valuable time and resources, but also has a negative impact on a company’s bottom line.

An additional concern is company morale greatly suffers whenever there’s rampant workplace dishonesty and this can cause a chain reaction leading to even more dishonest behaviour by other employees.

Some employees may not realise some of their actions could be considered dishonest behaviour at their place of employment.

The misuse of company time is a good example. Businesses can lose significant amounts of money by keeping employees on the payroll who routinely conduct personal business while on the clock.

It’s considered dishonest for employees to make excessive personal phone calls, avoid performing the functions of their job or stay punched in while on breaks the company deems should be unpaid.

These performances are based on appraisal concern.

Repeated absence under false pretences is also considered dishonest behaviour. Regardless, many employees learn how to abuse programmes that award them time off for vacation, sick leave and personal days.

For example, it’s considered dishonest for employees to call in sick when they’re really not.

It’s also considered dishonest to fail to give your employer the required proper notice, waiting until the last minute to request time off when you knew about the situation well in advance.

As a new budget and incentives kick in there is a lot to gain as an employee or worker, so be mindful. Unfortunately, they may be learning to inextricably combine the cheating culture with best business practices.

Monasavu Dam

Sukha Singh, Labasa

The good thing about the construction of the Monasavu Dam was that no one knew much about environmental damage at that time

With all the hue and cry over the dying vegetation because of the rising weir height, I don’t think EFL would construct another dam anywhere in Fiji.

I think logging has done more damage to the Fijian environment then this Wanisavulevu weir.

The good thing is people are waking up.

We can build bigger steam plants, but then we have to deal with smoke pollution.

Sometimes you just can’t win.

The New Bau Road

Amrit Singh, Bau Road

Gone are the days that Bau Road had potholes after the road was refurbished in 2014 by Fulton Hogan Hiways.

A new seal was laid along with cement for reinforcement and drainage was dug again by machinery in 2017.

The new streetlights will soon be fully operational because they are now installing them along Bau Road.

Hence, the process to cut a new road near the airport from Nadali to Bau Road is going well, but it has all the unnecessary twists and bends.

Old Bau Road leading to the airport and Nausori town is straight. So were the surveying people well equipped when doing the survey for such a busy road?

The new road is being built on a swampy area where rain always caused flooding.

Ask the Nadali people and they will tell you about that place.

Therefore, I hope the road will be built so that during torrential rainfall the road does not get flooded like Waituri Road.

In my lifetime I have never seen Bau Road underwater. But the way the new road is shaping I grow more and more anxious for it to be completed and the rain to come. Also, the upgrade done to the Bau Road along Naitalasese is now degrading because in just four years a lot of potholes are visible.

It is just another waste of money resealing roads.

The parts of roads which are prone to be washed away in rainy weather can be rebuilt with cement.

The portion which is eroding can be made of cement.

It will last long and stay strong, thus saving billions of dollars spent on our roads.

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