Letters To The Editor 13th August 2018

Hero deserves medal Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva Veresa Sokosoko who has been wrongfully accused of stealing from victims of the tragic Nabou three-way accident should be awarded a medal and an
13 Aug 2018 13:55
Letters To The Editor 13th August 2018
Writer suggests a medal should be awarded to Veresa Sokosoko.

Hero deserves medal

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

Veresa Sokosoko who has been wrongfully accused of stealing from victims of the tragic Nabou three-way accident should be awarded a medal and an apology from all those who condemned and spewed venom on him for his misunderstood public action. (FS 10/8)

Thank you, Fiji Sun, for printing his side of the story and conducting an interview with Mr Sokosoko which is available in the online version of the Fiji Sun and YouTube.

Mr Sokosoko revealed that he applied First Aid and followed all the procedures that are taught when one approaches an accident site.

I am impressed because what he did and explained was taught to us in fourth year BA Theology class in 2008 at Fulton College, by some First Aid Nurses from the Ministry of Health.

From what Mr Sokosoko revealed in the interview, one can conclude that the Fijian public lack the knowledge of First Aid as happened in the Nabou accident, where people were more concerned in taking photos and not helping victims to safety.

First Aid classes should be promoted in schools and to the general public because we all need to know what to do when we find ourselves in a similar situation.

The response time from the Police and Ambulance needs to be improved as reported in the interview by Mr Sokosoko.

Medal or no medal, all who defamed Mr Sokosoko’s First Aid application on the victims, including securing their personal items for safe keeping with the Police, should apologise to him.


Grand Coalition

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Can SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka, NFP leader Biman Prasad and president Pio Tikoduadua inform eligible Fijian voters what will happen should the HOPE Party wins more seats than them during the 2018 General Election?

Would they form a grand coalition Government or power sharing together as NFP and SODELPA have always touted this concept from the past?

Should they agree, my second question would be: Would SODELPA and NFP support Roko Tupou Draunidalo as the first woman to be Prime Minister of Fiji?  By convention she is the president of HOPE party and has the majority seats.

My third question is: Should the three political parties not win the majority but only have enough seats to make it through as Opposition Members of Parliament and again where HOPE still commands the of majority seats, would they still agree to nominate Roko Tupou as the Leader of Opposition?

Mr Rabuka being a former PM has already embraced, enjoyed and tasted the luxuries and spoils of its perks with the power that comes with it.

But would he let go, if Ro Teimumu Kepa wins a seat? I personally believe she will fight tooth and nail and not let go of the Opposition leader portfolio because of the perks and the salary that comes with it from which she is currently fully enjoying.

I am pretty sure that depending on the number of seats NFP wins Mr Tikoduadua has already tasted what it is like to have three ministerial and perks during his short stint with the FijiFirst Government. I am sure he will be gunning for the same status without the grindings of rocks.

Whichever way the numbers stack up for them, this could be a possible scenario. But should the FijiFirst Party win outright again the majority from the 51 seats available then the second option for them is plan B which is in the opposition.

It should be an interesting tussle or an expected power struggle again where the Matanitu Vanua politics will rear its ugly head once more.

It is crucial that these political parties do not run out of steam and fundings before the FijiFirst party begins its catch up, non-stop and full steam ahead marathon campaign for the 2018 General Election.

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