Letters To The Editor 18th August, 2018

Birds of a feather Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori The allegations raised by Opposition political parties in regard to the election process is a desperate attempt to discredit the upcoming election and
18 Aug 2018 10:13
Letters To The Editor 18th August, 2018

Birds of a feather

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

The allegations raised by Opposition political parties in regard to the election process is a desperate attempt to discredit the upcoming election and its eventual results.

Various opinion polls survey done in the past 12 months suggest a landslide victory for the ruling FijiFirst Party. This is not an easy thing to swallow, especially after you have been so engrossed in manipulating facts and spreading lies about the Government.

The opposition parties are already working on “Plan B” sensing the most likely result that a FijiFirst landslide victory is going to shatter their “Plan A” dreams to pieces.

They today pretend to preach free and fair election as if they are experts on the topic and have perfect track records on the issue.

They hide the truth from the people.

The truth about how elections were done when they were in power and the reason the FijiFirst Government is now doing so much to prepare people for a genuinely free and fair election.

The Fiji Sun dated Thursday, May 11, 2006, has a front page headline, “Poll officials reject 120 ballot boxes” refereeing to the incident that happened in Nadi where 120 ballot boxes from 24 polling stations were received without labels.

A day earlier, the Fiji Sun front page headline read “Ballot boxes breach baffles Karavaki”.

This states that some ballot boxes were transported for many kilometres from one location to another without Police supervision, breaching the electoral law.

On another Fiji Sun news headline, “SDL backers chase NFP voters from grog party” an incident that happened at Waidalice District School.

In some polling stations, the polling started a day early, but only SDL knew about it and other parties were not informed.

Qarase was recorded saying that if an Indo-Fijian (referring to Chaudhry) was elected, the events of May, 2000 would be repeated.

It was this shameful election process that brought SDL (now SODELPA) to power.

I still have newspaper photos showing Mahen Chaudhary being held hostage in Parliament by George Speight before Bainimarama negotiated his release. Speight’s elder brother later became a Minister in Qarase’s SDL government. Mr Chaudhry was first held hostage in Rabuka’s 1987 coup along with Dr. Timoci Bavadra, the stepdad of Tupou Draunidalo. Tupou’s biological dad was a senior military officer in Rabuka’s 1987 coup and later became an Ambassador in the Qarase Government.

Today I find it amazing that all these people (Qarase, Mahen, Rabuka, and now Biman) who “once upon a time” had opposing political ideologies are now working together like a tight knit family with the single target to oust Bainimarama’s FijiFirst.

They do not care about the needs and lives of the people that the Bainimarama Government has tremendously improved.

They do not care about the huge improvement to our infrastructure and economy.  They do not care about national stability Fiji First has brought.

Today they have all showed us their true colours confirming the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together’.

Secondary schools soccer

Shiu Kumar, Yalalevu, Ba

Many thanks to the concerned authorities and organisers for making Fiji Secondary Schools IDC air live on Fiji One.

I am sure this is a great platform to discover talents in the arena of soccer in our nation.

What a jubilation and relief it now brings to soccer lovers to watch for the first time from the comfort of their homes.

Definitely, it will develop a formidable breed of players in the years to come and who knows we will feature in the next 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

At last many thanks to the president of the Fiji Secondary Schools Soccer Association and Fiji One for making this dream come true at last.

Congratulations, ladies

Amrit Singh, Bau Road

I would like to congratulate the Vunimono High School girls’ soccer team for winning this year’s girls open grade, beating Xavier College 4-3 on penalties.

It has been a great performance by my old school. Finally, the hard work has paid off and the hardworking staff and the team deserve it.

A morale boost for the Nausori-based school. I am proud to be connected to this school through my yesteryears.

When I was there in 2014, Vunimono High School started the platform to build a girls’ team through the ranks when Abhay Chand, Mr Prasad, Mr Isikeli and other PEMAC teachers, including non-PEMAC teachers were at the school.

Some teachers may have left, but the progress has continued.

The girls’ open grade team played very well. A hard-fought victory for VHS and congratulations to Xavier girls’ team for making it to the finals.

Thank you Vunimono High School for laying the platform for the girls’ soccer team.

I hope the boys’ team can do the same in years to come. Have a well-organised party..

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