Letters To The Editor 23th August, 2018

Expect a FijiFirst tsunami Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva I read in the social media that SODELPA is working in creating a tsunami come the 2018 General Election. But, if the SODELPA
23 Aug 2018 10:00
Letters To The Editor 23th August, 2018
Each picture is worth a thousand words…. These photos were sent in by our regular writer A. Shariff Shah, from Savusavu.

Expect a FijiFirst tsunami

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

I read in the social media that SODELPA is working in creating a tsunami come the 2018 General Election.

But, if the SODELPA backbone, the members of the Methodist Church delegates who attended their annual Conference at Centenary Church were truly inspired and moved by Prime Minister Bainimarama’s speech on Fijian Education, then a FijiFirst tsunami is imminent! (Fiji Sun 22/8).

Church president Reverend Epineri Vakadewavosa said Mr Bainimarama gave a very good speech, encouraging the members as he highlighted important issues that we are facing at the moment.

General Secretary Reverend Ili Vunisuwai, who gave the vote of thanks, praised Mr Bainimarama for opening the door to free education to many students who otherwise would have struggled to attend school because they came from poor families in villages. He said, “It is our prayer that you will be blessed in your leadership. And long may you continue to lift Fiji and all its people.”

Deaconess of Lelean Memorial School, Praveena Sailo said: “It is a blessed opportunity for the Prime Minister to be among us in our conference this year. His empowering message is also for women and school students to gain academic achievement and to progress in life.”

Former church president Reverend Tevita Banivanua said he was very impressed with Mr Bainimarama’s speech because his focus was also on education and that was one of the areas they were working on.

Bottom-line, praise for PM Bainimarama is praise for all our current leaders in Government which includes our Muslim Attorney General and other Hindu and Christian Ministers.

The Methodist Church is praying for our PM and current Government in its leadership, to continue to lift Fiji and its people.

May we all do the same and ask God to help us cast our one vote on the leader and Political Party that will continue to lift our lives to greater heights and make our nation truly, the way the world should be!

Invest in decompression chambers

Taitusi Sokiveta, Phoniex, Arizona, USA

Decompression chambers are crucial for the safety of our divers.

It has been reported by the Fiji Hotel & Tourism Association (FHTA) that the old decompression chamber was no longer operational in 2017.

I believe that every hotel or tourism operator along our beaches in Fiji must be equipped with decompression chambers.

Even all tourist boats taking tourists out for scuba diving must have these. Not forgetting all navy vessels and ships.

The tourism industry including our national airline Fiji Airways who brings in tourists to our shores should channel a part of their profit to installing decompression chambers.

I think that even the millionaires who own private islands in Fiji should install decompression chambers on their properties to help scuba divers in remote areas. There are 300 islands in Fiji and only 110 are inhabited islands where there are many divers, so the closer these decompression chambers are to them, the safer it is.

I suggest that decompression chambers must be made a priority at every tourist centre throughout Fiji.

SODELPA advocates

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

The SODELPA advocacy about race (Fiji Sun 21/8) is very confusing.

On one side, you assert facts and figures, while at the same time the military says ‘to beware of lies spread by some politicians’. Again, we go back to square one being called ‘Fijian’.

Politics is about activities not the past.


Wise Muavono, Lautoka

My mate Pena Samisoni, who lives down the road, does not often weed his cassava plantation and it is overgrown with grass.

Anyone would think he was planting paragrass. Last Saturday morning when he woke up, he saw his neighbour weeding in his plantation.

Upon questioning the neighbour, the neighbour said, “I’ve decided to come and weed since it’s overgrown with grass.”

Pena had no choice, but to join in.

Lewa na tani nona werewere o Pena. Hahaha.

Our workforce

A. Shariff Shah, Savusavu

Our workforce today is already lazy.

Nobody wants to work on Saturday, on Sunday or even on Monday.

If they do come on Monday, the production rate is virtually 10 per cent.

In this era they are currently paid a minimum wage of $3.10/hr.

The money is less, but they still find a way to party –  drink, smoke and miss out on work.

From my experience, there has never been one employee who has worked five months per year, regardless of the amount of money offered as pay.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out if they will improve or not if $5 /hr comes into effect.

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