China Reassures Strong Bilateral Ties With Fiji

The Chinese Government has reassured the Fijian media group currently visiting Chi­na that the upcoming 2018 Fijian General Elections results will not affect the bilateral relationship. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
25 Aug 2018 10:00
China Reassures Strong Bilateral Ties With Fiji
Fijiian and Papua New Guinean media representatives touring the headquarters of Huawei, the Chinese multinational provider of information communicatons technology and smart devices based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

The Chinese Government has reassured the Fijian media group currently visiting Chi­na that the upcoming 2018 Fijian General Elections results will not affect the bilateral relationship.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs senior official Luo Jun said: “We will not pick the Government for the Fijian people. Whoever they choose for the 2018 General Elections, we will con­tinue our relationships.”

“We have no authority as to who should be elected into Govern­ment.” He said.

He said that as developing coun­tries in the Asian-Pacific region, the two countries shared similar development tasks and extensive common interests.

The Chinese government laid great importance on developing a stronger relationship with Fiji and respects Fiji’s developing path of independence and conforming to its own national conditions.

“China and Fiji have a profound traditional friendship,” he said.

“We are true friends who could suffer from difficulties together and good partners of mutually ben­eficial developments.

“China is willing to actively devote ourselves to carrying out friendly exchanges and co-operation with Fiji at all levels and in other fields and will do our best to help Fiji to achieve economic and social devel­opment.”

He said China’s Foreign Assis­tance was selfless and sincere with no political conditions attached, follwing a policy of non-interfer­ence in the internal affairs of aid recipient countries.

He said people in the aid recipient countries have always had the most say whether China Aid is good and effective or not.

He said China was looking for­ward to working together with Fiji to have greater opportunity brought by the “One Belt and One Road” international co-operation.

He said this enhanced mutual trust, expanded exchanges, promot­ed co-operation and continuously enriched the strategic partnership between the two countries.

He said that Fiji’s relations and partnership with China have fos­tered a renewed commitment be­tween the two countries to continu­ously expand and strengthen their relationship in a wide array of sec­tors.

“We hope to continue to promote our bilateral good relations in fu­ture.”

He said he believed the relations between the two countries would strengthen during the recent tours of Fijian Journalists in China.

He commended the Government for being a good example to other countries within the region be­cause they looked up to Fiji.

“The other countries in this re­gion look up to the Fijian Govern­ment and the people.

“I think Fiji can play a more inter­nal role for the region.”

He said that more projects under the Fijian and Chinese Govern­ments are currently in the pipeline and negotiations are continuing.

“In 2014, the Chinese president Xi Jinping had signed five agreements with Fiji’s Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, with the aim of strengthening economic and strate­gic partnerships with Pacific island nations.

“Five Memorandums of Under­standing (MOU) were signed and the MOU were to strengthen bilat­eral trade agreements between the two nations and Fijians are to bene­fit from the assistance that are pro­vided by the Chinese Government.

“For the last four years, Fijians have benefited from projects under­taken by this Government.

From the construction of bridges, providing scholarships to Fijians to further their studies in China, reconstruction of classrooms and constructing a school playground.”

He said a bilateral trade agree­ment contributes to the growth and development of both countries.

He added that in 2009, Fiji’s Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama de­scribed Fiji’s relationship with Chi­na as “wonderful” while the then Vice-President of Fiji Ratu Epeli Nailatikau described the country’s relationship with the government and the people of the People’s Re­public of China as one of its most important.

“Fiji was further looking at oppor­tunities through the “Look-North” Policy to extend its trade and have Bilateral Trade Agreements with countries such as Russia, Turkey and the prominent Asian Markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China and India.

He added: “We are looking for sug­gestions and comments from your leaders the works needed to be car­ried out in Fiji and the progression of projects carried out by this Prov­ince.

“We would like to know how eve­ryone is affected in Fiji and how we can help. This is where the role of the media plays an important part, interms of delivering news.

“In keeping a strengthening re­lationships between the two coun­tries we need to know what is happening in Fiji and Papua New Guinea and we will get to know this through the media.

Edited by Losirene Lacanivalu


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