Letters To The Editor 26th August, 2018

Madam principal A Shariff Shah, Savusavu We from Savusavu are very proud of your achievements. We give you a two handed salute. You have proved that with the 3 Ds
26 Aug 2018 11:31
Letters To The Editor 26th August, 2018

Madam principal

A Shariff Shah, Savusavu

We from Savusavu are very proud of your achievements. We give you a two handed salute.

You have proved that with the 3 Ds – dedication, determination and discipline, the sky is the limit. Credit must also go to Mr Sharma who is also a teacher.  Vinaka.

iTaukei Education

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

I agree with Nemani Delaibatiki’s analysis(FS  22/8) where he attempts to  explain how to improve iTaukei education. But, we must not compromise our Education level as if it was a social welfare system.  It’s not a race issue, but private affair not communal and you enjoy its fruits privately too.

The attitude of certain iTaukei from the Lau province is respectable and everyone should follow suit.

It frees you from the clutches of traditional obligation and village life. Education and Religion are important for Fiji.


Floyd Robinson, Suva

How and why does the weather change so suddenly?

From the nice cool weather on week one of the school holidays, it suddenly became dry and hot.

Even in Suva, the last few days was likened to times of droughts and like one was in the Western Division.

Looks like climate change is having a real impact on our lives  and one could easily pick this up  based on the quality and availability of vegetables and crops at the market the other day. Meanwhile, one hopes that the burning issue at the rubbish dump in Lautoka is over.

Pedestrian safety

Satish Nakched, Suva

Fiji’s commitment to the 2030 global sustainable development agenda is absolute and is a cornerstone of the national policies that is reflected strongly in the 2018-2019 Budget allocation.

The SDG goal number three ensures healthy lives and promotes wellbeing for all at all ages.

Works through the capital community programme will be implemented in the country and the Central Division alone has been given $11 million for the project of constructing about 20 kilometre of new footpaths at various locations (2018-2019 Budget Kit).

Walking and jogging are recognised as healthy, low cost and environmentally friendly forms of activities.

It is still in the infant stage due to the lack of the facilities in the outskirts of developed areas.

Regular walking is a means of improving community health and fitness, which can provide the answers in combatting the escalating threat of NCDs.

However, it is noted with great concern that the new footpaths  constructed not long ago in the Nasinu areas where the design is not user friendly.

These footpaths are in the road level and it is not providing the intent of the infrastructure.

The street footpath and the road side curb provides protection for the pedestrians from the vehicle movements.

Because this portion of the safety access is slightly elevated and clearly distinguishes where the side of the  road ends and the footpath begins.

This also acts as a guide for drivers to safely position and manoeuvre the vehicle on the road.

And it is of great help during the adverse weather conditions and at night due to poor visibility.

Footpaths are safety barriers for the foot traffic.

Recently seen in the township of Nasinu that the new ones constructed are at the road level height which allows the drivers to drive on it and completely ignoring the pedestrian safety.

During rainy weather  the storm water washes gravel on the footpaths and from a distance it looks like the road surface.

I believe that our National Building Code uses a lot of reference in terms of the standard, but the construction  has completely ignored the Australian AS3727-1993, which guides such works.

There is evidence of shoddy workmanship because the new footpath surface now has cracks and is a physical hazard.

If such disregard to pedestrian safety continues in the planning phase of the footpath then I believe it is a total waste of resources because the product quality does not fit its purpose.

Dump fires

Sukha Singh, Labasa

Why can’t we extinguish a dump or saw dust fire immideatly  in Fiji.

Do we need a Ministry of Extinguishing Large Fires.

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