Leadership Creating Your Dream Team At Work: 5 Key Components

We know that highly performing teams are the key to an Organisations success and whilst most of us at work inherit our teams but some of us are lucky enough
01 Sep 2018 10:00
Leadership Creating Your Dream Team At Work: 5 Key Components

We know that highly performing teams are the key to an Organisations success and whilst most of us at work inherit our teams but some of us are lucky enough to be able to recruit our members and then design our ‘Dream Team.’  It’s a lucky place to be.

Do you currently

  • Work with a team that just doesn’t gel?
  • Walk on eggshells waiting for the conflict in your team to arise?
  • Lead a team of people who have the silo mentality?


Or are you in the lucky position to create a brand-new dream team?

Defined as a ‘team of people perceived as the perfect combination for a particular purpose’ the Dream Team is not that hard to create if you follow the rules and know what to do.

But it takes a strategic and visionary leader to know what the clear goals are, which roles need to be created to achieve the goals and fill them with collaborative and supportive people who are competent in their jobs, enjoy working together, have fun and want to achieve.

Do you want to

  • Go from having a disorganised and disengaged team to one that is motivated and empowered?
  • Have a group of trustworthy motivated people around you who get the job done?
  • Know that the team you have (whilst not perfect) has got what it takes to succeed but needs tweaking?
  • Create a Dream Team out of the one you have or start creating a new one from scratch?
  • Have a team that achieves goals, makes a profit and thrives?

Building a dream team of brilliant employees who can propel a business forward requires business owners to create a team-based organisation that fosters trust and cooperation.

Some of the problems Organisations face in creating a Dream Team         In discussions with Organisations who ask us to help them with their teams, what we have found is that:

1.Many are too locked in the ‘busyness’ of every day to think about creating a Dream team – but desperately want to

2.Most know how important teams are but don’t have the time to create them

3.Others have the ‘we’ll get there’ approach – except their competitors will get there faster

4.Some believe ‘rather the devil you know’ than the one you don’t……

5.Some think they are too small…


The results are

  • Things may get done or maybe not
  • People don’t pull together
  • Highly performing teams aren’t developed
  • People get tired of silo’s and conflict
  • Tired of the noise and nonsense, human capital walks out the door


Case Study to create a Dream Team – Ravi’s Health Stores

Ravi’s Health Stores (not the real name) is an example of a Company we worked with to help the CEO create his ‘Dream Team.’  Morale was at an all-time low (27 per cent staff satisfaction rating and 36 per cent staff turnover rate) and productivity was down.

In short, we needed to understand what the problems were, work out how to help the CEO turn the situation around and find/develop a Dream Team to help us – quickly!

When we went into the Company, we found: (Figure 1)


It appeared easier to do than it was, but what was needed was careful analysis of what was causing the problems in the first place and then work out a way forward. What we did:

  • We spent time understanding what the problem was
  • We spoke to team members and those around them to find reasons behind the problems
  • We found various things, including role confusion and lack of procedures
  • We assessed the Leader who was too lenient with some – so we coached and upskilled leaders
  • It was apparent that timelines were not enforced – so we introduced deadlines and measurements into job descriptions and key performance indicators, for a start
  • We introduced a monthly process to improve communication across the Organisation
  • We introduced a system of accountability and responsibility for all


The results

  • We conducted an employee engagement survey eight months later (staff satisfaction rating 64 per cent and staff turnover rate had dropped to 23.5 per cent).

Productivity had increased and the Organisation had won 8 more large clients

  • A year after we commenced, another employee engagement survey showed a staff satisfaction rating of 87.6 per cent with a staff turnover rate at an all-time low of 11 per cent.

Six more large clients were added to the list


5 Key Components of a Dream Team

Many things make up a Dream Team and remember that these teams need to be created at all levels of the Organisation, not just the top. In our experience, these are the most important components of any Dream Team


1.The Leaders Expectations – the leader clearly and regularly articulates what they want from the Dream Team, including adhering to the rules, getting things done on time and having great relationships between team members and external stake-holders.

  1. Attitude – a positive and optimistic approach to solving problems as they arise.

The person who sees life full of exciting challenges and not lost opportunities. I would rather have on my Dream Team a positive and optimistic person who is not that competent, than a highly competent person with an arrogant or bad attitude.


3.Enthusiasm – the team that is energised and excited about their roles, their company, the work they do. They come into work refreshed and buoyant and are a pleasure to work with.


4.Can do – these people are like ‘gems’ to any team.  They will try anything and do it with passion and enthusiasm. Nothing is too much or too hard for them


5.Personalities – team members know they are different and see the world from a different lens to others but they use this to the Dream Team’s advantage all the time

Use these tips and strategies to build trust and inspire teamwork among employees by enabling and empowering them to accomplish quality work that contributes to the overall business objectives.

Business success is clearly linked to the quality of teams.

Cultivate employees into Dream Team members and highly performing people and groups at all levels of your Organisation.

Call us if you would like help creating your Dream Team!

For more information about creating a Dream Team, head to or email us on




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