Teamwork Key To Company Success

Our group is very fortunate to have tena­cious and intelligent people. These were the words of Vinod Patel & Co Ltd (VPCL) Group founder and chairman Vi­nod Patel at Suva’s
03 Sep 2018 10:57
Teamwork Key To Company Success
From left: Vinod Patel & Co Ltd (VPCL) Group 2018 Employee of the year award winner Nilesh Prasad, VPCL group directors Vinod Chandra Patel, Bachubhai Patel and VPCL Group board chairman Vishnu Mohan on September 1, 2018. Photo: Ronald Kumar

Our group is very fortunate to have tena­cious and intelligent people.

These were the words of Vinod Patel & Co Ltd (VPCL) Group founder and chairman Vi­nod Patel at Suva’s FMF Gymnasium during the group’s annual awards night.

Mr Patel further added the success of Vinod Patel Group is bestowed upon the team – that is all the employees of Group.

“I founded Vinod Patel & Company Limited in 1962. Let me share with you my true reasons for this bold step which I took little over 50 years ago.

“One obvious reason was for economic inde­pendence. Bachu and I talked about this initia­tive and decided we must start so we can work and grow our business to sustain a lifestyle for our parents, brothers and sisters.

“Being the eldest sibling comes with great re­sponsibility. The stakes were high.

“We had to invest our life time savings of 1600 pounds.

“I am sure some of you are thinking it is a small amount but 1600 pounds was all we had.

“It was a lot of money in those days. We also borrowed 1600 pounds from other well-wishers and family friends.

“We knew then we just cannot afford to fail.

“The other very important reason for my deci­sion was to actually serve my community.

“I really believed that I am able to do better ser­vice and meet their needs.

“This I passionately believed in and committed myself to do.

“I always wanted to make a difference and add value to the community I was raised in.

“No doubt this was also the reason for my in­terest and involvement in politics and in many other social charitable organisations.

“With these two driving reasons I embarked on this new journey in my life and the rest is his­tory.

“I share this with you all today because look­ing back at my own experience; it is important to recognise that to achieve success and satis­faction one must not only work for financial re­wards; but also to passionately serve the society which we are part of.”

He said if organisations financial goals are also aligned to bring betterment and make a real difference to the society then the organisa­tion has a real purpose to continue and grow.

“Business must have an intangible goal and that is to serve and make a positive difference to the greater society we live in .

“We must always question will our action apart from giving us a financial reward will also actu­ally make a positive difference to our society? It is very important that both the boxes are ticked.

“When I started the business; only one staff member joined me then, even before Bachu joined business.

“His name is Mohd Yusuf who now lives in Canada; he is not only a good friend of both Ba­chu and I but he was also like a younger brother to us.

“All of us applied three rules of engagement in business.

These are:

1.Honesty :

never tell a lie to your customers and always act honestly. Embrace truth and believe in the maxim that “our word is our bond”

2.Respect and care for people.

Empathy is important in life. We must believe in service and caring.

We must truly become a caring organisation.

This is the only way we can be helpful to our valued customers.

We must have a sense of commitment to make a real difference to people’s life and consequent­ly making positive contribution to the society we live in.

3.There is no substitution to hard work.

One must work hard to achieve success.

One must put in the required hours, efforts and focus to finish the task. We all know there is no such thing as free lunch.

These three values are the governing values in my life – integrity, respect with empathy and hard work.

“I always applied these three values in my life, in whatever I undertake even when I was the president of Ba Football Club.

“If I was given a chance to leave my legacy be­hind then these values must be the cornerstone of my legacy.

“I urge you to respect and be empathetic to people in your society, to members of your team and customers.

“Do not judge them based on religion, ethnicity or gender.

“It is true that United we Stand and Divided we fall.

“Our core strength today is that our family are united.

“We have differences at times but we maintain unity in diversity of our ideas and choices.

“When your executive members and colleagues need help then stand by them.

“It is not about “I” but “we” that matters. We must support our colleagues; be part of the cel­ebrations in their life and also there to provide them support in their hour of need.”

He stressed that Vinod Patel Group culture should be based on united team.

“This should start from the top management.

“This culture once practice amongst us will translate to our customers and our society. “This is when we will start making a real differ­ence and indeed differentiate our organisation. We have come a long way from where we started in 1962.

“There were many nervous moments but each time we draw strengths from each other not to give up.

“We challenged the status quo and maintained the courage of conviction to succeed.”


He said the company goal now should be to make Vinod Patel Group not just an outstanding organisation but an institution.

“We must never stop dreaming, believing, working hard and continuously achieving.

“I pay tribute to all staff members of Vinod Pa­tel family and hope as a united team.

“We raise the bar each time and bring joy to thousands of people in our beloved country.”

Mr Patel said they have expansion plans in the pipeline.

Employee of the Year

Branch manager Lautoka Nilesh Prasad, was awarded Employee of the Year winner.

“I am extremely proud that I have been choos­en and I would like to thank all those who have supported me throughout,” Mr Prasad said.

“I am originally from Rewa, I started as a car­penter for the company and now I am leading the second largest store.

“I first started as a carpenter for the company in1997 then a sales person at our Centrepoint store then to our Nausori branch then later I was promoted as the Sigatoka Branch manager for four years.

“This is my fifth year in Lautoka and I have shown my loyalty with the company especially when I started as a carpenter now I am a man­ager and all they have done to me.”

He also thanked the Lord, his family and friends for the support.



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