Breaking The Shackles Of The ‘Golden Triangle’

 ((The writer is the Fiji National Sports Commission’s Sports Development Manager-Fiji)   Bula and welcome to this week’s issue of “Sports Development News” from the Fiji National Sports Commission. Last
04 Sep 2018 13:31
Breaking The Shackles Of The ‘Golden Triangle’

 ((The writer is the Fiji National Sports Commission’s Sports Development Manager-Fiji)


Bula and welcome to this week’s issue of “Sports Development News” from the Fiji National Sports Commission.

Last week we brought you success stories of the establishment of the Lakeba Sports Association in the Lau Group.

This week will travel up North to the Buca Bay Sports Association, an association established in Cakaudrove following the conduct of the Sports Outreach Program in Koroivonu Village, Tunuloa in 2017. Sport has come alive in Tunuloa generating an overwhelming interest amongst youths from the renowned Golden Triangle.

This report from the president of the Buca Bay Sports Association, Samu Saumatua explains the formation of the association and achievements to date;



The regions of Natewa, Tunuloa and Cakaudrove are no new mentions when it comes to the Golden Triangle. The rise in criminal activities amongst youths, the continued school dropouts are a few that are common above the rest.   Despite its negativity, there has always been a passion for sports but has never been exposed at a higher scale and seen as a tool for development.

In recognition of this  the first ever Sports Outreach Program organised by the Fiji National Sports Commission was hosted by Koroivonu Village in 2017 where a plan was derived at the training to plot the way forward through sports.

The Sports Outreach Program ignited a sports revolution which spread across the three districts. With local support and the backing of volunteers this plan came into motion finally having arms to reach and legs to walk.

In June 2018, the two sports rugby and netball led the way in the organisation of regular tournaments. Gone were the one off tournaments that would eventuate when a rugby 7s tournament was held as a fundraiser for a particular event.

Competitions actually got underway consistently through regular fortnightly competitions through technical officials who were accredited to coach or referee at the Tunuloa Sports Outreach Program.

Throughout this early establishment phase, the Fiji National Sports Commission remained faithful to the plans that were founded in Koroivonu Village and continued to assist the Buca Bay Sports Competition both financially and other forms of technical and administration support.

The seventh round of games will kick-off on the 1st of September, with two more rounds to complete before the final play-offs. The competition comprises of 13 rugby teams and 11 netball teams.

Teams participating are Nadavaci, Natewa, Vusasivo, Nanuca, Navonu,Loa, Vunikura, Buca, Tukavesi, Kanakana, Karoko, Nailou and the loving island of Kioa.

The plan is still work in progress, with other programs still lined up for the youths. With more support from local stakeholders this program will surely thrive.

We also continue to monitor life outside of sports sharing individual team’s experiences and mapping the way forward in some of the challenges faced.

Ensuring we walk the same path and no team gets left behind. As an association we continue to seek out more opportunities to honour and fulfill the plans derived at Koroivonu Village. Changing the status quo will ultimately result in changing the future for these youths and breaking the shackles of the Golden triangle.




Building stakeholder relationships is a key component of any sports a club, association or organisation for that matter.

A big challenge faced by the commission when getting clubs or associations established in the community is the mindset that they need a huge injection of funding to get things started.

If this is the mindset, then sport will remain where it is and may be difficult to roll out.

Lakeba and Buca Bay are classic examples of how people with passion and a commitment with minimal resources can make a difference in the community.

We urge communities and associations currently running to start small, and gradually build on those small successes to generate bigger and better events to a stage where you can attract sponsorship.

It is about making an impact in the community. Sport is about changing lives, breaking down barriers, achieving the impossible, setting higher goals and mobilising a community towards excellence.

It starts with the players and athletes, the coaches and technical officials, the administrators, volunteers and fans.




As witnessed in Buca Bay, the lives of young people and communities in the Golden Triangle renowned for criminal activities, drugs and other social problems, have changed their way of thinking in a big way as their energy is now diverted towards building their communities through sports. Way to go Buca Bay.

Log onto their facebook page; “Buca Bay Sports Association” for more updates. Keep tuning in next Tuesday as we bring you more stories from around the country.



– Edited by Leone Cabenatabua




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