Letters To The Editor 5th September, 2018

KUDOS NFA Sharol Kondaiya, SUVA To the members of the National Fire Authority (NFA), specifically the ambulance department, a big vinaka vaka levu for your prompt and professional service by
05 Sep 2018 10:59
Letters To The Editor 5th September, 2018


Sharol Kondaiya, SUVA

To the members of the National Fire Authority (NFA), specifically the ambulance department, a big vinaka vaka levu for your prompt and professional service by transporting my grandmother in the wee hours from Rewa street to the CWM Hospital.

It is more than just a blessing when these types of services come from those people we do not know.

As I sit here at home sipping a cup of tea, looking out the window, it occurred to me how fortunate we were to have experienced this exceptional service.

So with great sincerity and humility, I simply want to say “vinaka vaka levu” for all  you have done  and continue to do for me, my family, my friends and our beautiful Fiji.

Fiji FA Selection

Nilesh Lal, Suva

Fiji Football needs to be congratulated for the earnest efforts they have made to secure International Friendlies.

Perceptibly, with their intention to do well in these matches and improve our very unflattering world ranking. Unfortunately, Fiji has not done well in these matches and have lost or drawn most matches.

A lot of money has gone into playing in these internationals however, our rankings haven’t really improved proportionately because we have failed to perform well in most matches.

Despite the huge investments, Fiji’s credibility hasn’t been restored internationally.

The current national coach would hold the record for the number of losses and draws.

As I have argued before, the major reason for this is because we are not selecting the best possible teams to represent Fiji.

It appears that selection of players is based on some other criteria rather than current performance. Coach Christopher Gamel appears to be living in some alternate universe and watching different versions of domestic games.

Take for example, the case of Misiwane Nairube who is the reserve Ba goalkeeper and hasn’t had game time for a long time.

If Gamel is truly basing his selection on merit, then I do not know where Gamel watched Nairube play? There are some players such as Shahil Dave, Edwin Sahayam, Ravinesh Karan, Lekima Gonerau who can’t get into Gamel’s squad regardless of how well they perform in domestic competitions.

Others such as Christopher Wasasala and Dave Radrigai are guaranteed a spot in Gamel’s team regardless of their current form.

There are two coaching approaches- coaching to develop players, and coaching to win. Gamel does not seem to be consistent in any of these.

FFA has spent a considerable amount of money in bringing in Roy Krishna and Scot Wara for the match against the Solomon Islands, when the best possible national squad will not be taking the field. Regardless, we hope that Fiji will be victorious today.

Presidential Election

Sukha Singh, Labasa

The President was re-elected before his term expired.

Does it mean we can have a presidential re-election anytime?

I would be very grateful for an explanation from a Constitutional expert.

Fathers Day

Dhirendra Prasad, Lautoka

Just on Sunday there was an atmosphere of celebration.

The celebration centered around Father’s Day.

We are so fortunate that we have such great fathers around, especially our own ones.

They have ensured that we get the best affordable according to them for us.

The very fact that they protected us from all forms of fear when we needed them is godly in itself. They have also sacrificed their time and life for us. My personal salutations to all such responsible father’s.

However, it is saddening and frightening to note that there are some fathers who prey upon their own offspring.

There are daughters who have faced the other side of such beasts.

Remember a daughter is a daughter whether she is your blood or adopted or in any other way. She should get the respect she deserves from birth from the father.

I pray that all fathers understand their role as fathers and appreciate that they have a responsibility towards the society.

Instead of becoming a bully and a beast they should ensure that they work to provide the best for their family. In fact there is no personal life for a father. He works and works for the family that he is responsible for.

There are also some who will talk a lot about bigger issues in the nation but a little peep into their personal life would reveal the truth about their status on the fulfillment of the basic obligation as a father.

To the fathers of our nation, please be humble, appreciate the contributions and criticisms of your children and make every effort to create a safe and fearless society.  God bless our fathers and the families they are responsible for..


Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

In response to Akuila D Yabaki whose letter was printed in the other daily, my point in mentioning Paul’s first and second missionary journeys was that he went back to the places he had already visited.

In Acts 15:36, “Then after some days Paul said to Barnabas, “Let us now go back and visit our brethren in every city where we have preached the word of the Lord, and see how they are doing.”

The context of my letter was the up-coming 2018 General Elections and I believe that great leaders and good Governments take time to go out to the people, especially those in remote areas to listen to their plights and meet their needs.

How many Political Parties and MP’s have visited the areas where they campaigned in 2014 more than once, during the last four years?

Voters know very well that some leaders only see them before the election and after they get elected, they forget about all their promises and the people who voted for them.

Our PM is getting thumbs up from Fijians in all the 14 Provinces of Fiji because he and his team made promises, acted on its promises and before the election, just like Paul, visited the people again “to see how they are doing.”

I would not be surprised if a FijiFirst tsunami strikes again in 2018.

PM Visits

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

I fully agree with OB Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa(FS 4/9) on the above topic, but the analogy of Paul’s journeys are misplaced in a way that only some travel with him.  Maybe they await to share votes! Let’s approach the election with confidence.


Sachida Nath, Nadi

The counsel to embrace godliness rarely appears in a public place until now, that is, on a billboard.

Godliness is synonymous with a righteous manner of living and maintaining personal integrity.

But there is a downside to godliness virtue. It is when it takes the form of smug self-righteousness.

Subsequently, a self-righteous impulse can enslave anyone to hate other people. The virtue then becomes a vice.

We need to keep a self-critical approach to godliness issue.

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