Lal’s Big Dreams For Northerners

Fiji Labour par­ty provisional candidate Surendra Lal says although the party seems like riding on a low profile recently, it remains strong and confident because a lot of ground works
06 Sep 2018 11:00
Lal’s Big Dreams For Northerners
Fiji Labour party Provisional candidate Surendra Lal.

Fiji Labour par­ty provisional candidate Surendra Lal says although the party seems like riding on a low profile recently, it remains strong and confident because a lot of ground works in Vanua Levu has been completed.

“The Fiji Labour Party (FLP) has confirmed that I will contest in the 2018 General Election,” Mr Lal said.

“FLP was founded in 1985 on the principles of democratic socialism.

“Its stands for a multiracial and multicul­tural Fiji where the rights and interests of all individuals, groups and communities are protected,” he added.

As a party Mr Lal said they were confident of getting into Parliament.

“The main issue that I will campaign for will be to do anything to retain the people in the Northern Division.

“Originally from Labasa. I have seen a lot of people moving out, especially in search of employment and security in Viti Levu.

“The first of three areas I would look at is the education sector.”

Mr Lal said there were enough educational institutions in the North, but there was a need for job creation or factories or bigger business that could give youngsters a rea­son to secure employment and remain in the North.

“The present Government has managed to provide education facilities so that young people can stay in Labasa with their par­ents,” he said.

“But, what happens is that when they grad­uate they can’t find job and so they have to move to Viti Levu?

The second area will be the land issue.

He said there was an abundance of land available, but people were choosing not to invest more because there was no develop­ment in industries such as sugar, rice and logging.

“For any part of the country to progress you need the number of people. Investment is about the people,” Mr Lal said.

“If you disregard the people and don’t give them their basic needs, amenities and ac­cess then you lose them.”

The third issue is the removal of dis­parities.

“Why are there disparities in air fare tickets, freight, cost of newspaper, food items and more in the North compared to Viti Levu?,” he asked.

“We are all Fijians and distance should not be an issue.

“There should be some form of subsidi­ary or means to overcome such dispari­ties so that everyone can feel equal.”






Surendra Lal

Age: 60

Occupation: Businessman, sugarcane farmer, former MP, National Farmers Union president.

Marital Status: Married

Residence: Vunika, Labasa since birth

Education: Completed Year 13 at Labasa College and then went to University of the South to do Foundation Science. Unfortunately couldn’t complete his tertiary studies. Being the eldest of four siblings, his father called him back to join him in the farming business and look after the family. That time he was 20 years of age.

Career Record: Mr Lal had contested the general election for the Fiji Labour Party in 2001, 2006 and 2014.

In 2001 and 2006 he won a seat in Parlia­ment.

In 2001 he had 63 per cent vote and in 2006 he had 76 per cent vote for the Vanua Levu West Indian Communal.

Since 2010 he has been with the National Farmers Union.

Currently he is the only confirmed provision­al party candidate for FLP for Vanua Levu.

Hobbies: Playing any sport, especially football.

Edited by Percy Kean.


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