Why We Should Unravel The Corporate Orange

In the previous column we had a thorough look at the first three aspects of the term ‘orange.’ These were, ‘opportunistic’; being respectful and developing an ‘analytical mind.’ In today’s
08 Sep 2018 10:30
Why We Should Unravel The Corporate Orange
Mayur Kalbag

In the previous column we had a thorough look at the first three aspects of the term ‘orange.’
These were, ‘opportunistic’; being respectful and developing an ‘analytical mind.’
In today’s column we will closely look at the remaining three aspects namely:-

Nurturing groomed expansive
Nurturing is as simple and beautiful as developing the attitude towards helping someone to grow and then growing along with that person.
Why would you need to nurture and who would need the nurturing?
What the manager or leader must always understand and remember is that each of his or her team members or junior colleagues need to, on an ongoing basis, develop themselves in terms of two important aspects and these are, attitude and competencies.
Many of the team members would have joined the organisation with great enthusiasm and zeal.
With time they also could begin to lose their motivation especially with growing work pressures.
They also could realise the need to develop new and relevant skills or competencies.
It is here that the manager or leader must play the role of a ‘mentor’ and begin to sincerely guide the team members and develop these skills and competencies in them.
This process of offering sincere guidance and development with the honest intention to help them grow is called as nurturing.
I believe that along with skills and competencies the leader or manager must also be involved in the development of positive and proactive attitude of his team members and junior colleagues.
Remember, just as, after planting a seed we water it and enthusiastically take care of its growth, in organisations too we must do the same.

I vividly remember one time when I entered the conference to attend a presentation on a new software programme which was to be implemented within our organisation.
My chief executive officer called out a name and then this person got up and walked towards the podium.
He was wearing a shirt which not properly tucked inside his trousers.
Very honestly, his shirt looked un-ironed and to make it worse he had a very unkempt beard as well.
“I would like to introduce Mr Jones. He is the Senior general manager for software solutions and he will be making a presentation to us about the software programme.”
I just could not believe what I was hearing.
I could see some of my other colleagues a bit taken aback by what our CEO had just said.
Why were we shocked? The answer is simple.

Mr Jones was extremely ill-groomed.
It was apparent that he had not taken the effort to shave or at least properly trim his almost wildly growing beard.
What was also clearly visible was the casualness in his dressing. It gave a very negative picture to many of us.
I must admit that his presentation was excellent and we were truly impressed by his brilliance.
Having said that I was, at that point in time, able to understand and be convinced about the importance of grooming.
I realised that a truly successful leader is he or she who not only grooms his thoughts but his ‘outer attire’ too.
I have shared this particular perspective because I have come across a lot of young executives who do not pay the necessary attention their dressing and other outer grooming aspects.
I believe grooming is significant in helping these executives create positive and an inspiring impact.

Leaders and managers must be expansive in their thought process. You may wonder what kind of a word is ‘expansive.’
Well, it actually means expanding your thinking process.
Trying to think beyond the boundaries in some sense.
In a way I would believe that begin expansive is becoming a person who thinks ‘out of the box.’
He or she who tries to inspire innovation and creativity not just within him or her but also within his every team member.

Out-of-the-box thinkers
Leaders like Mark Zuckerberg have been expansive in terms of trying to think beyond the ordinary and that is how he was able to create something as amazing as Facebook.
Can we, as managers and leaders in our own respective organisations also become expansive?
I believe the answer is a big yes.
I wish that you take some time to think how you could try and spread your thinking process in regards to developing innovative ideas to help your team, your department and your organisation grow faster and higher.

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