Letters To The Editor 10th September 2018

Fiji’s roads Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari, Te Anau, NZ One only needs to spend time overseas for a year to realise how dangerous it is to be on Fiji’s roads. I’ve lived
10 Sep 2018 15:46
Letters To The Editor 10th September 2018

Fiji’s roads

Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari, Te Anau, NZ

One only needs to spend time overseas for a year to realise how dangerous it is to be on Fiji’s roads.

I’ve lived my whole life in Fiji, worked in the media and despite covering stories of road deaths or being first-hand information receivers of road accidents before the news is disseminated to members of the public, I never thought of how dangerous our roads were.

One year away, came home for a visit in June, two months at home made me realise how dangerous our roads really are because of drivers who tend to drive and use the roads as a race track or because they felt they can do whatever they want on our roads because no one is watching.

I have seen Government vehicle drivers who do not follow road rules, passing other vehicles on roads marked with double solid white lines, and this was the same for many other drivers on private vehicles and PSV vehicles.

Buses carrying school children who would pop their heads out of the bus windows just to watch the scenery, they look at every day as they go along the same road.

I asked my husband to stop near the bus driver’s window as he was dropping off some students from a village in the Western Division, where I told him to ask the students in his bus to stop popping their heads out of the windows because I was worried someone might get into an accident, and his reply was “They are like that every day, they are hooligans”.

I feared for my life and that of my children whenever I was in the car and a sigh of relief would come when I would reached my destination safe and sound.

If everyone plays it safe, then our roads would be safe. One safe driver cannot be safe on the road if another driver is not following the road rules.

If teaching begins from home, parents please teach your children to not do things to risk their lives. Teach them to sit still in the bus and wait for their turn to get off instead of popping their heads out of the bus windows.

If teaching begins from home, wife/mother remind your husbands/children and vice versa every day of the lives in his/her hands, not only of his/her passengers, but of those in other vehicles and other road users as he sits behind the wheel.

If teaching begins from home, please teach the importance of being safe not only for our own good, but for other road users too. Highlight a wrong when you see it.

If the Police and the Land Transport Authority officers cannot be on every road in the country, let’s learn to police ourselves, let’s not wait for accidents to happen to make us feel obliged to speak our mind then.

Do what is right, Fiji! Let’s be safe!


Fresh blood

Parmesh Prasad,  Suva

As we get closer to elections, the time is ripe to make a point about some sitting MPs and Government Ministers. We hope the leader Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and the General-Secretary of FijiFirst Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum take a long hard look at what the current Government members have achieved individually.

I am of the view that fresh blood in needed and if that involves dropping some off the current people from the line-up, so be it. One thing that has kept the FijiFirst above other political parties is the absence of petty party-politics.

Do not let the egos of a few derail the journey we have taken under the leadership of these two dynamic men.


Subrail Crowd

Sukha Singh, Labasa

I think the big crowd at Subrail Park is a very good indication for the support for the FijiFirst party, the President, the Prime Minister and the Constitution.


Driving Attitude

Neelz Singh,  Lami

Attitudes alone are not the key to safe driving.

Young people often believe that driving skills and knowledge about driving are all that is needed for them to be safe on the roads.

However, one of the most important influences on driving ability is their attitude towards driving and the resultant behaviour on the roads.

Attitudes towards the road environment and driving can impact on our driving behaviour. Unfortunately, an increasing number of road traffic crashes and incidents are being caused by aggressive drivers.

Often safety training is based on the notion that if we can change a person’s attitude then their behaviour will change.

To achieve a culture of road safety we need to focus on behaviour change in preference to attitude change.


Because objective, observable behaviour, ie the application of new knowledge, awareness and practical skills can be accomplished as a result of learning whereas changing attitudes is not easy to assess and may not ultimately affect driver behaviour on the road.

Typically, young men have been blamed for their poor attitudes and behaviour when driving.

However, the number of young women showing aggressive road user behaviour is increasing.

Drivers are encouraged to understand that attitude does influence the driving task.

Many drivers have the belief that they are good drivers and are reluctant to review their behaviour.

Changing driving behaviour through attitude change is unlikely.

Additionally, changed behaviour through repetition in practice as part of the learning process and subsequent reinforcement, may lead to changed attitudes.

A bad driver attitude is like a flat tire. You can’t go anywhere until you change it.


Lorna Eden saga

Premila Singh,  Suva

My understanding about the whole Lorna Eden and the Bakabaka Island saga is that concerns about her role was first raised two years ago.

She should have resigned from her post long ago and let independent investigations continue.

It is good she has resigned now because some chatter about her also has been the increasing number of times she had been away overseas and not in committee meetings.

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