Letters To The Editor 12th September, 2018

FijiFirst For Free Education Tomasi Lomaniviti, Suva I must thank the Prime Minister for his vision for Fiji to be an educated society for our children. Being a father with
12 Sep 2018 11:14
Letters To The Editor 12th September, 2018

FijiFirst For Free Education

Tomasi Lomaniviti, Suva

I must thank the Prime Minister for his vision for Fiji to be an educated society for our children.

Being a father with children attending secondary and tertiary institutions, I salute the PM for all he has achieved for the last 11 years for our future generations.

The provision of free tuition from Year 1 to Year 13 students is a landmark achievement for Fiji, which simply means that all students can complete their education at secondary level without paying any tuition fees to the school management.

Well, I hope all parents have done their part in supporting their children to attend school and successfully complete secondary level for Year 12 or Year 13.

Further to this, we also have the Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board (TSLB) which administers the National Toppers Scheme (NTS), Tertiary Student Loans Scheme (TELS) and the new Overseas scholarship schemes for priority areas of studies.

We have free bus fare assistance for children with less household income and again last year we witnessed the roll-out of the eTicketing including children concession rates for using public transport.

The FijiFirst Government is delivering its promises to the people especially to our children and it is our role as citizens to work hard and support these Government initiatives in whatever way we can to move our country forward.

Gone are the days of voting along racial lines or cast your vote just because you are related to a candidate in a political party.

My advice to all voters out there is, please make the right choice before you cast your vote in 2018.

Politicians will promote their political parties and agendas to meet your needs and whatever promises that they will deliver to improve our lives.

Remember, these promises and strategies of other political parties may look good on paper but cannot be achieved if they are not capable to run the government after election.

These political parties can only dream of achieving better results after the election or being elected into parliament.

Choose from the most used tagsHowever, they cannot and will never surpass the remarkable milestone achievements made by the Honourable PM and his FijiFirst Government.

Thank You once again our Honourable PM for empowering our children to pursue their dreams and other incentives to promote education in Fiji.

Countries like Singapore and South Korea have been enjoying these benefits for an educated nation.

I encourage all parents and guardians out there to move forward with a positive mindset and promote education for our children.

The great Nelson Mandela once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

Vinaka Vakalevu FijiFirst


Epeli Rabua, Suva

The current government should realise that the Fijian customs and traditions were there, way before this generation was born.

There were never any ‘dark ages’ in Fiji. Long before Fiji was discovered, we already had a hierarchical system of living. From the chiefs down, you had structure and even the village had a natural setting for every man, woman and child.

You had civilisation, way before Fiji was colonised.

That they are blamed for being political is not their fault.

They had to. We have 300 islands and not all of Fiji’s people live in urban areas to get their political message across, hence, the chiefs.

We understand that they will make mistakes, however, they were never wrong when they gave their approval for the Girmitiya to settle in Fiji.

So what have we to brag about in today’s Fiji without the GCC? New roads, new buildings and with the diabetes death statistics, I am sure Fiji has the highest number of new immigrants into a country of this size.

We have a lot of graduates who lack common sense, teachers who lack teaching experience.

Drug and sexual crimes ever increasing each and every day. We have people who are of the notion that we are all equal.

In every religion and culture in the world, there has always been structure. Structure means a system is in place which ranks people in their own unique standing, but all are not equal.

The Chiefs “mana” is real in Fiji, like in other cultures around the world.

As history repeats itself, the Great Council of Chiefs (Bose Levu Vaka Turaga) will have its place in Fiji’s future, maybe not today, but it will happen.

Education institution

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

I kind of agree with Nemani Delaibatiki’s analysis about the University of Fiji (FS 11/9) but it is surely an interference in the affairs of our educational institutions.

It happened with other institutions too. Fiji’s educational institutions should be free to do their own thing and not be under the spotlight in a democracy like ours.

Burning cane fields

Axel C. Mehling, Nacovi, Sonaisali

Someone burned a cane field about 300 metres away from my home and we got all the ash and burning embers flying in.

Very dangerous and a huge mess!  In Australia or New Zealand this would cop thousands of dollars in fines.

How can we teach the world about ‘environment’ and ‘climate change’ when individuals cannot follow the laws regarding the safety of our environment and those around us?

Let’s climb up the right tree.

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

All Fijian rugby fans would give the Fiji Airways Fijian Drua team a standing ovation for the display of Fijian open running rugby at its best when they thrashed Brisbane City 66–5 in their second NRC match at Churchill Park, Lautoka on Saturday.

Former Wallabies pivot Quade Cooper warned other Australian teams to watch out for the Fiji Airways Fijian Drua in the National Rugby Championship (FS 9/9).

“The scoreline reflected how well they played and for us, we have a lot to work on”. It’s a very physical, skillful side from the No. 1 to the No. 23.

“The players were always off-loading and that’s the game that I love to watch and unfortunately was on the wrong side of it.

“Fijians show how rugby should be played with a lot of fun and flair.”

Such comments bring pride and joy to Fiji rugby fans but for the Drua players, keep working hard in perfecting your game with consistency.

This week it is off to Queensland to meet the Queensland Country and we all know that they will want to try and return the thrashing to our Fiji Airways Drua team.

Queensland Country have won both of its last two games narrowly and I believe if our boys maintain their composure and continue with their magic displayed in the last two games, they will surely come out on top.

This week is their first away game in Australia and it is testing time for the Fiji Airways Drua. Last week, the Brisbane City team were ripped apart by the force of the Fiji Drua in full flight and I believe that this week, the Queensland Country will also feel its might.

Go Drua go!

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