Letters To The Editor, 20th September 2018

Opposition parties Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori All opposition political parties know that winning the upcoming general elec­tion on their own is a farfetched conclu­sion. They must form a united coalition to
20 Sep 2018 11:49
Letters To The Editor, 20th September 2018

Opposition parties

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

All opposition political parties know that winning the upcoming general elec­tion on their own is a farfetched conclu­sion.

They must form a united coalition to stand a chance of beating FijiFirst. But each of these political parties are built on political ideologies that are miles apart and some absolutely oppose each other to the core.

This means that their marriage under a coalition can only be superficial and noth­ing more. It will be like a couple going to their wedding where the only thing they both agree upon is to say no vows and make it up as they go along.

  • SODELPA wants to bring back Af­firmative Action. This means that some iTaukei students with lower marks will get scholarships over students of other races with higher marks. I do not believe that National Federation, Fiji Labour Party, HOPE and Unity Fiji supporters will agree to that!
  • SODELPA wants to bring back the Great Council of Chiefs (GCC) and give them more power. This would mean al­lowing iTaukei traditional influences and allegiances to influence voters instead of fair and good governance. This absolutely contradicts what NFP and FLP preaches.
  • Sitiveni Rabuka, who is the leader of the most dominant opposition party, will be the likely Prime Minister if they win. This would practically mean that any vote for Biman Prasad, Mahendra Chaudhry or for Savenaca Narube is actu­ally a vote for Mr Rabuka. Are supporters of NFP, HOPE, Labour and Unity Fiji ok with that?
  • SODELPA, in its SDL days, were on the verge to install the “Qoliqoli Bill” transferring ownership of all waterways, coastal seas, rivers and their tributaries, dams like Monasavu and their catchment and etc. to Native Landowners from State. They will most likely do this if they come into power.

That will be like opening Pandora’s box with no limits to associated and relative iTaukei demands that may spring out of it.

  • Many privileges will be unfairly given to iTaukei over other races under Af­firmative Action to justify SODELPA’s ‘iTaukei victimisation’ claim under Fi­jiFirst’s Governance. Are all parties ok with that?
  • The same Mr Rabuka, under whose governance our National Bank of Fiji went bankrupt, will now be in charge of all the money and the thriving economy, which the Bainimarama Government took years to build. Are NFP, Labour, UFP and HOPE supporters ok with that?
  • Once in power, what is there to stop Mr Rabuka from collapsing our economy once again and blaming it on the previous Bainimarama Government’s loans as a cover up?

These are valid and vital questions that Mr Prasad, Mr Chaudhry, Tupou Drau­nidalo and Mr Narube must answer to their supporters now and not deliberately “guise” and pretend that they are non-issues.

What these politicians are not telling their supporters now is that their mar­riage after the election will compromise so much of their ‘ocean’ of differences making their various political party agendas and pre-election manifestos ab­solutely null and void.

As a professor in social science, Mr Pras­ad knows this too well. It is not rocket science. He can never reveal to his sup­porters before the election that he will combine with Mr Rabuka after the elec­tion.

He knows that to tell the truth will be a political suicide so he has taken the only option available to him to try and entice voters with an “imaginary” NFP single party victory that everyone knows will never happen.

Pull plug

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

Despite the unfortunate ‘brain death’of Arti Chand, we don’t have the legal right to end a life (euthanasia) by removing the plug (FS 19/8). If the law says it’s right, we can go ahead then the three doctors are right. Meanwhile, we should continue to warn our drivers to obey traffic rules including no alcohol.

Taveuni roads

A Shariff Shah, Savusavu

To our very good Government, can we have the stretch of road between Wairiki and Soqulu in Taveuni tarsealed please? It has been long neglected.

And while on this route, please maintain the roads from Wairiki right up to Salia­levu and Navakawau.

Suicide prevention

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

Now we are being told that there are more suicide deaths in Fiji than those who die on our roads.zPlease, if you are contemplating suicide, take a moment from all the problems that are driving you to make that exit call and just look at Je­sus!

If you know someone or see signs that one is contemplating suicide then please ask the person to take a look at Jesus!

The Bible teaches that He is our Creator, who became a human being, lived a sin­less life, so He can be the Lamb of God that takes away all the sins of humanity.

Whatever we are facing that is driving us to commit suicide, He has carried them all and nailed with Him to the cross at Calvary 2000 years ago, so that we can all be set free.

He loves us all so much that He is willing to die for us so that we could live, not only in this life, but also in the coming eternal life.

Whatever problems we are having, the Bible commands us to cast all our bur­dens on Him because He cares for all of us.First, we must invite Jesus into our hearts and allow Him to transform us and empower us through His Spirit.

You will be surprised that at this point, whatever that is driving you to suicide has miraculously disappeared, before you even cast it out on Him!

So whatever problems that come our way: Try Jesus, He never fails!

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