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ANALYSIS: Niko Blowing Racial Trumpet. Again

SODELPA’s Niko Nawaikula has proved once again that the main Opposition Party and their members are unable to look beyond ethnicities. After FijiFirst named its provi­sional candidates, the first thing
21 Sep 2018 12:57
ANALYSIS: Niko Blowing Racial Trumpet. Again
A post from the Fiji Exposed Forum.

SODELPA’s Niko Nawaikula has proved once again that the main Opposition Party and their members are unable to look beyond ethnicities.

After FijiFirst named its provi­sional candidates, the first thing Mr Nawaikula posted on his Face­book page was how many of those named were iTaukei.

Mr Nawaikula labelled these iTaukei provisional candidates as traitors.

This is how SODELPA thinks? For this political party, everything boils down to race and ethnicity? What else could be the reason be­hind Mr Nawaikula’s verbal diar­rhea? This is the sad reality. For this Party, policies do not matter, as long as it is about supremacy of one ethnicity over another, as long as they keep this nation torn be­tween those who are native Fijians and those who are not.

This is also a reflection of why their leader Sitiveni Rabuka car­ried out two coups, the first one be­ing in 1987. This is a reminder that while some players have changed, the game for this Party is still the same.

It is also worrying that Mr Nawai­kula named only 24 of those pro­visional candidates. If one were to take out time like Mr Nawai­kula did and counted the names, one would have noted that there were 28 iTaukei provisional candi­dates, not only the 24 named by Mr Nawaikula.

This is another attempt by him to deliberately mislead people that less than 50 per cent of Fiji­First provisional candidates are iTaukei. This is an outright lie.

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainima­rama is an iTaukei, but the poli­cies he has implemented has been for all Fijians. His number two in Government, Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, who is also the Minister for Economy, has been delivering budgets which has raised the standard of living of all Fijians.

Mr Nawaikula should learn from these two gentlemen, take a leaf out of their book and know that this nation will never progress till all political parties are able to think about the prosperity of all Fijians.

One can only imagine what Mr Nawaikula would push for if he were to sit in Government. He has openly said he is only there to look after the welfare of the iTaukei population of Fiji.

This is not how we progress as a nation, Mr Nawaikula. This type of reasoning will only push Fiji back to the dark ages.

Niko Nawaikula has led the social media assault on the provisional candidates of FijiFirst because it is highly likely he has been rattled by the line-up.

This has become a feature of Op­position campaigning and as we get closer to elections, those who have been rattled will only turn to what they know best- personalis­ing issues.

A real shame, really.

A look at other Facebook forums:

Policies and not personalities. Anyone would have thought this would be the focus of political par­ties as we head into our 2018 gen­eral election.

Sadly, this is far from what is hap­pening on the ground.

In their ‘expert’ analysis, these keyboard warriors only talked about a chosen few candidates and not one of them asked for their qualifications.

Successful businesswoman Lisi Naziah Tora Ali unfortunately copped a lot of hate on forums run by fake accounts, who are cowards and do not have the guts to write under their own names. People could not see beyond the Ali at the end of her name. They convenient­ly left out the fact that her mother is Sereana Mataka from Ba. And, just because she is married to Wellington Pheonix Striker Roy Krishna, everything else about her achievements were forgotten.

To make matters worse, she was labelled a ‘Kattu’ on the discredited Fiji Exposed Forum.

Kattu is a derogatory term meant to degrade circumcised men. It is remarkable that no Christian on the forum has taken offence to this term which in its literal form would even mean all the circum­cised Christian men as well and not only Muslim men. But that did not stop some faceless cowards from calling Mrs Ali this as well.

Doctor Ifireimi Waqainabete was also under attack on social media. His credentials were not ques­tioned, in fact, those hiding behind fake accounts openly stated that they were picking on him because he was a provisional candidate for FijiFirst. Edited by Jonathan Bryce


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