Letters To The Editor, 21st September 2018

Stop Rape Culture Tomasi Mara, Labasa The recent spate of rape cases should raise many feathers in all segments of our society. Judge Justice Aruna Aluthge says, it is becoming
21 Sep 2018 11:35
Letters To The Editor, 21st September 2018

Stop Rape Culture

Tomasi Mara, Labasa

The recent spate of rape cases should raise many feathers in all segments of our society.

Judge Justice Aruna Aluthge says, it is becoming prevalent and on the rise,

That just shows the amount of rape cas­es, he deals with in his courtroom.

The data compiled by the Office of the Director of the Public Prosecution in June this year shows the increase in rape cases, it also specifies the ages of the per­petrators and the ages of all victims.

This immoral behaviour has reached a level of insanity.

Some victims are between the ages of 10-14years while the youngest recorded was a 10-month-old child.

This is absurd and it is impossible to fathom such behaviour.

I only hope if all relevant authorities that includes all the legal fraternities, the ministry for women, the women rights movement and all religious organisations should propose a legal mechanism to Gov­ernment for the severity of judgements on rape cases.

If COP23 and poverty alleviation is the top priority of Government, I strongly suggest that the issue of rape should also be included in its top priority lists.

Wake up Fiji, stop the rape culture.

Drivers attitude

Jitendra Kumar Raniga , Lautoka

It is so sad and heart wrenching to hear of the deaths of innocent loved ones on our roads due to accidents caused by stu­pid drunk and not so drunk drivers, but who all were driving under the influence of alcohol.

I am sure, most repent and curse them­selves for deciding to drive after drinking alcohol and being the cause of death of others as in strangers, friends or loved family members of the driver himself or herself.

While the courts need to punish these death drivers severely and it does as such, it must be also noted that the blame also needs to fall on some others.

These some others are the sober friends or the sober family members who could have prevented or disallowed the drunk friend or drunk family member from driving knowing full well that they could cause an accident which could result in the loss of precious lives.

At every party and at every family gath­ering where alcoholic drinks are con­sumed there are always some friends or family members who are sober or less drunk.

The responsibility should also be theirs to see that no inebriated and drunk friend or family member drives away.

Someone should drop them home or of­fer to drive their vehicle for them or ar­range a taxi.

I know of some responsible adults, who knowing they will be drinking at a party take a driver along to drive on the return trip back home.

This other driver who will be sober can be a friend or is generally a family mem­ber – son or brother.

I don’t condone drinking alcohol but this is being responsible.

It is a fact that under the influence of alcohol the best of minds falter and deci­sions are made that one in a sober state would never make.

This could be deciding on unsafe sex practices or driving after consuming al­cohol.

So planning for one’s return from a drinking party needs to be made while one is sober and it is also the responsibil­ity of friends and family members not to allow a drunk to drive a motor vehicle.

The life they take could be that of the friend or family member who may trav­el along as passengers…what to speak of innocent pedestrians they may mow down with their vehicles driving in their drunken state.

The assumption that a person can drive if he can walk straight can be deadly.

It takes some time for alcohol to take effect – especially if it has been just con­sumed recently and when the full effects start to kick in while driving on the road it becomes too late.

Better not to drive even if seemingly able to and not allow others to drive even if they seem capable – if they have con­sumed alcohol.

Let us all take responsibility and if we do so then and only then will deaths due to drunken drivers decrease.

Women power

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

I welcome the appointment of 11 Women as FijiFirst (FF) provisional candidates for the 2018 election(Fiji Sun 20/9).

They will provide policy making leader­ship to Government.

They are the party’s servants and will implement the commands of overlords. Hopefully they will avoid party labels and improve the durability of the Prime Minister to return to office for the second time.

But, I am concerned that 10 FFP MPs are not on the list. Some are just non-per­formers. Congratulations!

FijiFirst team

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

As the 2018 FijiFirst Election Candi­dates came out after their names were announced, one could see a fresh looking team, mixed with the old guns.

Among the fresh looking women Fiji­First candidates is the familiar face of Premila Kumar, the former chief execu­tive officer of the Consumer Council of Fiji.

I believe the Attorney-General, who is also the secretary of the FijiFirst Party, has picked this team out of the hundreds who applied knowing exactly the portfolio they will be placed in, should they make it in as Members of Parliament.

In 2014, when the FijiFirst election can­didates were announced, we all knew of the General Election dates and the start of the election campaign.

This year, we all know that it is com­ing, but the exact dates have not been an­nounced.

Our PM and FijiFirst Party leader is con­fident that the FijiFirst Party will win by another landslide victory.

I believe he is playing mind games with the other political parties.

Taking his time to gain the confidence of all Fijians, pick his 2018 FijiFirst Party election team, before announcing the 2018 General Election date.

The platform has been laid, that after the election, the excellent performance and service delivery we Fijians are enjoying, will continue to a higher level after the election.

By December, it will be just like we did not have an election because there is no major disruption of services to Fijians.

This, I believe is all part of the PM’s game plan, as he continues to build on what has been achieved in the last four years.

That is lifting Fiji to soar to greater heights in the next four years.

Let us continue to pray for God to convict our hearts in ticking the Political party and leaders who heaven has ordained to continue to move Fiji forward.

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