Letters To The Editor, September 22, 2018

Hail Rosy Akbar Premila Singh, Suva As a grandmother of four young grand­daughters, I am thrilled to see Rosy Ak­bar in the strong FijiFirst line-up. She is a role model
22 Sep 2018 11:16
Letters To The Editor, September 22, 2018

Hail Rosy Akbar

Premila Singh,


As a grandmother of four young grand­daughters, I am thrilled to see Rosy Ak­bar in the strong FijiFirst line-up.

She is a role model for all young girls, a woman who took over a Ministry rid­dled with issues and worked tirelessly to make a difference.

God Bless you Madam Minister.

Heart surgeries

Praneet Singh,

Sacramento, CA

It’s gratifying to see that people like Dr Parma Nand are doing all they can to provide treatment for the people of Fiji, which they would otherwise be deprived of, or need exorbitant amounts of money to afford.

While it goes without saying that lead­ing a healthy lifestyle, or practicing pre­ventative measures would reduce the likelihood of such diseases, it can still happen to the fittest among us.

As someone who regularly ran a seven-minute mile, yet ended up having quad­ruple heart by-pass surgery, I can tell you that post-operation, a person can lead a very productive lifestyle.

Once you gain your strength back, you should not consider yourself a “sick” person or withdraw from all activities.

If you follow your doctor’s orders, you can get back into the swing of things again. It may seem like the end of the world soon after surgery, but you have to give it time.

Two years down the road, I am actively participating in sports – golfing and play­ing soccer, and am able to run six miles a day.

So, thank the good doctor for giving you a new lease on life and live life to the full­est, doing whatever you love to do.

The reason for my heart condition, not cholesterol or excessive waivuso or red meat – but stress.

Just don’t overdo it and live stress-free.

Nabouwalu Town

Sukha Singh,


I think it is a very good place to make a town which eventually will become a city and Port of Entry.

Could the good Minister let us know what all is included in this deal.

Will the contractor make the shops and Government rent them out? Or will people buy blocks and create their own shops? It would have been better if Da­modar City had been constructed in Na­bouwalu. Anyway good luck to the people of Nabouwalu.

Nakelo to entertain the Prince

Tomasi Boginiso,


I feel very fortunate and privileged for the vanua of Nakelo in Tailevu to be se­lected to entertain the royal couple who will visit on October 23, 2018 at Albert Park.

They did so for Prince Harry’s grand­mother, Queen Elizabeth II in the late 70s. The same meke will be performed for Prince Harry and his wife Megan when they visit our shores next month.

We thank the Minister of the iTaukei Affairs for having the confidence in the vanua of Nakelo and we promise every­one that will be there that you will be in for a treat.

The vanua of Nakelo have been prac­ticing for the past three weeks and have between 200 to 300 warriors to be part of the meke.

The meke, which is called the “Mara­vulevu”, is very unique to the people of Nakelo and is always performed for peo­ple of great importance.

The last time this meke was performed was for the former New Zealand Prime Minister during his visit to Fiji.

To the people of Fiji, we ask you to be at the Albert Park to witness what the real Kai Nakelo are made of.

Common ID

Tukai Lagonilakeba,


We are all Fijians. Former convicted 2000 coup supporter and SODELPA pro­visional candidate from Nadroga and Nadrau native, Simione Drola, believes in a common identity for all who call Fiji their home. Very encouraging in that he at least differs from those ultra National­ist party members.

The Fiji Sun report September 18 (on page 2), about the former Coup convict is refreshing to know. But I personally feel he is in the wrong political party. The whole SODELPA leadership does not ac­cept our 2013 Constitution, including the use of Fijian as a common ID.

For that reason I am certain Mr Drola will not make the final cut for the SO­DELPA 51 Candidates to contest our 2018 General Election, but despite that, I have the greatest respect for the bloke in bold­ly coming out in the open to defy the odds and express his positive opinion on equal citizenship.

I am certain he will be castigated for his personal belief or conviction.

You never know, he could be the agent of change in the SODELPA house, but I wish him well and good luck. Vinakwa Gali.


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