Letters To The Editor, 26th September 2018

Come on Fiji Drua Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu Back on their home turf, it will be hard for anyone to take it away from the Fiji Airways Drua team, with two
26 Sep 2018 11:35
Letters To The Editor, 26th September 2018

Come on Fiji Drua

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

Back on their home turf, it will be hard for anyone to take it away from the Fiji Airways Drua team, with two wins in their two opening matches in Fiji, and a win and a loss on tour.

The Fijian Drua will try and maintain their home ground advantage. With Queensland Country losing last weekend and the Drua leading the points table I believe they will like to maintain that lead after the weekend.

At the ANZ Stadium in Suva it will be a cracker of a game. Come on Fiji, lets get down to the Stadium and cheer our team along; prayers and sup­port is what the team requires the most at this point in time. Go Fiji, go

Party statistics

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

A summary of Party sup­porters in the 2014 election is not forthcoming in terms of age, gender, occupation, trade union membership, religion among others so that parties know where to concentrate their resources.

These are areas where parties can seek their fortunes. There will be many vote switching especially from preserved tra­ditions.

Given NFP ruling out an alli­ance with SODELPA electoral possibilities will be very thin, especially contradictory poli­cies.

Fiji Day

Tejal Shania Singh, Labasa

Many national celebrations often take place in the capital, Suva. Only a handful happen in other towns and cities.

For us in the North, the Fiji Day celebrations that will hap­pen here next month will be a joyous occasion.

It’s something that we’ve only witnessed on television, read it in the newspapers or hear it over the radio.

It will be a motivating and a learning experience for our young generation because there will be an oratory compe­tition taking place.

This day commemorates two historic events that took place in 1874 when Fiji was ceded to Great Britain and 1970 when Fiji gained independence and began a new journey.

It’s the only day marked as a public holiday in our country where the nation celebrates unity, religious and cultural di­versity with performances and programmes focused on all the ethnic groups.

Politics and Lies

Tomasi Lomaniviti, Suva

I read with interest a media report in which SODELPA President of the Suva Branch and a candidate visited Na­nuku settlement in Vatuwaqa.

These politicians, Mr Nata and Ms Waqanika advised the people in Nanuku that it is the governments’ responsibility to provide developments in Fiji.

Well, can they inform the people of what major develop­ments have been done by the SVT and SDL governments for almost 19 years effective from 1987 to 2006?

They must wake up and stop spreading lies for their politi­cal gain.

These are the same people from outer islands away from Viti Levu who continue to be­little our hero, Mr Bainimara­ma who has achieved a lot for Fiji since 2007.

Who is Watisoni Nata and did he ever exist all these years since 2007? It is evident that these iTaukei politicians who do not have any land in Viti Levu will continue to mislead the people to get their votes especially land issues which is a critical topic for every land­owner.

The 1987 coup was initiated with the same lies on land is­sues by the same people who overtook the Bavadra govern­ment.

Politicians must stop lying to the people to get their votes. The truth will always prevail.

God Bless our beloved country and our Honorable PM for his vision for Fiji

Don’t march FTUC

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

We read that the Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC) Gen­eral Secretary, Felix Anthony, has been asking the Police on why their permit for a march in Suva was being delayed.

Now we read that a permit for the FTUC march and rally planned for September 29, from the Suva Flea Mark to Ratu Sukuna Park in Suva at 10 am, is now under the verification process before a decision is made (FS 24/9).

The FTUC claimed that criti­cal issues facing workers were not being acted on by Govern­ment like: Minimum wage of $4, imposition of individual contracts and denial of col­lective bargaining, delay in Labour Law review, right to strike, Air Terminal Services disputes, and the decimation of tripartism.

We all know what the Govern­ment’s current minimum wage is and since we are all excited and eager to hear the 2018 Gen­eral Election date confirma­tion, I believe this march by FTUC will have no impact and is a complete waste of every­body’s time.

Some political parties are campaining to raise the mini­mum wage to $5.

I read on social media of an­other one raising it to $10, if they get into power!

So it is common sense, since Government will not move, get your FTUC members to join and help the political party of­fering the highest minimum wage to get into power.

Unless of cause, if this march is just another political cam­paign where you want to brain­wash the public that this cur­rent Government is not doing enough for all Fijians, especial­ly workers.

I believe that by marching now and presenting your griev­ances to the Government, just days before the 2018 General Election, you are kind of ac­cepting that this current Fiji­First Party Goverment, will continue to be in power after the general election?

Feedback: jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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