Letters To The Editor 27th September, 2018

Good mix Kereni Naseka, Makoi   We have a very good mix of FijiFirst candidates- old and new, a good mix of experience and fresh blood with new ideas. Look
27 Sep 2018 12:54
Letters To The Editor 27th September, 2018

Good mix

Kereni Naseka, Makoi


We have a very good mix of FijiFirst candidates- old and new, a good mix of experience and fresh blood with new ideas. Look forward to having them as Ministers and MPs after the elections. Go FijiFirst.


NFP policies

Avneel Kumar, Ba


As a first time voter, I was not impressed with the manner in which NFP’s leader Biman Prasad dodged some of the questions on FBC’s For the Record programme. I want to know about their policies. I want to know if I will continue my education on TELS or whether people will be given their scholarships based on their provinces and their race. I want to know if my younger sister wants to go on and become a career diplomat, she will be given a fair go. I remember NFP’s Prem Singh asking for a breakdown of the races of people in civil service. I want to know what was the purpose for that? Too many questions and not enough answers. I want to know why Mr Prasad backtracked on his earlier comments about not funding FBC and doing a 360 degree turn on their programme. I want to know how many other things he will have a change of heart on.


WAF/EFL cuts

Norman Yee, Nadi


Just a thought.  Hope our friendly Energy Fiji Limited (EFL) will not be contemplating a power cut this weekend, the same time as the Water Authority of Fiji is changing its Vanessa valves as they did the last time at Martintar, Nadi.


Highway road

Taitusi Sokiveta, Phoenxi, Arizona


With the  building  and  extension of the Nausori International Airport to bring  in  larger  planes and increase the number of passengers arriving daily, there should be a new highway,  road  built to lessen the congestion already on the Suva-Nausori corridor.

The  highway should run in the opposite direction through Wainibokasi across all the large mangrove swamp area of the Rewa River Delta and come out of Vatuwaqa-Laucala shoreline between Nukulau Island and Laucala Bay area and exit at Nasese.

This should also lessen congestion from the Nausori-Suva corridor.

And  airline passengers travelling  further than Suva  to  Pacific Harbour  and Korolevu have a faster way to get there and avoid rush hour congestion on the Suva-Nausori corridor.

The highway should have eight lanes, four lanes coming and four lanes going, like that of the Honolulu Airport Nimitz Highway.

It should be direct from Wainibokasi and the only exit is Nasese. Anyone travelling through the Rewa Delta residential and villages should use existing rural roads to avoid congestion and accidents.

The highway’s only use for direct Suva-Nausori exits Wainibokasi-Nasese meaning no bus stops along the highway.

The Rewa Delta swamp area we can use a type of bridge called a causeway that is being used between  South  Florida and key West Island crossing islands between a four-hour trip.

The same concept is used in the Louisiana alligators swamp mangrove area where travel time is about one hour on the causeway bridge and avoiding being eaten alive by alligators.

I have personally travelled through these causeways. They are safe and faster on arrival time and I have never been late for work.

The good thing about causeways is it’s like travelling on a bridge all the way and its high above ground.

The American Embassy in Fiji should help in bringing road engineers from Florida and Louisiana to help build causeways in Fiji.

A big talanoa session with the Chinese should help in the financial donation of the building of the Wainibokasi—Nasese causeway.

Also there’s a department within all US Embassies that provides financial aid. Aid to help developing countries.

Another talanoa session with the Americans should also help in financing this highway causeway road through the programme.

Building this new highway causeway road from Wainibokasi to Nasese will not only help Nausori International Airport increase in passengers  arrival/departure time but also solve  rush hour traffic congestion along the Suva-Nausori corridor.

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