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Vote2018: Your Vote for Unity Fiji will not be Lost

We have heard some po­litical parties say people should not vote for Unity Fiji because we are a small party. This negative campaigning is not correct. Unity Fiji is a
29 Sep 2018 11:00
Vote2018: Your Vote for Unity Fiji will not be Lost
Savenaca Narube

We have heard some po­litical parties say people should not vote for Unity Fiji because we are a small party. This negative campaigning is not correct. Unity Fiji is a new party, but we are not small. These de­tractors are referring to the 2014 elections. This is history. Only the voters will decide who will be the large party in this election. New parties have won past elections in Fiji and abroad.

According to the independent Tebbutt polls, the support of all three parties in Parliament have persistently declined from the 2014 elections. Voters are obviously dis­satisfied with the parties that they voted for in 2014. We can confirm this trend in our consultations nationwide. People are crying out for change. However, the most sur­prising aspect of these poll results is that those leaving the political party that they voted for in 2014 are not moving to another party. Because of this, there is a large number of undecided voters who have yet to make up their minds which party to vote for in the 2018 elections. These undecideds, who we estimate to be more than 40 per cent of the voters, already know the three parties in Parliament. The critical question becomes: What are they waiting for with the elec­tions around the corner? Unity Fiji believes that they are waiting for something new, something credible and something fresh. They are sig­nalling that its out with the old and in with the new.

The voters are already moving in large numbers. Unity Fiji will give these voters a new home with our multiracial, moderate and progres­sive platform. The reception of our awareness across the country has been tremendous. People tell us that they like our new and simple mes­sages; our comparative advantage in financial and economic manage­ment; our assurance that we will re­duce debt; our promise that we will not only maintain the benefits that the people are receiving but will in­crease some which we consider in­adequate for their purposes. They also like our message that we will remove fear, restore good govern­ance, and clean up corruption, cro­nyism and nepotism.

People liked the clean approach that we have adopted in the deliv­ery of our messages, which was a welcome change from other parties that had chosen to attack their com­petitors. We have decided at Unity Fiji that we will keep our campaign to the real issues that challenge us today. Many of these are long stand­ing issues that past governments have not been able to solve. Unity Fiji will bring fresh thinking to solve these issues once and for all.

I urge voters to focus on the at­tributes of the leaders of political parties and the solutions that they bring to the challenges that we face. Leadership to me is the most important issue in this election. We must get this right before other things can fall into place.

We have spoken at many places across Fiji. Almost everywhere we spoke at, people asked us to pass on the messages to as many people as we possibly can, so they too can hear them. We therefore have mul­tiple teams that are going out to spread the word. Many people have also told us that our articles in the print media are simple, relevant and well argued. We have posted all our articles on our website and cir­culated them as widely as we can.

We know that support for Unity Fiji is increasing as more people become aware of who we are and what we bring to them. We are very confident that we will get over the threshold of five per cent of the to­tal votes cast. Your vote for Unity Fiji will therefore not be lost. In fact, we believe that we will sur­prise many people in this election.

It is proven internationally, that there are risks to a government which has been in power for too long. Change is necessary to bring in new ideas and innovation and to ensure that power in the hands of the same people for a long time does not breed corruption. A classic ex­ample is the recent elections in Ma­laysia where the government was changed for the first time in their political history. As a consequence of this change, the previous Prime Minister is now facing corruption charges.

We are stressing to the people that we must change for something bet­ter, something new, something cred­ible. Unity Fiji, we believe, offers the country that credible choice. We will put people first and not us. We will build unity under the ban­ner of “Unity in Diversity” where we will preserve and nurture our different identities and cultures. We will provide people with the dignity of living. We will not leave anyone behind. We will empower our people to escape poverty and re­source owners to utilise their God-given resources.

Source: Unity Fiji

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