Letters To The Editor, 2nd October, 2018

Anniversary Neelz Singh, Lami The nation depends on fresh and daily news from overseas and locally, who better than our Fiji Sun. “Bigger, Brighter, Better” for 19 strong years with
02 Oct 2018 14:01
Letters To The Editor, 2nd October, 2018


Neelz Singh, Lami

The nation depends on fresh and daily news from overseas and locally, who better than our Fiji Sun.

“Bigger, Brighter, Better” for 19 strong years with better original and new innova­tive ideas, giving a platform to all new and old readers and encouraging writers to ex­press their view sharing with the nation.

Covering the nation with their headlines and informing the public of what’s going on around the nation, overseas and in sports, weather, classified, selling, buying, etc. Congratulations Fiji Sun on this anni­versary and wishing you many more years to prosper with better team work and all astonishing successful accomplishments and future events.

I leave you with a quote “It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper”. Jerry Seinfeld.

Vinaka Fiji Sun, truly you are the sun of the nation.

Respect for women

Sheemal Nand, Suva

Women are slaves and are expected to submit to their husbands in society’s view.

Many women are successful and have their own businesses and earn a living for themselves and their children.

A person who cares for her child and has responsibilities as a mother, daughter and wife is known as a woman.

People in our country should learn to respect women and avoid gender discrimi­nation to grow their economic state and avoid political instability.

Women should have equal rights inside homes and also outside of their work­place, respect and dignity, have the right to make independent decisions for their households.

Women feel disadvantaged in a male dom­inated society. Only our people can change our country’s status.

50 per cent seats

Sukha Singh, Labasa

Would it be possible for all political par­ties to give the percentage of how many women applied to the respective parties to contest the elections?

From this we can determine if they really need 50 per cent of seats in Parliament.

Media fairness

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

We assume media outlets are for the peo­ple and should not manipulate public opin­ion. Certainly, there is no Government in­terference in the media.

But they are well advised to recognise their responsibilities and critically exam­ine opponents with fairness.

No editorial preference!

FijiFirst the best

Esther Croker, Kedrakulu, Sigatoka

I would like to take this time and thank the FijiFirst Government for everything that it has done in improving the liveli­hoods of the ordinary Fijians.

Over the years, we have witnessed chang­es that have taken place in infrastructure, the health sector, education department and the growth in the economy, to name a few.

More children than ever before are able to go to school with the free tuition, free bus fare scheme and milk and Weet-Bix for the young ones in primary schools.

Back in the day children used to be sent home because they couldn’t afford school fees and therefore missed out on the oppor­tunity of going to school, getting educa­tion and good jobs to improve their stand­ard of living.

Thanks to TELS more and more students regardless of their race or religion are able to successfully complete their tertiary education as opposed to the old ways of awarding scholarships.

Now there is fair distribution of scholar­ships under the Toppers scheme and the loan scheme that have been introduced by the Fiji first government hence increasing opportunities for the students and ena­bling them to improve their livelihoods.

Health and medical facilities have im­proved drastically since the FijiFirst gov­ernment came into power by giving ordi­nary Fijians access to better and improved health facilities and at the same time re­muneration of doctors and nurses for the crucial role they play in attending to pa­tients and saving lives.

Road and maritime accessibilities have improved drastically compared with the past with the new four-lane initiative that has been implemented to ease out traffic in the Nadi-Namaka area, people are now able to invest confidently in new vehicles and public transportation through govern­ment incentives.

The agricultural sector has improved and people have been encouraged more than ever before to plant and sell their own produce, instead of relying on middlemen, because the Government has invested in roadside stalls to assist vendors in selling their produce.

Moreover, with the introduction of Wale­si Fijians around the country can watch news and current affairs without any sat­ellite disruption free of charge through a subsidy and no monthly fee and repetitive programmes.

Our senior citizens are happy than ever before with the increase of social welfare monthly allowance and food vouchers.

More and more people are taking advan­tage of the grant given by the FijiFirst Government to start their own businesses which would lead to a better standard of living for individuals.

In conclusion, since the FijiFirst govern­ment came into power, there is stability and growth.

People are confidently investing in the economy.

The rolling out of the Homes CARE, Farms CARE and other government assis­tance shows that this Government really cares for the people and improvement of their livelihoods and are genuinely here to help all the Fijian citizens.

In the history of Fiji, governments have come in and out of power, but never in his­tory has any government achieved mile­stones like that of the FijiFirst govern­ment.

Therefore, I would like to thank the Prime Minister of Fiji and the FijiFirst party for the job well done for improving the lives of Fijians around the country and for giving all a second chance.

All the best for the 2018 election!

Account security

Joe Smith, Deuba

Having noted topics by key speakers in recent Accountants congress, real estate agents conference and law society meet­ing, not a single reference to long delays in processing CGT assessments by Fiji Rev­enue and Customs Service (FRCA) office.

This delay holds up property transfer documents.

Cultural resources

Shyniya Rashmita Prasad, Nausori

I am writing this letter to express my views on the importance of preserving cultural resources.

As part of a growing modern society, I be­lieve that development has a vast impact on Fiji’s culture and cultural resources ever since we Fijians have started living a modern lifestyle.

Cultural resources are very important as­pect of life, it shows evidence of ancient people, places and activities.

The first benefit of preserving cultural resources is that it acts as a source of rev­enue.

Cultural resources gain the attention of tourists.

Cultural tourists spend more compared with mainstream tourists since cultural tourists visit cultural sites such as, tem­ples. An increase in tourists leads to an increase in foreign currency thus, gener­ating revenue for the country.

Moreover, preserving cultural resources creates awareness.

The younger and future generations need to be aware of traditional education about their ancestors and culture.

Culture is a person’s true identity.

When younger generations are not taught about the importance of culture and its preservation it leads to conflicts between the younger and older generations be­cause, younger generations lack knowl­edge about cultural values, beliefs and traditions.

Hence, cultural resources can be pre­served through songs, dances and creating awareness.

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