Letters To The Editor, 10th October 2018

Right people Premila Singh Suva As a staunch believer in the FijiFirst movement, I only implore that right peo­ple are chosen to head the right Govern­ment ministries after November. Agriculture has
10 Oct 2018 11:49
Letters To The Editor, 10th October 2018

Right people

Premila Singh Suva

As a staunch believer in the FijiFirst movement, I only implore that right peo­ple are chosen to head the right Govern­ment ministries after November.

Agriculture has been another problem area that needs addressing.

Prasad challenged

Sunil Prasad Suva

Come clean on the $5 an hour Biman Prasad. Either you will increase it im­mediately or you will not. Stop beating around the bush.

Good sound bite

Imraaz Khan Melbourne

When I heard that NFP was advocat­ing for $5 an hour minimum wage rate, I thought something was not right.

Now I am convinced this just makes for good sound bite which is not backed with sound policies.

Social media use

Parineha Mischelle Chand, Suva

This generation is known as the Inter­net-age where young adolescents and even children are emotionally dependent on technological devices as means of inter­action.

While it is great to see that society is de­veloping day by day, it saddens me at the same time that the internet allows people to speak their mind almost too easily.

Such is what is being seen as hot news on certain groups via Facebook. It is alarm­ing and concerning to see defamatory posts ruining reputations through social media sites.

The Fiji Police Force should work closely with the cybercrime unit to ensure that proper protocols are being followed with national articles and stories being strictly monitored.

It is sad to see people creating fake ac­counts on social media and defaming other people while keyboard warriors do what they do best without any authentic­ity of such posts.

Although Fiji now has passed the Online Safety Bill into law, how effectively is this legislation being promoted to ensure all Fijian citizens are aware of the respective regulations in place?

Independence Day

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

As we enjoy our Fiji Day gatherings, I think it would be good to recognise that it is not the 10th of October we celebrate, but Independence Day.

Independence Day, the day our forefa­thers signed the Declaration of Independ­ence, is so much more than backyard bar­becues and midday mixes.

It is a day to remember and rejoice in our freedom.

Our Founding Fathers declared our sta­tus as an independent nation with the right of self governance.

Their desire was to create a government that would allow its citizens the maxi­mum freedom of self determination and the unhindered rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

A nation where all citizens are created equal in the eyes of the law and free to achieve whatever their strengths or abili­ties will allow them to achieve.

So I ask you this Independence Day, as we remember the blessings that we have re­ceived by divine providence, that we hon­our them as we give thanks to him.

God Bless Fiji.

Criminal hotspots

Spencer Robinson, Suva

Listening to a colleague’s unexpected ex­perience of being an alleged victim of a “grab and run” incident is sad.

This is most unfortunate and indicates the need for us to be more vigilant.

That was a situation during the after­noon where the victim was a minivan pas­senger and the perpetrator happened to be a pedestrian along the King’s Road in Kinoya’s traffic congested elevated stretch towards Nausori.

The passenger, who was seated at the window seat while replying to text mes­sage, was immediately approached by the culprit-pedestrian who swiftly and firmly grabbed the mobile phone then sprinted off like Usain Bolt and was never seen again.

I have also heard of similar incidents along the Nabua and Makoi traffic con­gestion sites especially during rush hour after work.

We can infer that perpetrators obviously work in groups, developing better profil­ing skills over time and innovatively thus regarded as opportunists.

Is it possible for these hot spots be looked into by our hardworking Police Force? In addition, we need to strengthen our com­munity partnership with the Police Force to address problems as such.

On the other hand, motorists and pas­sengers should exercise caution in areas of heavy traffic jams especially along the Nabua, Kinoya and Makoi corridor in the Central Division.

Please be alert, wind up or close your window seats and safely keep your posses­sions (phones, wallets, purses and bags) during your travel home after a hectic day from work or school.

Remember prevention is better than cure and please take care.


Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

The revelation in the Fiji Sun (FS 9/10) that two former Fiji Labour Party candi­dates in the 2014 General Election are join­ing the National Federation Party line-up reflects dissatisfaction with policies.

I hope they can resolve conflicts.

Senior citizens

Dewan Chand, Suva

The first week in November is when the nation celebrates Senior Citizens Week to commemorate their contribution in na­tion building and to honour them.

Government officials pontificate about the care and protections extended to the elderly in the society.

There is no doubt that the elderly deeply appreciate what is being done for them.

Organisations arrange lunches for those who are in the care of old peoples homes or other institutions.

They are garlanded and treated with ut­most love and respect.

The elderly love and cherish this as many have been neglected by their own children and relatives.

In their twilight years any little kindness means so much for them. Their smiles and laughter tell it all.

However, is this cosmetic treatment of the elderly sufficient?

Does it not prick the conscience of those who have neglected their elderly and moved on chasing their own dreams?

The children hardly have time to even see their elders. Some old people’s homes are in a dilapidated conditions and much in need of repairs.

Why can’t the elderly be housed in far more modern and healthy environments?

These are some of the questions which vex me and I am sure a lot many others as well.

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