Letters To The Editor 12th October, 2018

  Political party columns Christopher Jackson Mar, Nadi The political party column policies on issues, for example on social welfare and previously, on health are meant to be in­formative to
12 Oct 2018 10:00
Letters To The Editor 12th October, 2018


Political party columns

Christopher Jackson Mar, Nadi

The political party column policies on issues, for example on social welfare and previously, on health are meant to be in­formative to the electorate to help voters make informed choices at the polls.

Unfortunately, the parties’ platforms de­scribed in their respective columns are “political speak” and or berating the cur­rent situation.

They should describe in detail what new changes they will be making and what will be withdrawn.

For example:

  1. Describe in some detail what pro­grammes they will implement and what will they cost.
  2. How will they fund them: (a) By chang­ing or deleting described existing pro­grammes – what will they be and their cost or savings.
  3. By inclusion in the annual budget as a new expenditure.
  4. If so, what are their party’s specific fi­nancial policies on:
  5. Project GDP ratio
  6. Budget financing – balanced or bor­rowing

iii. Projected Debt to GDP ratio. This is critically important!

It is unfortunate that that the FijiFirst party is not included so as to state what their proposals are for the next term if elected.

Could our newspapers keep probing to get informative and meaningful disclosures from political parties to help the electorate make good choices?

Fiji Day in Labasa

Dewan Chand, Suva

Fiji was ceded to Great Britain in 1874 by the Fijian chiefs.

In 1970 it gained independence and ever since the independence day is celebrated with much pomp and show because it gives us our identity as a nation and it boosts our national pride.

Fiji Day brings all Fijians closer together as one family. The 48th Fiji Day Celebra­tions will go down in the annals of history as unique and a historical event.

For the first time ever Fiji Day celebra­tions have been taken to the people of Va­nua Levu. Thus giving everyone a sense of unity and belonging to a great family of Fijians.

In truth this gives added impetus to gov­ernment’s pledge in its Look North policy.

The people of Labasa erupted in a typical Friendly North style.

On October 10, 2018, busloads of them descended on Labasa town. A series of ac­tivities were planned as a build up to the major function to be held at Subrail Park at mid-day.

The entire park was jam-packed to capac­ity, a sea of humanity all draped in blue came to mark 48th Fiji Day celebrations.

Those who could not make it to the sta­dium climbed the tree tops and roof tops of surrounding buildings.

It was simply an awe inspiring show of enthusiasm by the people of Labasa.

Thanks to the FBC team as the nation was able to see live the celebrations in Labasa.

Inside the stadium the neatly dressed soldiers in their red tunic and white sulus made a very big impression and a sense of purpose.

Commander of the Republic of Fiji Mili­tary Forces, Viliame Naipote was seen standing apart from others and ensuring that there was a perfect display of disci­pline.

It indeed was! In the background the majestic blue mountain ranges and the famous Three Sisters provided the grand aura.

Among the invited guests were members of the Diplomatic Corps and other impor­tant personalities. Cabinet Ministers were there in full force.

The Prime Minister arrived first and his entourage disembarked at the edge of the main pavilion.

From there he walked shaking hands with the people and children. They were simply thrilled with this unexpected fa­vour.

Prime Minister Bainimarama was an in­stant hit with the people of Labasa . Many took pictures with him.

The next to arrive was His Excellency the President of Fiji, (Retired) Major-General Jioji Konrote, who was escorted to the dias for the National Anthem and the inspec­tion of the Guard of Honour.

Thereafter the awe inspiring 21-gun sa­lute was taken by the President. The white smoke from the cannons wafted across the stadium.

At 2.10pm the President departed and we could hear the murmuring in the crowd.

The loud speakers blared that free lunch was being provided for all in the stadium.

In other parts of the country Fiji Day Celebrations were also held on a smaller scale.

In Suva the IDC soccer finals were in progress. Other entertainment events con­tinued into the night as Fijians celebrated Fiji Day.

Thanks to all those who were involved in making this Fiji Day Celebrations a great success. Happy Fiji Day !

SODELPA encounter

Rahul Chand, Suva

I had an interesting debate with SODEL­PA MP Viliame (Bill) Gavoka on Facebook where he said SODELPA will abolish Ter­tiary Education Loan Scheme (TELS) and introduce scholarship.

I questioned whether this scholarship would be for different races meaning some for iTaukei students and some for Indo-Fi­jians. What I suspected was correct.

SODELPA will introduce race-based scholarship. Your merit will not matter but your race will. This is how they plan to take this nation backwards.

I then asked him what about people like me who have both iTaukei and Indo-Fijian blood. His response was that it will be de­cided later.

Here is a Party with a policy that they have not even thought about. Here is a Par­ty advocating dialogue but his own leader went and announced that their President was their Deputy Leader.

I questioned whether their Party had been having dialogue amongst their own selves. He disappeared from that page and did not reply to my question.

Be warned people, remember the days where your race and not your merit mat­tered. This is what SODELPA wants to bring in for us young Fijians.

Leadership that listens? What a joke.

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