Reducing Stress Through Diverse Ways and Techniques

Having understood the sig­nificant role of stress in our lives and how it could act as a barrier in our professional as well as personal growth. I will, through this
13 Oct 2018 11:00
Reducing Stress Through Diverse Ways and Techniques
Mayur Kalbag

Having understood the sig­nificant role of stress in our lives and how it could act as a barrier in our professional as well as personal growth.

I will, through this column high­light on some of the effective ways to reduce or manage stress and gen­erate more positivity and produc­tivity in our life.

Let us start exploring these ways and techniques.

Half glass is always half full and not half empty


The first thing that you must try your best to do is change your men­tal perception towards situations that are negative and demotivating such as a ‘failure’ or a ‘disappoint­ment’.

Failing is part of life. Even the best performing employee or the best athlete has, in his or her re­spective field failed, but rather than looking at it negatively he or she has made the failure an opportu­nity to improve and get better than even before!

I remember a professor in my col­lege telling me how failure is actu­ally a stepping stone to success. Along with a few fellow students I had performed pretty badly in my exams.

I was extremely demotivated and felt like I was not going to do well ever in my life.

It was then that this particular professor met me in the college caf­eteria and told me how important it is to learn from the failure and start working on my weaknesses.

“No one on this earth is perfect. We all fail in our lives, but what is most important is the way we learn from the failure and get even bet­ter. So start working on those sub­jects in which you have scored less marks. If there are inputs or any kind of guidance you require I will be there to help you”

The professors words were not only inspiring but an eye-opener.

Will getting stressed about my fail­ure change the negative situation to a positive one?

However if I become positive and start working upon those areas where I have my weaknesses then I am sure I will be performing much better in the examination and tests which will happen in the future.

Since then, I have always tried to look at my failures positively in terms of ways to improve and be­come better.

Today, I can confidently assert that the glass of water is, in my eyes, completely full… half water and half air!!!

Deep inhalation

While strolling along the sea wall here in Suva, I noticed a man seated on the bench with his feet up in a cross- legged position.

I also noticed he was breathing very deep and then exhaling his breath out steadily and slowly. The entire act seemed different and made me very curious and so I walked towards him.

His eyes were open and as soon as he saw me he smiled.

“You seem intrigued by what I am doing” he said to me. I politely nod­ded and asked him about what he was doing seated in that particular manner.

“Well, I am practicing what is known simply as Disciplined Deep Breathing.

This type of breathing increases the quality and quantity of oxygen in my body and thus it also helps in reducing my stress and tensions. Working in a bank as its manager means a lots of significant respon­sibilities and these can create tre­mendous work related pressure and stress.

The breathing that you saw me doing has been a great help to me. I have felt more calm and relaxed as well as focused in the most tense and stressful situations.

May be, if you want, I can teach you a few effective techniques of deep breathing tomorrow at the same time”

The next day I met him at the same place and learnt the breathing tech­niques.

It was easy to do and made me feel really calm and relaxed.

Even till today I have been practic­ing the same breathing technique and have also been sharing it with my friends, colleagues and the par­ticipants in my training seminars. If you are wondering how it is to be done then the answer is simple. All you have to do is keep your back straight, take a deep breath in, then hold your breath for four seconds and then let that breath out as smoothly and slowly as possible. Repeat this cycle of disciplined deep breathing five times and you will feel positive, proactive and mo­tivated.

Understand, analyze and then respond

Sometimes even the slightest form of criticism from the boss or anyone for that matter can lead to a situation of mental stress and de­jection.

I believe in the philosophy that before we let our minds get affected by stress it is vital that we under­stand the reason behind the criti­cism. After having understood the cause, we must analyse and think if the criticism was unjustified or jus­tified. It is only after the analysis is done that we will be able to handle the criticism positively.

Some people criticise with a good intention to improve us but their way or tone of expressing their criticism could be rude and hurting or insulting.

It is therefore imperative that we develop the attitude and maturity to take a criticism in the right way by first understanding, then ana­lysing and only then responding to the criticism towards helping us be­come better and more productive.

Get influenced by positive personalities

Yes! A very effective way of reduc­ing stress is to make friends or get connected with those people who are extremely positive in their life. Believe me, there are many person­alities you will come across in the journey of your life who have a very positive outlook towards life. These are those personalities who will tackle any type of challenge or failure with an extremely inspiring and positive thought process.

By connecting with them you will automatically feel their positive en­ergy and this energy will make you positive in the most negative situa­tions.

Remember, if you keep your eyes as well as your mind open you will met such kind of positive people in all spheres of your life.

I remember meeting once such person at the gym.

He used to not only guide me about muscle building but also share his positive experiences related to pro­fessional life.

I must say his way of thinking made me more mature about the way I handled the stressful situa­tions of my life!


One of the very effective ways to remain unaffected by stress is to become fit!

Fitness is important and here I wish to assert that by fitness I mean fitness it at the physical as well as the mental level.

Health is Wealth!

This statement is very true. Some of the participants I have met in my seminars are only in their early thirties but are extremely overweight leading to other health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Their lack of physical fitness has also affected their work and created more stress.

I had to firmly request a few of these participants to look after their health as it was making them lethargic at work.

I therefore believe that as we grow in our professional life we must take care of our mental as well as our physical health.

Some of my friends working in the Human Resource department of some reputed organisations have told me about how they have started various physical fitness classes in their respective organi­zations namely Zumba and Aerobic classes.

This is to help their employees im­prove upon their overall fitness and thereby reduce their stresses!

There could be more ways and techniques but I truly believe that even if you are able to work upon a few that I have shared in the col­umn you will be successful in re­ducing stress and increasing your productivity!


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