Bonus Payout For 434 Fiji Ports Terminal Employees

Fiji Ports Terminal Limited values its human capital and would never hesitate to reward generously all those who contribute to the company’s wel­fare and prosperity. Company board chairman Has­mukh Patel
17 Oct 2018 11:28
Bonus Payout For 434 Fiji Ports Terminal Employees
Minister of Public Enterprises and Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum (middle), Fiji Ports Terminal Limited chairman Hasmukh Patel (front, row right) with workers following the bonus payout announcement at the Kings Wharf in Suva on October 16, 2018. Photo: Ronald Kumar.

Fiji Ports Terminal Limited values its human capital and would never hesitate to reward generously all those who contribute to the company’s wel­fare and prosperity.

Company board chairman Has­mukh Patel stressed this very clearly during the announcement of the $450, 000 performance bo­nus payout at the Kings Wharf, Suva yesterday.

This payout is for the financial year 2017 paid out to 434 employees who work at Fiji Ports Terminal, a subsidiary of Fiji Ports Corpora­tion Limited.

The Minister of Public Enter­prises and Attorney-General Ai­yaz Sayed-Khaiyum officiated at the event and advised employees to think strategically especially when the company is under Pri­vate Public Partnership (PPP).

The Fiji Ports Corporation Limit­ed and Sri Lankan port specialists Aitken Spence PLC joined forces through Fiji Ports Terminal to bring international best practice to the ports of Suva and Lautoka.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said when we speak of PPP, we should think long term and how it would benefit everyone.

He said Fiji is one of the largest countries in the South Pacific with a well-educated work force and what are we doing to take advan­tage of it?

If we contribute to modernise this company, he said, there would be economic and financial benefits to the employees.

He reminded the employees that they too have to be strategic, smart and think long term.

Ports key role in the economy:

Mr Sayed- Khaiyum highlighted the importance that Fiji Ports played in the economy and urged the employees to shy away from the previous misconception of what the company was known for.

Fiji Ports he said is one of the key strategic players in our economy.

The previous mentality that Fiji Ports has a very antagonistic be­haviour, he said needs to change and we need to move away from that way of thinking.

He said they have all seen the benefits of partnering with peo­ple who have a good track record and position Fiji in the situation where they get good efficiency.

The management he said will need to work together and as em­ployees, “you need to change your mind-sets too”.

PMS System:

Fiji Ports Terminal Limited Board chairman Hasmukh Patel said the bonus assessment criteria was based on a newly adopted sys­tem, Performance Management System (PMS) with individual Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

“This is based on assessment of individual KPI in line with the ro­bust framework PMS framework as opposed to the past practice of across the board pay-out,” Mr Pa­tel said.

“This methodology is consistent with all other modern and leading organisations and provides great­er performance incentives to all employees.

“We have three categories of worker, the permanent workers, registered relief workers and the day contractors.”

Human Capital:

Mr Patel said the company has high value for their human capi­tal which they consider as one of their important assets.

“We would never hesitate to re­ward generously all those who contribute to the company’s wel­fare and prosperity.

“We will continue to invest in the training and wellbeing of our em­ployees and provide them with the necessary exposure and promote them to senior management roles that are within the scope of our succession plans.

Mr Patel added the board of di­rectors and the Management of Fiji Ports Terminal Limited are fully conversant with the Govern­ment’s plans for Fiji’s long term economic growth and sustainabil­ity.

Fiji Ports Terminal will work hand in hand with the Govern­ment to achieve this long term goal.

2018 Key Highlights:

Mr Patel underlined the key high­lights of 2018 which contributed significantly in taking the ports efficiency.

“This year we procured three new Reach Stacker Terminals and one Empty Handler at a cost of F$4.5m which effectively augment­ed the Ports efficiency level to a new dimension,” he added.

“Our endeavor is to have our Ter­minal completely automated by the end of 2018 which will again result in the enhancement of greater productivity and efficien­cy and we are well on the way to achieve this.

“Commencement of new ship­ping lines to Fiji that has created increased competition amongst all the shipping lines for the reduc­tion in freight rates that will be in favour of all the shippers and the consignees.

“We realise the potential to de­clare Suva as the transshipment hub or Fiji as the Logistic Hub in the Pacific or as one of the leading hubs in Oceania.”


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