Narube Will Remove E-Ticketing Card System

  Unity Fiji Party leader Save­naca Narube will abolish the e-ticketing card initia­tive the FijiFirst Government in­troduced in 2017, if his party wins power. He was responding to a question
18 Oct 2018 15:45
Narube Will Remove E-Ticketing Card System
Unity Fiji Party supporters with party leader Savenaca Narube (sitting-front second from right) at the campaign at Delai Valalevu on October 16, 2018. Photo: Wati Talebula


Unity Fiji Party leader Save­naca Narube will abolish the e-ticketing card initia­tive the FijiFirst Government in­troduced in 2017, if his party wins power.

He was responding to a question from a member of the public dur­ing the party’s campaign at Ro Tavo settlement in Delaivalelevu on Tuesday night.

The e-ticketing system is a gov­ernment regulated fare payment system that requires the travelling public to pay their bus fare through an electronic means. From 1st of October, 2017, passengers on public buses no longer paid their bus fare using cash. Cash fare is completely replaced with an electronic ticket­ing system.

All passengers travelling on pub­lic buses need to register for an eTransport Card available at no cost and have these cards pre-load­ed with electronic value to travel on public buses. The cards make sure that all revenue is properly col­lected and accounted for, and stop pilferage involving drivers.

Mr Narube said Fiji was not ready to use the e-ticketing card system.

“Fiji is a poor country and there­fore the use of the e-ticketing card is not suitable for us. The e-ticket­ing is only suitable for countries like Australia and New Zealand,” Mr Narube said.

“Families worry about what they eat tomorrow while there is money in their e-ticketing card.

“The people should have been consulted before the initiative was introduced. When elected into Gov­ernment we will remove the e-tick­eting card initiative.”

Mr Narube said the party candi­dates have what it took to run Gov­ernment.

“We must mend the past, heal the wound of the past, have a clean slate then we have hope for the fu­ture. The Government is spending a lot of money. The Government doesn’t have any money. They only have money from the tax we pay and other fees. When our tax is not enough they borrow more, and the debt accumulates and it is ridicu­lous.

“We don’t see the debts as we only see what they do. We only clap and thank them for the freebies. We must know how to manage our fi­nance.

“Money is important, and we must know how to grow that money. So, get someone who knows how to manage that economy.

“We need people who will look af­ter the poor, give you more money and most importantly a Govern­ment that listens to you.

“Fiji needs a leader that you be­lieve has the best credential to take Fiji forward. Please go out and vote for the party that listens to you more. Don’t worry about what the Government is doing because we will do the same and even better.”

Mr Narube added that the church­es and chiefs must be treated sensi­tively.

Party candidate Suliasi Tamanale­vu told those present that they were glad to led by Mr Narube.

“Through the media I got to know that Mr Narube was forming a party. It is hard to find a leader like him. Someone who is an intellec­tual,” Mr Tamanalevu said.

“The problem in this country is that our pockets are empty. We have the resources, but we go overseas to get them.

“When we come into the Govern­ment we will revive the banana in­dustry which was damaged in 1972 by Hurricane Bebe.

“We will revive the copra industry which will benefit the Lau group greatly. We will also revive the rice industry. Recently, two billion peo­ple in the world survive on flour from cassava and there is no flour in Fiji made from cassava. In Africa they have a lot of products that are from cassava.

“This is how we will put money in your pocket. We will buy the raw materials from the people and that is the cassava and make flour.

“We will try our best to be a crea­tor of employment and not destroy­ers of employees. We must export and reduce our import. We will try our best to look for markets for farmers to sell their products.

“People always label farmers as lazy, but they are not. They are planting but they don’t have the market to sell their products.”

More than 80 people attended the campaign meeting.

Edited by Percy Kean


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