Letters To The Editor 19th October, 2018

  Snap a Shot Neelz Singh, Lami A lot has been said about bus drivers charging or still receiving cash for fares or using their card to tap and go.
19 Oct 2018 10:31
Letters To The Editor 19th October, 2018
Letters to The Editor


Snap a Shot

Neelz Singh, Lami

A lot has been said about bus drivers charging or still receiving cash for fares or using their card to tap and go. Some drivers are given fines and some companies are fined for not keeping disposable cards as well.

I urge the public and commuters on buses to record or snap a shot with the help of smart cell phones when bus drivers do such an act and send those pictures or video to LTA or to the authority concerned to inspect or to promote awareness.

These illegal acts need to be stopped.

Also, there is a need for bus op­erators or directors to put a no­tice with their phone numbers in their buses and create awareness so when daily commuters see the driver doing such an act they can call or text them directly.

Some bus companies are taking an initiative to install CCTV cam­eras and dash cams, not only to monitor drivers and passengers but, bus performance, speed limits and travelling destination. Wise thought indeed.

The system needs to be improved for better outcomes for the people.

Nabulivou’s Leadership Issues

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Alivereti Nabulivou is a coward for his personal attack against a proven, successful, gutsy, brave and visionary leadership combina­tion of our PM and FijiFirst party leader Voreqe Bainimarama with his deputy and party general sec­retary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum in the other newspaper.

It is a well-oiled leadership and a proven, very inclusive, team nurtured from 2007 through to the democratic September 17, 2014, national election and again to the 2018 November 14 election.

My point is why complain now that he has joined another political party of his choice where he was pretentiously enjoying the perks with the limelight on the Govern­ment side of Parliament, but did not resign.

If he was a real man with guts and true to his words why not tell Mr Bainimarama directly during his term. But let’s see how popular Nabulivou is this time around in our 2018 election compared with his meagre 1000 votes he is now boasting about from our last elec­tion.

His character assassination of our ever very popular govern­ment leader will not deter the overwhelming majority of eligible voters to propel Mr Bainimarama back to power with absolutely 51 seats in Parliament this time around.

Simply put, the PM has the pre­ferred very popular leadership style we want.

During your candidacy interview it was clearly put to you that your services was no longer required with the FijiFirst team for our No­vember election.

It simply means you are not good enough to carry the FijiFirst party flag and its vision forward.

The attack will certainly not earn Alivereti Nabulivou any more votes come November 14.

A free and democratic Fiji for all!

Beer, now Marijuana

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

The leader of the National Fed­eration Party has time and again talked about beer prices and now Niko Nawaikula of SODELPA wants to legalise the planting and marketing of marijuana.

Many people will tell you mari­juana is not dangerous. Consider who is telling you that.

Marijuana can harm a person’s memory — and this impact can last for days or weeks after the im­mediate effects of the drug wears off.

The contribution of alcohol and other drugs to sexual assault has been increasingly recognised dur­ing the past 15-20 years

There has been an increase in sexual assaults involving the use of drugs and alcohols as perpetra­tors find more severe and danger­ous means to sedate victims.

Alcohol and drugs a perfect com­bination to dissolve marriages, families and careers yet the Op­position has nothing better to talk about.

Timely Responses

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

The recent crash of an Air Niug­ini flight into the ocean off Chuuk in the Federated States of Microne­sia is a timely reminder about how accidents in the air can happen suddenly and unexpectedly.

More importantly, this raises questions on our abilities to re­spond to similar situations.

Are officers in relevant authori­ties prepared or well equipped to handle such situations in a timely manner.

Is there a need for a review of checks and balances as per stand­ard operating procedures.

Whatever one’s views, many are counting their lucky stars that the crash in Chuuk was into the ocean and not on land. All in all, it’s an opportune time to check our sys­tems and procedures so that our responses to unforeseen circum­stances are timely.

Meanwhile, having travelled to the Federated States of Microne­sia recently, one notes with appre­ciation the actions of the people of Chuuk as they raced their boats to the scene, helping save many lives.

False prophets

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Twenty-five more days to go and the pressure is on politicians to make promises which they cannot keep. Another name I now call pol­iticians that are making big elec­tion promises is, “false prophets”.

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