Letters To The Editor, 21st October, 2018

Dangerous driving Satish Nakched, Suva I was driving along Ratu Mara Road in Samabula late last month and was heading towards Nabua following another vehicle in the same direction. When
21 Oct 2018 15:09
Letters To The Editor, 21st October, 2018

Dangerous driving

Satish Nakched, Suva

I was driving along Ratu Mara Road in Samabula late last month and was heading towards Nabua following another vehicle in the same direction.

When we were about more than 50 feet away from the traffic control light when it changed to amber and well before reaching the junction it turned into red, giving us ample time to stop.

I took it for granted that the vehicle will stop, but to my surprise it picked up speed and shot through the red light. The driver had a widest of the grin on his face and his passengers were all smiling as an acknowledgement and encouragement to the driver on achieving the very serious transgression of the traffic rules.

I drove up to Valelevu and did not see that vehicle again. It probably would have reached Nausori by then given the speed it was driven at.

I was very disturbed by the unethical behaviour of the said driver and abandoned what I was supposed to do and drove straight to the LTA Enforcement Office to lodge my complaint.

My statement was taken in a haste that took about 15 minutes and I was informed by the staff there that they will probe further on this.

After two weeks I rang the LTA Office to inquire what had  transpired during the investigation because there was no feedback received by me.

To my surprise and frustration, I was informed that the driver was called in and warned not to repeat the offence.

I asked the LTA officer on the basis of the complaint, it had dropped but they could not comment further on that.

I believe the complaint was dropped probably there was no evidence to charge the driver and neither was I asked to provide such details.

During the time of the incident I had another person with me in the vehicle and I also had the recording of the event on my dashboard camera.

This vital evidence was not considered and I believe the officer had not gone through proper training in investigation to determine the root cause of such behaviour.

I believe that driving through a red light is a serious offence and can be subject to losing many demerit points or even driving disqualification.

We have an alarming and an escalating number of deaths on our roads and the enforcement agencies are encouraging public participation to help report and eliminate the national concern and I obliged, but my concern was dumped unceremoniously.

However, it is interesting to note that Fiji is one of the many signatories of the universal Sustainable Development Goals.

We have agreed collectively as global partners to achieve and improve certain conditions that will improve the lives of the citizens of the signatory countries.

Reference is made to Goal number 3 under the heading “Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages” and clearly stipulated in 3.6 is that by 2020, halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents.

We have a framework to work within, but unfortunately are way off the target set since its interception in 2015.

With another two months left in this year our death toll stands at 58 compared to 51 for the same period last year.

Such shoddy investigation by our enforcement agency which I experienced will hinder the nation’s vision and mission strategy.

We lack badly in the values of our desired target to reduce road deaths and accidents by half and keep our roads and the general public safe.

Job Test

Neelz Singh, Lami

Why such a fuss about a job test?

When it’s time to evaluate students there is no question asked then so why for teachers and principals?

The NFP leader claims some principals have failed the test.

So, the question is why have teachers and principals failed the job-test?

What challenges do they go through, how well they have prepared and what the reasons behind the so-called failures?

Schools should hire the right teachers after evaluating them on critical competencies through online assessments.

This helps to ensure that very high-quality candidates are selected to meet the standard set by the Ministry of Education.

Prep tests could be used as diagnostic tools.

If the results are not good then try again and work harder to be in competent cycle in terms of teaching and a learning.

The pattern is changing in terms of technology & computer-based application.

To lift the teaching profession one must engage in upgrading courses.   

Job satisfaction is a positive or pleasant emotional state resulting from a person’s appreciation of his/her own job or experience.

There are no meaningful differences in terms of the professional seniority and the branch of teaching variables. That the level of job satisfaction of teachers is very high affects the educational aims positively.

It is expected that a school which has teachers with high level of job satisfaction gives quality education and raises successful students.

The rewards and recognition for serving the ministry is given by the Government for their contribution as well.

So be competent and try again.

Please pitch in with guidance in terms of standard of evaluation.   

Unchanging standard

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

In our day, it is common for Christians to declare that because of grace they have freedom to do things that believers through years of history have regarded as wrong.

Tradition is not our guide, but the Bible is and it has not changed.

Things that were wrong 50 or 100 years ago are still wrong today.

When it comes to the subject of questionable things, we must have an unchanging standard by which to decide and that standard must be the Word of God.

The great evangelist J. Wilbur Chapman said, “The rule that governs my life is this: anything that dims my vision of Christ or takes away my taste for Bible study or cramps my prayer life or makes Christian work difficult is wrong for me and I must, as a Christian, turn away from it.”

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