Letters To The Editor 23rd October, 2018

Namosi meet Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka That is the spirit Tui Namosi, we commend you and your vision in showing the way to other province by inviting the Prime Minister in
23 Oct 2018 14:43
Letters To The Editor 23rd October, 2018

Namosi meet

Tukai Lagonilakeba,


That is the spirit Tui Namosi, we commend you and your vision in showing the way to other province by inviting the Prime Minister in his capacity as the Minister for iTaukei Affairs to be chief guest at your Provincial Council meeting on October 16.

Politics aside it is only fitting the province and its people must benefit from any government reforms and development, but most importantly they must be left freely to decide which political party they will vote for and that is true democracy.

In Mr Bainimarama’s official statement soon after the FijiFirst party was democratically elected into power after September 17, 2014, he said: “I am the elected Prime Minister for all Fijians here at home and abroad irrespective of one’s political affiliation” and he still is as we head for another election on November 14.

The FijiFirst government policies are all apolitical including all its government initiatives, incentives and programmes where it benefits any Fijian irrespective of gender, religion or race.

Power to the Fijian People!


‘Free education’

Tomasi Lomaniviti


The Leader of Unity Fiji, in his article on Saturday (Fiji Sun 20/10/18), is rather misleading.

It raises numerous questions to me as a father with children all attending secondary and tertiary institutions.

Mr Narube is a former RBF governor and was a Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance for four years. Now he is saying that if his party wins the election they will provide free education for all Fijians and remove TOPPERS and TELS schemes, which he claims to be discriminatory, inequitable and too burdensome. He also mentioned in his article that he prepared five national budgets and has the experience to find the money to fund these scholarships which is not a problem for him.

Can he inform voters how and where will he get the funds for free education and full scholarships for all? Well my answer is simple, If he can easily find the money then it is either by increasing VAT from 9 per cent to 15 per cent or reducing the income tax threshold from $30,000 back to $8840.

The previous governments which appointed him as the RBF governor only managed to increase the tax threshold to $8840. Compare this with the major increase in our tax threshold from $8840 to $30000 by the FijiFirst Government for the last 11 years since 2007.

I must remind Mr Narube that actions speak louder than words. Again with his years of experience as the RBF governor, and the think tank behind five national budgets, government revenue collections was only below $1.2billion. The FijiFirst government together with the Fiji Revenue Customs Services have improved their policies over the years and are now capable of collecting $3 billion to fund government services.

These parties are just taking us back with a lot of false promises that will not be fulfilled. To all voters, think again and be smart this time before you cast your vote.

God Bless Fiji


Sleeping Biman

Dharmendra Kumar,


The leader of the National Federation Party (NFP) leader Biman Prasad’s silence  on a number of issues can be best described as “ democracy is sleeping”

Silence will not change anything, but rather encourage  people to make bigoted comments.

You ducked under the table in Parliament, it’s time to wake up Mr Biman.


Vote for me

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,


I laughed when I read Sukha Singh’s letter titled: Election chances;  especially at the last line where he said, “I was in the elections once. It is the hardest thing to go and ask for votes.”

Same here my brother. That is why the 2014 FijiFirst Party game plan for all candidates to campaign and urge the voters to vote for our leader Bainimarama, settled well with me, even though we had to get people to vote for us individually too!

Funny thing is that I prayed and asked God that if it was His will for me to get involved in politics, then let His will be done.

I reasoned that writing letters to raise the concerns of the public in this column was noble, but to be actually in Parliament and Government would definitely get things done.

The A-G interviewed me and my last question was: Why join FijiFirst Party and not the others?

My answer was that it followed Christ’s method of reaching out to the people, even those in remote areas, listening to their needs, having compassion on them, and meeting their needs.

I guess that answer got me selected to be one of the FijiFirst candidates, but it was the start of the Sukha Singh syndrome.

As a Christian trained to be a Church Pastor who normally lifts up Christ as our only hope and answer to all our problems; I like Sukha Singh find it difficult to be promoting self and asking people to vote for me.

I guess I should have listened to the advice Jesus gave, ‘Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is His.”

The Church is to remain focused with the Gospel Commission, while the others- the running of the Government.


Election campaign

Wise Muavono,

Balawa, Lautoka

I think letters to the editor can also be a form of election campaign advertising. Of course, the letters are the opinions of writers, they will typically represent honest views and bring up points or subject matter not covered in the usual ad.

I’m just thinking out loud !




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