Letters To The Editor, 26th, October, 2018

Brave Fijian Epeli Rabua, Suva The last duty of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex before they left Fiji yesterday, was to unveil the statue of one of Fiji’s greatest
26 Oct 2018 09:57
Letters To The Editor, 26th, October, 2018
Letter To The Editor

Brave Fijian

Epeli Rabua, Suva

The last duty of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex before they left Fiji yesterday, was to unveil the statue of one of Fiji’s greatest war­riors who hailed from Nawaka, Nadi and was a member of Britain’s elite, Special Air Ser­vices military unit at the time of his passing.

At the unveiling of Sergeant Talaiasi Labal­aba’s statue outside Fiji’s Nadi International Airport, his brother in arms on the day of his passing, Sekonaia Takavesi was present together with his son Isaia Dere.

Also present were old Fijian comrades of his from this elite military unit, as well as other members of the various military units of the United Kingdom.

That Labalaba paid the ultimate sacrifice for his Queen and Country then in 1972, was not lost on his brothers in arms as they stood at attention in front of his statue on a beautiful sunny Thursday afternoon.

They all understood the discipline Labalaba revealed that day – his honesty to be forth­right and courageous, to protect a fellow brothers right to live, to defend a peoples free speech and to safeguard the basic human rights of every free living people in Oman then, in Great Britain and especially in his homeland, Fiji.

There are only a few of our leaders in Fiji, who we can say have these traits that Labal­aba represented every day of his life till his death.

And as we look forward to the upcoming Fi­jian Elections on November 14, 2018, we pay homage to Sergeant Labalaba who has bond­ed Fiji to Great Britain and whom, through his sacrifice has lived Fiji’s motto on our Coat of Arms always.

May God Bless Labalaba’s family and Fiji!

Royal visit

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

The young Royals have just left our shores and we are already missing them!

With all due respect to other royals who have visited our Isles, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have surely attracted our attention and admiration!

In character and humility they suit and con­nect well with the people we are!

Indeed Fiji’s Prince and Princess!

Good luck and bon voyage!

Real leadership

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Ballot papers do not define leaders. Leader­ship is defined by conviction, vision, passion and inspiration.

Political views

Rozina Ali, Suva

I was reading the political views of few par­ties recently.

I came across one party who says if they form a government, they will bring back the Great Council of Chiefs (GCC) and the old lease payment system.

My question is if the system is working fine at the moment why do these political parties want to change it?

I remember very clearly before the current government came into power, many leases were not renewed even though they paid the land rent.

They were denied renewals. In some cases a few shareholders of the same land demanded more money.

In some cases, farmers were not even al­lowed to take out their belongings when they vacated the land. Many people who live in set­tlements are the victims of these lease pay­ment system.

Some were told to go back to India, that Fiji is not their country.

Me and my family are the perfect example of this. We were victims.

Now the current government has ensured tenants are not treated unfairly.

Many party members are screaming that they need to increase the sugarcane pay­ments and encourage more farming.

Where were those people when the farmers were removed from their farms and houses?

Because they had lost their land, how can one party encourage farmers and promise to increase their cane payment to $100 a tonne?

Party members are saying poverty, unem­ployment and price of basic food items have increased and they going to reduce it. How?

Some people were pushed into poverty and unemployment after they were evicted from the land. They used to plant vegetables, rice, and other crops and selling them.

They were able to produce enough food to survive and make extra money but since they have been removed from their homes/farms they are looking for jobs outside.

These people who only knew farming are looking for jobs thus increasing the number of people who want jobs.

They are earning very little because they are doing whatever they can to put food on their tables.

Nowadays, even a Masters degree graduate needs to have experience to get a job.

Who do these parties think will give jobs to these farmers?

Lease issues with the mataqali and the GCC brought about these problems.

Was this issue investigated thoroughly?

Why do some politicians want to take us back to a dark past when people suffered in pain. They did not suffer what people went through.

Weight scale

Neelz Singh, Lami

Incorrect weight labels on some items by su­permarket are major concern right now. Are you paying for the items that even don’t have correct measurements labels?

Meat rank the top as supermarkets weigh your product before cutting or slicing the meat to your appropriate size not after.

Now you can raise concern to consumer council or Weights and Measures Depart­ment which comes under the Ministry of In­dustry, Trade and Tourism.

Consumer Council says the Weights and Measures Department have the legislative powers to check the goods and ensure that they are of the weight which consumers are paying for.

Hope the authority takes the right action as some supermarkets are looting the poor cus­tomers.

Feedback: jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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