Letters To The Editor 29th October, 2018

Spiritual decay Simon Hazelman, Savusavu   Instead of interfering and getting involved in politics, Archbishop Loy Chong needs to first explain the atrocities of thousands of cases of child sexual
29 Oct 2018 12:58
Letters To The Editor 29th October, 2018

Spiritual decay

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu


Instead of interfering and getting involved in politics, Archbishop Loy Chong needs to first explain the atrocities of thousands of cases of child sexual abuse by Catholic priests, including nuns and members of the Catholic Church worldwide.

He should detail why people should believe the Catholic church?



Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka, Nadi


I personally feel that the Catholic Church of Fiji should ask the Archbishop Peter Loy Chong to resign with effect immediately and step down to make way for someone more suitable as a respectable clergy to replace him and protect the sanctity of the church.

He is Fijian and is only human like everybody else, but should he wish to serve the people better, apart from what our visionary government is doing, then he should register a new political party or join an already existing one to promote his political ideals in a transparent manner.

He should not use the church to promote his ill-conceived political innuendos while in the Archbishop’s cloak.

He has been generalising issues without substantiating the facts, which will not gain him the respect of the general public and he must understand that the Catholic church does not belong to him alone.

I totally agree with FHL chief executive  Nouzab Fareed in his factual criticism of the Archbishop Peter Loy Chong, but I am inclined to think with all fairness that the Archbishop should be looking at finding solutions to the many problems first before going public with what he is advocating on behalf of his church members by proactively collaborating with our government instead of the opposite.

Get it right with yourself first Archbishop and be reminded that the Great Lord works in very mysterious ways in unveiling what is best for all.


Party confusion

Axel C. Mehling, Nacovi-Sonaisali


I am really confused by your feature Saturday front page. (27/10/18)

Why does Mr Rabuka and his SODELPA team of supporters carry the flag of the State of Israel?

This is also the flag that symbolises the Jewish religion.

I thought that SODELPA/Mr Rabuka are running to govern the Republic of Fiji? Where is the Fiji flag?

I was also pretty sure I heard Mr Rabuka a week ago on TV promoting Fiji as a Christian state – so why the Jewish religion flag?

Does SODELPA not know that the Christian flag (in use since 1942) looks completely different: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Flag

Utterly confusing and simply inconsistent.  Is this the state of a party?



Improving Language

Joan McGoon, Martintar, Nadi


I refer to Charles Chambers’ article (FS 24/10) on Letters to improve the English language.

Perhaps introducing TESOL classes to our high school and university programmes will be highly beneficial.

It emphasises that speaking another language is not something to be “learned” but “acquired”, especially if we are looking at increasing the fluency of the English language.

One acquires skills out of habit, practice and most times, full immersion.

Mr Chambers’ article quotes a lawyer who was educated in a British culture thus, speaking proper English is essential for others to understand you in a “proper” setting which is highly imposed by the “Brits”.

The concern for improper English on social media is unwarranted because “socially”, people would not normally speak proper or fluent English because this is not necessarily the appropriate setting for it.

Even English classes emphasise this.

British culture observes the appropriate settings for proper English and proper attire.

Many visitors to Fiji are quite impressed with the level of education and English on our shores.

It depends on who they are speaking with.

Perhaps more statistics on the level of English in the country would shed more light on this current dilemma and, perhaps, speaking fluent English is not the essence of the issue at hand, but creating a more worldview perspective which will create a hunger for the English language or any other language for that matter.



Magnificent Drua

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva


Our Fiji Airways Drua team deserves praise for creating history in only its second year in the National Rugby Championship (NRC) when it defeated the reigning champs Queensland Country 36-26 on Saturday at Churchill Park, Lautoka.

Our boys equally matched the Queensland Country side in all facets of the game, but it seems their lineouts need to be improved.

It is encouraging to hear the game commentators say that the Australian Wallabies better watch out because this NRC win by the Fiji Drua could mean a big thorn in the flesh for the Australian Rugby team as the Flying Fijians are also in the same Rugby World Cup pool.

Watching the full replay on Sunday, my heart just went out to the boys for giving their all, especially the forwards and the exciting moves by the backline.

They gave it their best shot and deserved the victory and we all pray and hope that the boys will all be given the chance to wear the Flying Fijian jersey in the coming tour and Rugby World Cup.

I had a smile when I saw the Fiji Airways Drua team photo as they posed with their NRC Championship Trophy. The player holding the trophy in the front with the Drua team Captain, looks as if he has a hunchback.

We have seen our Fiji Sevens team players keeping the match balls after the finals, tucked inside and covered by their jerseys.

This ball that will be remembered as the one used for creating history for the Fiji Airways Drua, is being carefully tucked at the players back, while holding the trophy in the front.

That picture should be framed and kept by all Drua players, in memory of their magnificent history making NRC Final performance.

Vinaka vakalevu Drua.

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