FSC Field Teams Receive Training in Customer Service

Customer service is defined as the act of taking care of the customer’s needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the
30 Oct 2018 11:00
FSC Field Teams Receive Training in Customer Service
Rarawai Field Team Leaders at the Customer Service Training in Ba

Customer service is defined as the act of taking care of the customer’s needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer’s re­quirements are met.

Although industries may differ, in most pro­fessional settings, the hallmarks of customer service are the same.

FSC recently held Customer Service train­ing for all its field sector officers across the country.

The training sessions targeted Field Manag­ers, team leaders, co-ordinators and adminis­trators. The Field area is the division within FSC that looks after and manages the welfare of the growers.

FSC chief executive officer Graham Clark says: “There has been a growing frustration from growers at the lack of responses and delayed feedback that has become somewhat the norm for our teams. So we had to develop a training programme to address this.”

The training was conducted at all mill sites by FSC general manager Corporate Services Kameli Batiweti and manager Human Capi­tal Ashwin Gounder.

Based on the theme “Building a Winning Service Culture”, the training drove the no­tion on changing mindsets and changing atti­tudes, towards a customer relationship with our growers that is engaging and sustainable.

The training emphasised on what good cus­tomer service looks like.

And key to this was that knowing and under­standing what growers wanted in terms of their expectations and utilising the various resources available at their disposal in order to address these.

Mr Clark said: “We had to differentiate what bad, good and exceptional customer service was. Many times these sorts of things are taken for granted, its human nature so we wanted to do a refresher on it”.

“Its human nature as well that we avoid dif­ficult conversations and get defensive” added Mr Clark.

Therefore techniques on handling and responding to customer complaints were taught at the recent training.

Trust equation

Employees got insights to the TRUST equa­tion which as below is:

Credibility + Trust = Understanding

Employees need to become more reliable to achieve a credibility status. Combined with the element of trust, this then creates under­standing.

Understanding on this level means you be­come an extension of the customer and you are able to articulate the customer’s needs before they request for anything.


Communication also factored in the train­ing whereby the employees were taught that body language made up 55 per cent of com­munication, your tone of voice a lesser 38 per cent whilst your actual words, a mere seven per cent.

Understanding these important commu­nications factors would enable FSC Field Teams to know how to communicate and re­late to their customers better.

Obviously there are environmental bar­riers, some technical, some due to lack of knowledge and skill, some due to lack of re­sources, and it is crucial to understand these barriers and how we can best achieve the re­sults in the midst of these barriers.

“Because at the end of the day, customers or farmers in the case of the FSC, are most in­terested in solutions,” said Mr Clark.

Employees were taught some key traits in what can be done to become a professional – for example, changing our attitudes, chang­ing approach to things, welcoming sugges­tions, becoming a more effective team player and knowing your product or service offer­ing.

Mr Clark ends: “We look forward to the re­sults of this training from our teams. Fur­ther sessions will be conducted to help im­plement solutions and a follow-up workshop will be held in three-months’ time.

“All of FSC 38 sector offices participated in this customer service training.”

Source: Fiji Sugar Corporation


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