Letters To The Editor: 30th October, 2018

Judge Not Ronnie Chang, Martintar,  Nadi How beautiful, democracy is very much alive, and well, in this island nation of ours. We are entitled to freedom of speech. Such freedom does
30 Oct 2018 13:15
Letters To The Editor: 30th October, 2018

Judge Not

Ronnie Chang, Martintar,  Nadi

How beautiful, democracy is very much alive, and well, in this island nation of ours.

We are entitled to freedom of speech.

Such freedom does not entitle us to grossly unlimited peripheral verbal expressions.

Respect is paramount. Due care must be exercised without inciting feelings of hurt and prejudice.

Respectfully, I rise and beg to differ with Tukai Lagonilakeba (Fiji Sun 29/10).

As a member of the Catholic Faith, allow me to also respectfully express my views and sentiments, without having to score “Brownie points”.

His Grace, The Very Reverend Archbishop Peter Loy Chong is a learned man. I rise to protect him and his office.

Truth, peace and justice are integral components in our Catholic faith. As a retired “kwai Sabeto and kwai Nadi” of almost 67 years, I find Mr Lagonilakeba’s views towards His Grace, the Archbishop, to step down, extremely offensive and uncalled for. I am very offended.

Please allow this matter to rest, forthwith as I make you this fervent plea with every respect and dignity in the name of national pride, truth, peace, justice and personal friendship, Tukai.

We can allow ourselves to be civil even when we beg to differ.

Judge not, and you shall not be judged.

Debating our PM

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

There is no need for our impressive Prime Minister to debate anybody!

He has a great number two to do that!

What matters most of all with PM Bainimarama is his actions, for he walks his talk like no other!

The majority of ordinary Fijians have come to learn that we can no longer trust words, but actions! He has already earned the trust and respect of the majority!

You are cool Mr Prime Minister Sir!

I’m Moving On

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

Opposition parties getting united just because they have a common enemy in the FijiFirst party is not a   a viable strategy.  FijiFirst is confident that no level of gang-up can waver the support it has.

Fiji has plenty of dreamers, but it’s the doers who are shaping modern Fiji.

Fijians have to make the most intelligent decision to once again vote for FijiFirst because Fiji needs consistency and needs to continue to progress as a nation.

We as voters have a choice, do we want Fiji to prosper and progress or go back to what happened 31 years ago?

No more regrets. No turning back. I am moving on!

Fijian Drivers

Manoah Kaleca, Nakasi

I have come to the conclusion that we have some of the worst drivers on our roads. They don’t signal when crossing lanes, they do not follow the right-hand rule, they toot their horns unnecessarily, they constantly have their headlights on, they drive like there is no tomorrow and they stick their hands out without thinking of the consequences this can bring to them and other road users.

What could be causing these types of unwarranted behaviour?

Are the driving schools not teaching them these rules?

Is the Land Transport Authority not doing enough to curb these attitudes or does it all come down to the individual drivers themselves?

Let me know what you think Fiji.

Do Not Wait

Wise Muavono, Balawa, Lautoka

To all candidates, you must not wait to be elected into office, before you begin to serve. Begin to serve everywhere you are; in the home, community, school, university, work, hospital, church, market, society, nation and in many other places.

Role Models

Shariff Shah, Savusavu

To madam Eileen Cikamatana … you are a very young and strong lady.

Please look around you.

There are so many sportspersons’ lives which have been cut short by so-called sports organisations.

I don’t know much about weightlifting, but definitely soccer … yes.

As a former national rep if you are not a “yes man”. the exit door is in your face.

But then when the sports organisation is fair the players tend to take advantage.

Classic example is our wizard.

In any case no one is above the sport itself. I hope you are not in the same context as our wizard. Best of luck. Enjoy!

No Lies Please

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

The National Federation Party is promising a $5 minimum living wage, while SODELPA is promoting $4 and another party is standing on $10.

The NFP leader says the $5 minimum living wage was necessary for every family living beneath the poverty line to make ends meet.

I believe all political parties are aware of the warning given by the worried Textile Clothing and Footwear Industry Council that 7000 jobs will be lost overnight if the National Minimum Wage increases to $4 or $5 per hour or up to $10 per hour.

Yes, all workers entering the job market would love a $4, $5 or $10 an hour minimum wage but what if the boss, the employer just can’t afford it?

I want you political party leaders to put yourselves in the shoes of the above Council, who instead of paying 7000 x $2.68 an hour, will now be paying 7000 x $5.00 an hour.

It is a massive $35,000 hourly payout for them which is $1.4 million in wages per week, if workers have a normal 40 hour week.

So the council is warning political parties upfront that 7000 voters will lose their jobs if they continue with their campaign of $4, $5 or $10!

Furthermore, increasing wages will mean raising the prices of garments and footwear to recover expenses and make a profit but buyers, because of the increase will opt for cheaper prices in other markets that produce the same at a cheaper rate.

This means disaster for Fiji and the closure of all our garment and footwear factories.

Not all workers in the garment or footwear factories are earning the current minimum wage of $2.68. Some are earning more depending on their qualifications, post and wages structure.

A new minimum wage means the restructure for all the pay rates so that fairness is maintained.

Now this is only one organisation, try to multiply this headache to the Government civil service and unestablished workers, all businesses employers etc.

Despite all the sweet talk by the concerned political parties, I believe more current workers will find themselves out of work and join the unemployment line and statistics if we voters allow them to rule Fiji for the next four years.

They will be reinstating the 60 years retirement age, so the above is bound to happen.

Normally, with a national pay rise, the cost of goods and services goes up as well and this is not mentioned by the political parties pushing for a $4, $5 or $10 national minimum wage.

I have already mentioned in this column that I will not vote for any party pushing for a new minimum wage of $4, $5 or $10, because it will cost 7000 Fijians in the garment and footwear industry their jobs.

Health Minister praise

Reena Singh, Nausori

What was NFP’s Sandhya Bajpai saying? Health Minister Rosy Akbar has done a wonderful job. She has had the patience to deal with people who have been emotionally charged because of various issues. Keep up the good work Madam Rosy Akbar

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