Letters To The Editor, 31st October 2018

Shammi Lochan leads Chandra Shivnil, Suva As the country approaches November 14 all political parties have boosted their campaign to a greater extent. This simultaneously has increased the work of
31 Oct 2018 11:40
Letters To The Editor, 31st October 2018

Shammi Lochan leads

Chandra Shivnil, Suva

As the country approaches November 14 all political parties have boosted their campaign to a greater extent.

This simultaneously has increased the work of journalists and various media personnel because they have the job of disseminating the information to the general public.

All the journalists and media person­nel have the paramount responsibility to see that the voices of the people are heard and their questions to the candi­dates of the upcoming general election and future parliamentarians are an­swered properly.

They have the responsibility to ensure that people do not become the victims of the lies and are not trapped in a di­lemma about certain policies of various political parties.

As such, exemplary efforts and enthu­siasm of making peoples’ voices heard and their questions answered appropri­ately by political party representatives was shown by the host of Fiji Broadcast­ing Corporation’s Aaina host Shammi Lochan.

She is counted among the successful women of our country, having more than 25 years of experience in the media industry.

Recently her radio talkback show gained huge popularity among the peo­ple as representatives of prominent po­litical parties were being interviewed.

She really shows extraordinary effort by ensuring that these representatives answer clearly and directly to various matters of concern, which really helps people in clearing their doubts.

However, people have been seen writ­ing negative comments on various plat­forms such as social media about this compassionate and very hardworking lady, which is very irresponsible and im­mature.

People need to understand that if we do not want the dark history to repeat itself then we all should support interviewers and journalists like madam Shammi.

I salute to this courageous lady.

People of a democratic country surely need a strong media during elections.

A seasonal thing

Dewan Chand, Namadi Heights, Suva

Yes it is a seasonal thing!

Indian folklore says that after heavy rains the toads come out of their hiber­nation and croak the night away creat­ing a crescendo of music.

Similarly, the 2018 General Election has forced the political toads to come out of their political hibernation and are croaking their political musical.

The political unknowns are pontificat­ing the magic of their government “if they come into power”, knowing full well that they will never come into pow­er and many will lose their deposits as well.

Promises after promises are being made to entice the voters towards them. Some have even made preposter­ous claim of providing $5an hour basic wage!

Seeing the national mood they are now changing their tunes.

The beauty of democracy is that all have equal rights to contest elections even if they have the scantiest idea of running a government. I liken these hopefuls as the Fijian balolo (a sea worm) which rises in its millions at night and fades into oblivion as soon as the sun rises.

Therefore, in my opinion that out of 235 contestants only 51 will make it to the Parliament and the rest will be left to lick their wounds.

Only those who have the educational qualifications, political acumen and the proven record of their performance and the guts to face the political grind will remain to serve all Fijians.

Standing as political leaders

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi, Lami

The ‘Public Opinion Poll’ on the politi­cal leaders standing (Fiji Sun 30/10) is very deceptive and maybe error ridden too.

This is a persecution of own country­men where other leaders are made infe­rior on the basis of performance.

Sunday law not good

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Samabula, Suva

As we count down towards the Novem­ber 14, the 2018 General Election, some opposition political parties are preach­ing that Fiji is not being fully blessed by God because we are a secular state.

They are pushing for Fiji to become a Christian State and we will be bestowed with divine blessings that we cannot handle!

So in their manifesto, they have de­clared that they will change or amend the 2013 Constitution.

We all remember the first Rabuka coup and the Sunday Laws that came with it. If those pushing for a Christian State do not know, they need to be told that a Christian State means declaring Sunday to be the nation’s weekly day of rest.

What about Sabbath keepers and non-Christians?

What the current Government has built up after the first and second coup, will slowly be reversed because Sunday Law affects the people, economy, trade and the tourism industry.

Worse still, we Christians who sing praises to Jesus on Sunday and do not allow any sports to be played on Sunday here in Fiji, will allow our Fijian Rugby 7s and 15s to play overseas on Sunday and even reschedule the Sunday church service, just to watch our boys in action on TV!

For a multiracial and multi-religious nation like Fiji, our current secular state is blessed by God because all Fijians are treated the same on a level playing field.

That is why we voters need to ask God to have his will over our one vote, so that the Government that will lead us in the next four years will reflect the caring and indiscriminate love of God on all Fijians.

Nadi traffic plan

Norman Yee , Martintar, Nadi

At last, we are going to have a trial plan to ease the traffic congestion at Nadi Town.

Thanks to the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) and the Nadi Town Council for a plan of one way traffic that seems quite feasible.

In the long term as suggested before, having another bridge into town would free up the existing bridge for the one way traffic out of town.

This is via Navoci Village using the side road just past the service station on the left and crossing the river to join up with Raniga Street.

Perhaps the FRA and Town Council might want to look into that?

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