Letters To The Editor, 1st November 2018

TOSO ROTUMA Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi Prosper Rotuma and its inhabitants with your wonderful 2018 Christmas present through the completion of your world class $12.4 million 1400 metres runaway. Such a
01 Nov 2018 12:58
Letters To The Editor, 1st November 2018


Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Prosper Rotuma and its inhabitants with your wonderful 2018 Christmas present through the completion of your world class $12.4 million 1400 metres runaway.

Such a delight to watch our relatives from the lovely sunny island smile with pride and joy with appreciation during its opening by our Prime Minister Mr Bainmarama on TV yesterday.

Again it is very sad and upsetting to mention that Sitiveni Rabuka’s SVT government, FLP’s Chaudhry and the Laisenia Qarase SDL Government had neglected doing the right thing by those from Rotuma for decades through their discriminating dirty politics, wrong pri­orities and racist divisive policies with the lack of political will to make the nec­essary change.

These are the very same people who have all ganged up with SODELPA, the NFP and the FLP to contest the election against the FijiFirst party for our Na­tional Election on November 14th.

Transportation connectivity by air or sea is an essential important element for any remote island’s survival in the Fiji Group.

Certainly the Rotuma Airport opening will boost commercial and economic activities for them including the much improved travel time of 90 minutes each way and it will certainly have a very pos­itive impact on the lives of those men, women and children of the island.

Tourism development should be their priority where they must start with the local market as their main target which is also an opportune time for the Rotuma Council to collaborate their long term goals and vision with our brave FijiFirst Government to materialise on making this beautiful Island a future Fijian tour­ism prime destination.

I do know for sure that my friend and retired former Air Pacific management executive Taukave Mua a well-known figure in the Tourism Industry in Nadi during his days will be counting his lucky stars now retired in his village where he will be contemplating building a medium size hotel close to the airport with scuba diving, surfing with game­fishing a must.

No Fijian will be left behind and that is a promise in walking his talk from our FijiFirst party leader and PM Voreqe Bainimarama which every Fijian can rely on, believe and trust as we go to vote on the 14th of November.

Must tu ga Viti Kei Rotuma.!


Brother Fergus Garrett, Marist Brothers

Obviously, Simon and Tukai (Fiji Sun 29 October) have not read papal docu­ments such as Rerum Novarum, Popu­lorum Progression or Laudato Si, docu­ments that have wide-ranging political implications, and have been applauded by many world leaders.

The Catholic church’s mission is con­cerned for the welfare of the whole person, body, mind and spirit. Why are there objections to this mission?

Women Lawyers

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

I totally agree with Nemani Delaiba-tiki’s article on the three women law-yers standing as candidates for the election(Fiji Sun 31/10), especially about PS contracts and iTaukei issues. The le­gal fraternity should be proud of them.

Voter Usefulness

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

“A vote is like a rifle, its usefulness de­pends upon the character of the user.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Tsunami Drill

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

We were all warned that the third Tsu-nami Drill Exercise would be conducted at 11:20am to 12noon on Wednesday 31st October 2018 (Fiji Sun 30/10).

We were also told of the Suva Roads that would be closed during this exer­cise but we are told that the evacuation exercise will only involve some agencies in Suva.

At Samabula, I heard the Early Warn­ing Siren go off at about 11:30am on Wednesday and I believe all the warn­ing sirens from Lami to Kinoya went off, which was followed by announcements on a loud speaker.

The million dollar question is, “How many people in Suva and coastal areas actually did the exercise and headed for higher ground when they heard the Tsu-nami Warning Siren?”

How many offices and supermarkets and businesses actually reacted to the si­ren and pretended to close the business and head for higher ground?”

How many of them ignored the Tsuna­mi Drill Exercise siren completely and just carried on with business as usual?

It is frightening to think that when we ignore the Tsunami Drill Exercise when we have been warned beforehand; God help us, when a Tsunami does strike and the siren goes off without people being warned before hand?

It is good that we are now familiar with the sound of the Tsunami Siren and it is better when we associate that siren sound with the message to our brains that you should leave what you are do­ing and immediately head for higher grounds!


Taitusi Sokiveta, USA

“The Sabbath day was made for men not men for the Sabbath.”

We have seven days to work and on any day off you can pick as your Sabbath and that’s ok with God if you are power­less over your situation for example the Fire Department, Police Department, se­curity, guards, emergency room nurses and doctors, airports immigrations and customs and all airport workers include control towers, buses and taxis.

How is the country going to function if we shut everything down on a Sunday ?

Planes are going to crash because no one is manning the airports on Sunday and in case of a medical emergency at home you are good as dead with no transportation and no emergency staff.

And who is going to take care of the patients already bedridden in hospitals?

We will be going back to the stone age.

The two days you are off you can make one day your Sabbath.The head of the family can bless the sacrament or holy communion at home using bread as the Body of Christ and water as his blood.

God in heaven is very simple and easy to understand.

No one is going to burn in hell fire if you work on Sunday and use Monday as your day of rest and Sabbath because it’s your day off from work.

The 12 apostles Jesus picked some were fishermen and one was a tax collec­tor. They all came from different walks of life. They didn’t need a theological certificate to show Jesus to have a fam­ily prayer or share spiritual messages in the home, spirituality is a gift from God for all humanity.

If your days off are on Saturday and Sunday then go to church on Sunday and if your work schedule changes where you have to work on Sundays then use your days off as a Sunday from Monday to Friday as your Sabbath.

If you are powerless over your day offs because of your occupation God under­stands clearly your situation.

God loves us very much we are his children he is not going to punish us on earth that something we are totally pow­erless over like working on Sunday be­cause God knows very well who is going to pay the rent and feed your children if you lose your job for not working on Sundays.

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