Savenaca Narube is Party Leader Unity Fiji. The views and opinions expressed in the article are those of Sitiveni Rabuka and not of the Fiji Sun. (This is Part One
03 Nov 2018 10:00
Unity Fiji leader, Savenaca Narube. PHOTO: Unity Fiji
  • Savenaca Narube is Party Leader Unity Fiji. The views and opinions expressed in the article are those of Sitiveni Rabuka and not of the Fiji Sun. (This is Part One of his political views. Part Two continues next week.)


On behalf of Unity Fiji, I was delighted to launch our “Roadmap to Peace and Happiness” to the people of Fiji last week.

I firmly believe that we, as one nation, aspire to peace on these beautiful islands we call home.

When we find peace, we will find happiness and goodwill towards all our fellow citizens.

Unity Fiji believes that to empower the entire nation to move forward towards peace and happiness, we must heal the wounds of our past.

Fiji has come through some tumultuous past from the arrival of the indentured labourers from India to the coups that have deeply fractured our people.

Unity Fiji will start to heal these deep wounds which will facilitate our efforts to find true unity.

This election is also about easing the burden of everyday living. Life is extremely hard.

Poverty is rising. The rich are getting richer. The escalating cost of living is hurting everyone. Salaries are not keeping pace. Putting food on the table is a daily struggle. Jobs are hard to come by. House prices are way beyond the reaches of families. Cars are congesting our roads.

The poor must pay their bus fares in advance. The morale of the civil servants is at rock bottom.

And tragically, some of us are still living in tents more than two years after Cyclone Winston.

Unity Fiji has the proven and credible leadership you can trust to chart a new direction for Fiji.

We make a pledge to the people that we will do better in economic growth, social support, and nation building than what this government has done.

Unity Fiji believes that education is the foundation which anchors the three themes of this Roadmap.

Formal education starts from early childhood to primary, secondary and tertiary.

Informal education is important in all spheres of life at community, technical and cultural levels.

Education for all is the building block to our future.

We will extend the free education to the tertiary level:

  •  Students will be given scholarships if they get a place at an approved tertiary institution;
  • Remove TELS; and
  •  Forgive debt of existing students.


There are three themes of our Roadmap to Peace and


  1. a) The first theme is providing the dignity of living to all: Unity Fiji will help everyone provide their families the basics of life like food, shelter, education, and health.

We place jobs squarely at the top of our priority.

To create more jobs, we need to broaden and deepen our economy. Unity Fiji realises that we cannot go on with business as usual and expect to grow.

We must firmly take the helm of our development agenda at all levels of our nation from the family to the village, provincial, and national.

We must change mindsets and have the courage and conviction to think long term. We must bring in changes that will make our economy more productive.


The highlights of providing dignity of living to all families are:

  •  More money for the people by growing our resource-based industries;
  •  More jobs through better economic management, an integrated economic package and localisation program;
  •  Higher cane price of $110 a tonne and regular monthly payments to farmers;
  •  Higher minimum wages to a lower bound of $4 an hour rising to an upper bound of $5;
  •  Build more health centers around Fiji to improve access to basic health services;
  •  Stabilise the rise in the cost of living by reducing VAT on essential food products;
  •  Stabilise the high cost of housing through tax assistance;
  • Moderate the rate of growth of debt by reducing wastage and growing the economy; and
  •  Ease congestion through additional lanes and a new coastal road between Suva and Nausori.


  1. b) The second theme is to leave no one behind: Unity Fiji promises the people of Fiji that we will leave no one behind and we will be fair to all of you.

We must take everyone with us towards our destination of peace and happiness.

All people especially the poor must share in the benefits of development.  We will close the gap between rich and poor.

We will make resources owner grow from their resources. Fairness is a universal principle that we will uphold.

We believe that if we apply this fairness to everything that we do from sharing of resources, making national decisions and in building relationships with each other, we will secure unity, prosper our country, and enjoy peace and stability.

To take everyone with us, we will:

  •  Reduce poverty through our economic package;
  •  Maintain all welfare allowances and raise selected ones;
  •  Remove contracting of civil servants except for the three top tiers; and
  •  Extend working age in the civil service beyond 55 years of age through contracts up to 65 years.



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