Community Tells Why It Supports FijiFirst Party

Recalling the horror their community was subjected to in 1987, Jamuna Kumari, 53, of Urata, Labasa, said she never ever wanted to relive the horror of those dark days. She
04 Nov 2018 14:39
Community Tells Why It Supports FijiFirst Party
FijiFirst party general secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum with party supporters at the FijiFirst family fun day in Labasa on November 3, 2018. Photo: Jyoti Pratibha

Recalling the horror their community was subjected to in 1987, Jamuna Kumari, 53, of Urata, Labasa, said she never ever wanted to relive the horror of those dark days.

She was speaking at the FijiFirst rally at Labasa yesterday.

“We could not even go to our outhouse washroom because we were so scared to step out of our houses,” she said.

The 1987 coups were led by Sitiveni Rabuka, then military third-in-command, but now Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) leader for the 2018 General Election.

Ms Kumari said in 1987 soldiers continuously questioned and threatened her family each time they stepped out of the house.

“We just hid inside our own houses whenever we heard any noise of people outside,” she said.

Ms Kumari said officers also prevented her family from stepping out of her house and always questioned her family if any family member left their house.

“Women were also being raped and there was no one to help us,” she said.
Ms Kumari said that no government would ever be able to match the security provided by the current government.

“We have been able to stand on our feet just because of the FijiFirst Government, “she said.

“The Bainimarama government has ensured stability for everyone and no government will ever be able to do that.”
Ms Kumari said everyone was treated with respect and dignity unlike previous governments where division because of race and ethnicity had been extensive.

“Now everyone can freely practise their religion and without any fear,” she said.

Vitalina Lutuloa, 61, said that the major reason she supported FijiFirst was that it looked after everyone, despite one’s race and ethnicity.

“There is no discrimination in this government and no other previous governments can match that,” she said.

Ms Lutuloa also said women felt very secure under this government.

“Women can walk freely at night compared with previous governments, under which we were afraid to walk alone,” she said.
Filipo Suraki, 59, from Dogotuki said that the reason why he supported the FijiFirst government was that it reached out to everyone in the communities.

“It goes to everyone, even the poor ones of the society who are in much need of the help,” he said.

“This government does not differentiate people and treats all its people equally.”
Amul Ahmed, 51, of Batinikama said that the FijiFirst government was the first to step up and help.

“They have saved us from all the difficulties we have faced in life,” he said.
Mr Ahmed said that the free education system by the FijiFirst government was one of the things he never dreamt of.

“It was only possible under this government and I don’t believe any other government can do that,” he said.
Karalaini Likubiau, 50, of Navakasobu said more women were being empowered under the government.

“More women are getting education and are getting a job for themselves,” she said.

“They are now able to become independent members of the society.”

Ms Likubiau said no other government provided security towards women as much as the FijiFirst government did.
Jaurai Bi, 58, of Tabucola said that she was unable to get an education for herself during her time because of high costs and accessibility.

“But no one is left behind now,” she said.

Charlie Chow, 45, said that he supported the FijiFirst government because it walked the talk.

“They always do what they promise, unlike other parties,” he said.

Mr Chow Fiji would have been as developed as Australia and New Zealand if other governments previously did what FijiFirst was doing now.

Faiyaz Khan, 30, said more employment opportunities were being provided to people under this government.

“We are getting more opportunities than ever,” he said.

Edited by Epineri Vula

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