Letters To The Editor, 4th November 2018

Let’s not forget 688. Dharmendra Kumar, Suva After the political upheavals of 1987 and 2000 one man stood up and brought stability and progress to this country. Let’s not forget
04 Nov 2018 12:02
Letters To The Editor, 4th November 2018

Let’s not forget 688.

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

After the political upheavals of 1987 and 2000 one man stood up and brought stability and progress to this country.

Let’s not forget and fight to remind those who cannot remember what hap­pened in Muaniweni and Dawasamu and other parts of Fiji.

Let’s not forget those families who were terrorised and women who were raped. Let’s not forget the looting and burning of Suva city.

One man stood up for equality and fair­ness for all Fijians, let’s not forget that.

He did not hide under the table like some do and they will continue to duck under the table when things get heated up.

This man is still standing, even if it means standing alone and fighting.

He is indeed a man of principle.

It is time again for voters to acknowl­edge what this man did.

Mr Bainimarama is, indeed, the best Prime Minister Fiji has ever had.

Even critics cannot deny his inten­tions for Fiji’s development, and he has proved his mettle in a number of tough situations.

His undeterred resolve to turn Fiji into a “no- corruption” country along with his commitment for development of mordern Fiji.

And, guess what, even the Opposition hasn’t accused the Government of cor­ruption.

When we were struggling to pay school fees and tertiary fees for our children Fi­jiFirst took care of it.

When we could not send our children to school because of bus fares FijiFirst took care of it.

Let’s not forget that.

Let’s not forget to remember what this man did for all Fijians. When we are in the voting booth let’s not forget 688 and let’s not be hypocrites.

Voting for a political party is not about one policy, rather we need to take a ho­listic approach and see which political party will take care of our safety, our children’s education, ensuring we get equal rights and opportunities and so on. Let’s not forget that.

Let’s not forget we need 688 for our children’s future and for this nation to prosper.

Let’s not forget.


Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

Obviously, I have neither heard nor read papal documents such as Rerum Novarum, Populorum Progression and Laudato Si, Fergus Garrett!

The only spiritual document I have read is the Holy Bible!

How can you say that the Catholic church’s mission is concerned for the welfare of the whole person, body, mind and spirit, while there are thousands of cases of child sexual abuse by Catholic priests, including nuns and members of the Catholic Church, Mr Garrett?

How outrageously contradictory is that?

It’s one thing to publicise political agenda within the church and it’s an­other thing not to tell the truth about it?

The revelation that Archbishop Pe­ter Loy Chong did not speak the truth brings into question his credibility?

The mission of the church is clearly stated in the Holy Bible, so get that right first before anything else!

I stand with Tukai Lagonilakeba that the Catholic Church of Fiji should ask the Archbishop Peter Loy Chong to re­sign.

He has not only tarnished his reputa­tion, but that of the Catholic Church in Fiji as well!

The one true and rightful God will pre­vail!

Extra Supermarket

Spencer Robinson, Suva

Congratulations and vinaka vakalevu to the management and staff of Extra Supermarket for the grand opening of its second branch in Flagstaff, Suva.

This successful growing chain of su­permarkets promotes in its company slogan, “extra choices, extra saving”, which I believe every ordinary Fijian aspires to experience given the difficult times.

Indeed the “struggle is real” or perhaps the “struggle is worse” as we work hard on a daily basis to put food on the table for our families.

Many thanks again to Extra Supermar­ket.

The supermarket rightfully advertised (FS 02/10) by indicating that “after our success in Lautoka, we are super ex­cited to invite you to the launch of our next store in Flagstaff, Suva. With your favourite brands, fresh greens and eve­ryday essentials at honest prices, shop with us and experience the extra revolu­tion.”

Have a great and blessed weekend eve­ryone!

School Holidays

Dhirendra Prasad, Lautoka

It is that time of the year when stu­dents would have finished their exams or are about to complete in a week.

It is the duty of every parent to plan the events for them in the upcoming holidays.

It is this time when organisations such as Scouts, Red Cross, Girl Guides etc can become creative and active.

This is the time when students can be captured and provided with fun and controlled skills training for their liveli­hood.

I salute these organisations for they have been a source of inspirational life skills training.

The religious and social organisations in our society can also plan activities within their jurisdiction and assist in the shaping the future generation of leaders and citizens of this beloved na­tion.

Creative and expressive arts can also be targeted. Music classes have been provided in the past and I’m sure will continue.

However, very few people are interest­ed.

Parents play a role in this.

If you prioritise your son’s and daugh­ter’s future, then guide them now to­wards good time management in the holidays.

Engaging them while still enjoying their holidays can make them admi­rable personalities, but ignoring them now can break them into undesirable characters.

The choice is yours. If they are doing nothing, give them a copy of the Fiji Sun to read at least, daily.

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