Letters To The Editor, 9th November, 2018

Shame on Rabuka Naca Nabutu, Caubati Sitiveni Rabuka fired a cheap shot at Voreqe Bainimarama in an exchange over the collapse of the National Bank of Fiji. During the exchange
09 Nov 2018 14:43
Letters To The Editor, 9th November, 2018

Shame on Rabuka

Naca Nabutu, Caubati

Sitiveni Rabuka fired a cheap shot at Voreqe Bainimarama in an exchange over the collapse of the National Bank of Fiji.

During the exchange on FBC’s Radio Fiji One debate this week, Rabuka told Mr Bainimarama that his late brother, Tim Bainimarama, was one of the debtors. The statement by implication suggested Mr Tim Bainimarama was one of those responsible for the bank’s demise.

It was a low blow and showed his real level. NBF did not collapse because the late Mr Bainimarama took out a loan.There is no evidence to say that Mr Tim Bainimarama did not pay back the loan. But the fact remains that NBF collapsed under the watch of Rabuka, a debt our children are still paying and our grandchildren will also pay. I am sure this can be checked with the Reserve Bank of Fiji which has a list of all the bad debtors of NBF. We can see through Rabuka’s cheap shot. It was cheap and he should be ashamed of himself.

Blaming a man who is no longer in this world for the collapse of the National Bank is the sign of sheer desperation. This is how far Rabuka has stooped. It does not change the fact that it was during the watch of Rabuka as Prime Minister that our first and only National Bank collapsed and no amount of diversion changes that fact.

Shame on him.

Imagine that

Arvind Mani, Nadi

What if all Opposition leaders were like Voreqe Bainimarama?

Let’s take a momentary pause from the ongoing political campaigns, (which are getting uglier by the day, rife with empty promises and outrageous claims), but not necessarily from politics, to pay proper homage to the man who leads the country and the immense impact he has had on Fiji and beyond.

Bainimarama has transformed our entire country and established a winning culture that set the foundation for the most successful era in the last decade. Through his exceptional leadership, Bainimarama set a new benchmark for excellence and continues to do so. As the tireless leader of COP23, relentlessly creating an awareness of the dangers of global warming, he has garnered the respect of leaders worldwide.

Bainimarama became the PM at a time when the country was in turmoil and few could have tackled that job with his finesse and tact. There was racial tension and no sense of security. Bainimarama has given the power back to the people, promoted secularism, and advocated that all citizens will be called Fijians.  Quite a few who had fled the country because of political persecution have returned to the paradise and others are contemplating on coming back.

Even when FijiFirst was a military government, Bainimarama governed with class and honor. He is a caring, grounded, firm voice of reason in turbulent times. His moral compass points true north. He cares deeply for the disenfranchised and needy.

In other words, he is just like what we wish Opposition leaders would be.

Seriously, imagine (and you’ll have to) how much different the country would be if a majority of our politicians were cut from Bainimarama’s cloth.

As you know, parliamentarians aren’t all choir boys and behave like errant miscreants but Bainimarama stayed true to himself and hasn’t let the position corrupt him even though the social media and the pathetic conspiracy theorists have constantly, albeit unsuccessfully, tried to malign him.  He has been tested by fire and has come out unscathed.

What if everyone in Fiji operated like that?

Bainimarama can rule with a quiet voice that commands the grudging respect of the Opposition parliamentarians and even the Great Council of Chiefs.

It has worked because they recognized who Bainimarama is and what he stands for.

It’s a pipe dream, of course, to think that Bainimarama will be at the helm forever.   But if he did, everyone can be sure he cannot be bought. He strips away ideology and finds a way to see that the most vulnerable citizens in the state has proper care. He has not been caught in any scandals and is strongly pro-education. He has not rested on his laurels but is continuously improving the infrastructure of the country.  He has initiated great programmes that the Opposition leaders are trying to copy but make it seem like it is they who have done it. Imitation is, indeed, the sincerest form of flattery.

Bainimarama is pro-human, and doesn’t treat those whose politics might be different as trash to be trampled underfoot, though he can be brutally frank (no pun intended) when he sees politicians lying. And how can you tell politicians are lying? Their lips are moving. A cliché but a truism, nonetheless.

Bainimarama continuously works to find common ground and is a dedicated and unquestionable leader for all Fijians.

Imagine that. So why would you vote for anyone else?

Radio Interview

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

The Radio interview was fantastic with an opportunity for all to make clear our judgement’s whether our very popular Voreqe Bainimarama must remain our PM with his FijiFirst party government again, but the lack of maturity, stability with the ongoing crisis at the SODELPA house and its political Vanua based leadership is not a choice for the many reasons known to all majority eligible Fijians voters.

Sitiveni Rabuka rejected the 1997 Constitution and does not have a provision for percentage fair share royalty payout to the resource owners including the 1970 post-independence Constitution.

Our 2013 Constitution allows, facilitates and respects indigenous iTaukei resource owners where they are now reaping the benefits including those that own Crown, iTaukei and Freehold Land from minerals mined below the surface of their properties.

It is historical for all Fijian resources owners at Nasomo settlement in Vatukoula after they received their royalties through this brave and visionary tested inclusive leadership which is in compliance with the Supreme Law of our sovereign state where we are truly sharing in the wealth of our country where no Fijian will be left behind irrespective and that is a promise to all Fijians irrespective from this FijiFirst government.

I am personally grateful and believe that there are three great favour’s the iTaukei landowners have benefited much from the leadership of MrBainimarama as reported meticulously in the Fiji Sun front page Diwali day November 7 edition where 100 per cent of all VKB registered tokatoka and Mataqali landowner members are enjoying their Equal Lease monies distribution through TLTB indiscriminately, secondly the $10 Million booster iTaukei Grant specifically allocated to inspire our landowners to achieve their Commercial aspirations in the development of their land and thirdly the royalty fair share provisions from mined minerals below their land apart from all the spoils which this government have implemented for all Fijians and not forgetting all those VKB registered iTaukei children born today including those who are under 18 years of age will have their shares kept in a trust with TLTB until they are officially qualified to be paid their share.

But can Fiji trust Rabuka and his SODELPA party to lead our country considering his past record and failed leadership?

My temple ban

Sukha Singh, Labasa

Could the people who selected CharanJeath Singh as an NFP candidate ask him to lift the Temple ban he placed on myself from 31st January 2013 .

Even the Fiji Human Rights Commission were unable to lift the ban sighting some constitutional restriction .

As a former NFP election candidate, I think only the board can help me .

Please note that the ban was placed on me without even calling me to a meeting.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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