Swimming, Badminton For Vaturova

(The writer is the Fiji National Sports Commission’s Sports Development Manager-Fiji) Swimming was for the first time included as part of Fiji National Sports Commission Sports Outreach Programme in Vaturova,
09 Nov 2018 10:27
Swimming, Badminton For Vaturova
Fiji National Sports Commission

(The writer is the Fiji National Sports Commission’s Sports Development Manager-Fiji)

Swimming was for the first time included as part of Fiji National Sports Commission Sports Outreach Programme in Vaturova, Cakaudrove last October.

The safety aspects of swimming has always been the reason why swimming cannot be part of our community programmes.

The high rate of water related deaths prompted the three Tikina’s of Vaturova, Koroalau and Navatu to include swimming in the weeklong sports outreach programme. Samuela  Cabe of Let’s Swim Fiji delivered the swimming programme which focused on  the introduction  learn to swim, on land and in water.

Basic theory to water safety tips, exits and entries in the water. Basic water skills, basic strokes in swimming and lifesaving swim strokes. Search organising underwater search.

Assessment- think before you act, helping others (identifying a drowning person that needs help) and categories of drowning casualties, levels of rescue technique questions and answers on water safety tips and lifesaving skills.

Samuela was quite excited about running the programme in Vaturova where his sessions were delivered in a fresh water pond.

Water safety is everyone’s concern, he added. Being surrounded by sea and water for a huge percentage of our population is the justification for an increased awareness  of water safety and life saving skills.

Another minor sport that captured the interest of participants at the two week programme was badminton.

The programme focused mainly on shuttle time program, to equip teachers with the relevant and basic skills needed for the sport.

In a snapshot the weeklong programme focused around the following

  •  introduction of badminton and its benefits to the communities
  •  understanding the basic grips and hitting techniques involved
  •  identifying the types of movements involved in a badminton match
  •  understanding the laws of the games and it varieties
  •  understanding the badminton situation and to design a plan on delivering shuttle time to nearby schools and youths.



This trip also involved networking and partnering with local leaders and school teachers so that the delivery of shuttle time is implemented in schools.

Its intended that good relations are made with the local schools governing bodies and to identify facilities and venues for competitions and teaching.

Some of the outcomes of the badminton program included;

  •  The Tikina of Vaturova has agreed to have monthly tournaments and will include badminton as part of the competition to create more awareness
  •  Partnership between Fiji National Sports Commission/ Village Headmen/DO Saqani/ Principals (Vunisalusalu Primary and High School) has been formed.
  •  The Badminton trainees were able to design a 6 months Action plan and a calendar of events for 2019.
  •  Shavneel Prasad (Fiji National Sports Commission) has been appointed to be the shuttle time coordinator assisting the teachers.
  •  Two sets of equipment were donated one to the School with the HOD PEMAC in charge and the other with Fiji National Sports Commission to assist in their kids programs.
  •  Vaturova School has agreed to have their fields used for competitions, dates will be organized with the help of FNSC Northern division.
  •  Three trainees have been accredited as shuttle time teachers.

Badminton development officer,  Tarawa added that he saw a lot of potential  in the trainees who were very interested in becoming better in coaching and moving up the pathway.

The other sports that were part of the programme included; rugby union, netball, volleyball, boxing and soccer.

At the end of the two week program the Tainitoba Sports Association was formed with the election of office bearers.

The association would cater for the three Tikina’s of Vaturova, Koroalau and Navatu.

An interesting development according to programme co-ordinator, Saiasi Bose was the linking of the Tainitoba Sports Association with the Crime Prevention Executives Committee structure to give it better recognition in the community.

The Commission looks forward to working with the newly established Tainatoba Sports Association in moving sports to the next level in Saqani also iu the province of Cakaudrove .

Edited by Leone Cabenatabua


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