Six Simple Ways For You To Become A Successful Professional At The Earliest!

As employees and professionals, all of us surely have ambitions and goals and we also try our best to achieve them! Having said this there are a few of us
10 Nov 2018 10:32
Six Simple Ways For You To Become A  Successful Professional At The Earliest!
Mayur Kalbag

As employees and professionals, all of us surely have ambitions and goals and we also try our best to achieve them! Having said this there are a few of us who keep working hard but not necessarily smart.

Through this column I would like to share some of the smart things you can do to help climb the ladder of success without getting too stressed as well as climb it in the earliest possible time!

Here are the six ways to help you reach your goal soon!



Yes! The first thing you must do is the process of identification.

But what do you need to identify?

Although there could be a lot many things I firmly believe that there are three most pertinent aspects that you must identify at the earliest and these are:

Your Short & Medium Term goals or objectives

Opportunities that are knocking upon your door

Your weaknesses & mistakes upon which you must begin improving at the earliest


Upgrade your Knowledge

One of the things that successful professional do is ‘Keep Learning’.

In some of the interactions with corporate leaders across the world I have been told by them about how they always keep an hour each day, through their busy professional schedules to read and learn ‘New Things’ related to their work.

“Even as a general manager leading a team of more than two hundred people I need to keep upgrading my knowledge and also my professional skills.

If, due to lethargy, complacency or arrogance I do not upgrade my knowledge I will stagnate, which means I will be where I am for the rest of my professional life while some others will race ahead of me!

“Hence I always look for different seminars to attend from which I can learn something new and relevant not only for my growth but also for the growth of my organization”

These were the inspiring words of one of the General Managers of a well reputed organizations in Fiji.

I therefore suggest that if you want to rise higher in your professional career then start growing your own knowledge through reading as well as by attending know-based Seminars and Training Sessions!


Become the person of IDEAS

Ask yourself, in the last one month, how many times have you thought of new ideas or innovations related to your work.

If the answer is a ‘No’ then make the beginning towards thinking of new and innovative ways related to your work.

People who have the attitude to think of new Ideas or Innovations will always rise faster in their organization.


Make ‘presentation skills’ your strength

I have seen a lot of professionals who have lost out on opportunities to get promotions because they have not been able to effectively present their knowledge or their achievements.

Due to the lack of their presentations skills especially because of poor body language and verbal communication they have looked diffident, sounded nervous and overall unconvincing to the seniors or bosses.

Therefore, it is time you become a powerful and passionate presenter and create the required IMPACT whenever you get the chance to present to your seniors, colleagues as well as your clients.



All the successful professional have one thing in common, their attitude of discipline.

In simple terms please ask yourself if you are a person who always is either on time or before time to office or are you someone who often arrives late to office.

Absenteeism is another issue that has affected the growth of many professionals.

The attitude of regularly missing work can leave a poor impression upon the bosses and hence can stunt the growth of the professional.

Developing the attitude of discipline at work and even in your personal life can truly help you achieve your professional aspirations and goals at the earliest.


Be Positive

You will always be successful and looked up to by your colleagues as well as by your bosses if you are someone who has the attitude to look at the half glass of water as half full and not half empty.

Organizations always are on the lookout for those professional who don’t get pessimistic but are truly optimistic in regards to all types of situations.

If you can develop a positive attitude you will be able to tackle and manage even the most challenging situation of a failure successfully.

Rather than crying over spilt milk as they say, you will look at ways to avoid the glass of milk from falling from the table in the future.

Your positive attitude will help you become a solution provider rather than someone who only gets stressed by problems or failures and ends up losing hope.

To speed up your climb up the ladder to success I am sure that the above aspects will definitely help you and make you reach your professional goals sooner than later!



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