Letters To The Editor, 12th November, 2018

Calender Sales Sukha Singh, Labasa   Could Radio Fiji Two let me  know how many calendars they sold in Labasa on Saturday? The reason for asking is I want to
12 Nov 2018 14:30
Letters To The Editor, 12th November, 2018

Calender Sales

Sukha Singh, Labasa


Could Radio Fiji Two let me  know how many calendars they sold in Labasa on Saturday?

The reason for asking is I want to start a calendar selling business of my own and I will be applying for a business grant   from whichever Government that comes in.

I hope no one else steals my idea.


Morning Jog

Shariff Shah, Savusavu


Pre 2015 I use to go for my 5km morning runs daily. Ever since I sprained my left ankle in March 2015, I stopped.

Now I am more comfortable with my treadmill.

I am afraid to hit the roads again because I might sprain my right ankle also……not so due to potholes, but due to millions of uneven patchings that stand out like a sore thumb.

I guess the footpath is as bad as the sealed roads itself.

I am made by God but did require repairs. Just thinking about the cars made by people….no wonder the spare parts are pouring in like never before.

Win win for both….the seller and our good government.

Bad luck for me and the drivers.


Creator’s Law

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva


The excellent and inspiring health talk and tips coming from a layperson titled: Garbage In, Garbage Out by Colin Deoki, in the other daily should be noted by all readers.

I had a wake-up call in late 1989 when I was diagnosed with Leukemia and went through two years of chemotherapy because of all the garbage in and garbage out taking its toll on my health back then.

Looking back, I just thank God for His providence that I was visiting Australia when this happened, because I would have been dead if I was in Fiji back then.

Although the two years of chemotherapy involved taking pills daily, injections and undergoing lumber puncture, I believe prayer also has an important role because God made our bodies to heal itself.

The daily programme of taking pills just makes one vow never to be dependent on them again, when one gets better or healed.

My favourite Bible topic is Health and how God has provided eight health doctors for us, abbreviated in the word: NEWSTART.

For optimum health just follow His health law in eating Nutritious plant based food to nutrient the cells in our bodies.

We are missing the mark today because we just eat to fill our stomach and curb our hunger but we are not feeding the cells in our bodies.

The Creator gave mankind plant based food for this very purpose as healthy cells make healthy bodies.

Exercise helps in the circulation of blood and strengthening the body, while drinking eight glasses to 1.5 litters of Water a day keeps the body cool and functioning properly and helps flush toxins out.

Walking and working in the sunshine keeps our body tanned and helps our skin produce Vitamin D.

We need to be temperate in all things as too much of the good things can become a heath hindrance.

Fresh Air is important as we take deep breaths of oxygen and exhale out the carbon dioxide from our lungs.

Rest is very important, sleeping eight hours if possible and lastly, but most important is to Trust in God for He created us.

Lately, I am using the C24/7 health supplement to help nutrient my body cells and my energy level, concentration, well being seems to have gone up another level.

I believe that if we want to be a healthy nation and help reduce our increasing statistics on Non Communicable Diseases then it is imperative that we change our lifestyle and return to the Biblical health principles given by our Creator.

Daylight Saving Time is a wonderful institution, maybe because its always been a subject of controversy.

My point here is that DST has a long and weird history.

Some people like it and some don’t. Some people even think it amounts to meddling with what they call “God’s time”.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of DST is that so few people know very much about its history and the continuing efforts to rid the world of it.

Despite controversy and the lack of proof that daylight saving time actually saves energy, some of us still look forward to it.

My mate Cameron uses the extra hour of daylight learning to ride his motorbike up and down Narara Parade.

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