Letters To The Editor, 22nd November 2018

Catholic community Simon Hazelman, Savusavu Ronnie Chang, Archbishop Peter Loy Chong and Christopher Griffin, at their defence, have much to say about jour­nalist Jyoti Pratibha’s article, regard­ing the Catholic Church.
22 Nov 2018 10:55
Letters To The Editor, 22nd November 2018

Catholic community

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

Ronnie Chang, Archbishop Peter Loy Chong and Christopher Griffin, at their defence, have much to say about jour­nalist Jyoti Pratibha’s article, regard­ing the Catholic Church.

You all talk about reverence and sa­credness of the church, yet none of you have ever addressed the seriousness of the thousands of cases of child sexual abuse by Catholic clergy around the world.

As a matter of fact the Catholic church is still facing ongoing sex abuse charg­es to this very day! It has become a real crisis for the church.

How absurd can it ever get that you talk about an article by Jyoti, but some of those ordained continue to com­mit the ultimate sin, from within the church, on children, to this very day?

To say that Jyoti is callous, insensi­tive, disrespectful, arrogant, unwar­ranted, offensive, and insulting is not only contradictory but it is exactly the way the church is treating the many abused children, nuns and members of the Catholic church around the church.

How can one show respect to a church that accommodates such abuse?

No public apology will ever be accept­ed.

Church and politics

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

The church’s involvement with poli­tics and culture has always been a sub­ject of debate.

Some believe that the church should totally refrain from politics, practicing faith quietly and being a gospel influ­ence in predominantly social circles.

Others believe that the church should infiltrate politics and culture in an at­tempt to “Christianise” the society as much as possible.

I do not believe that churches should play a role in politics.

Churches should be for spiritual en­richment.

It is important that there is a separa­tion between the church and State.

Churches are very important but do not have a place in politics.

How many churches are preaching the Gospel today?

Encourage your people to be political­ly active, surely.

Just don’t bring the campaigns into the church building.

The worship centre isn’t called a sanc­tuary for nothing.

There ought to be at least one place where we are protected from such.

That’s why a preacher has no business bringing politics into the pulpit.

“I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that re­penteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no re­pentance” Luke 15:7

That’s what preachers ought to be doing, saving souls, as they will be ac­countable to God.

Trying hard to be relevant

Premila Singh, Suva

Mick Beddoes is a sad old man. I saw his racist dig at this newspaper’s News Editor on Facebook.

This is the same Mick Beddoes who left SODELPA in a huff, went to HOPE, did not stick around there, came crawl­ing back to SODELPA and is trying so very hard to remain relevant.

Give up already Mick Beddoes. You are embarrassing yourself.

Beddoes’ racist remarks?

Parmesh Prasad, Suva

Why has Mick Beddoes got his pants in a knot? What does he mean by Jyoti Roti? Being very racist here Mick.

Is it because the Managing Editor News is Indo-Fijian, and this is a subtle reference to that?

Aren’t you the same guy who had is­sues paying his dues to Fiji Ports? Clean your own backyard Beddoes.

You are insignificant in the greater scheme of work.


Geeta Pillay, Suva

When National Federation Party lead­er Biman Prasad steps down after his two failed attempts, who will take this place? Perhaps it is time a meritorious iTaukei take over the reigns.

Two will join Biman in Parliament from NFP.

Parties plan lawsuit

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

The planned lawsuit by opposition parties over the election results re­vealed to us in this newspaper by Selita Bolanavanua (FS 21/11) should high­light the non-representative nature of Parliament.

Democracy is all about representation, and speaking for somebody’s behalf. I know they do it too, but challenging the election results would be futile.

National minimum wage

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

The next stage of the minimum wage is to raise it to $3per hour. FijiFirst do you copy?

The weatherman

Dhirendra Prasad, Lautoka

Sad to take note that the man who had committed himself for more than two decades in meteorological services is no longer with us.

The man who used to guide us through any inclement weather surges has gone. With such a simple personality but with abundance of knowledge, he has left a vacuum.

His departure reveals that it is our habit of good personality and being human that will be cherished by those whom we leave behind.

Mr Kumar has been a dedicated civil servant with exemplary leadership qualities. He was always ready to talk and respond, which is not found in all types of personalities.

I hope leaders will learn from the lega­cy he has left behind.

It not what you know that matters, but how you present yourself with that knowledge. Being such a humble person he has proved that we do not need to be a leader who shows his powers strongly, but a simple careful attitude can lead to success in life.

Of course, it is a reminder that life is short, thus live it fully with a smile just as he did.

Thank you Mr Kumar for your dedi­cated service to our beloved nation and our prayers are with you for your peace and comfort.

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