Managers Must Be Truly Fit to Accomplish Their Feat (Part One)

Dear readers, I have always been of the strong view that each and every person per­forms his or her respective actions to accomplish a wonderful and a successful ‘feat’. Whether
24 Nov 2018 11:00
Managers Must Be Truly Fit to Accomplish Their Feat (Part One)
Mayur Kalbag

Dear readers, I have always been of the strong view that each and every person per­forms his or her respective actions to accomplish a wonderful and a successful ‘feat’.

Whether the person is a student and wants to achieve the feat of get­ting a distinction in his or her ex­ams or a professional who desires to rise and reach the pinnacle of his or her career the role of ‘FIT­NESS’ must never be ignored or treated casually!

Through this column I will be sharing the importance as well as the significant role of FIT-ness in enabling a person to accomplish his or her ‘FEAT-ness’ (Goal).

A real-life scenario

It was a weekly ‘Managers and Senior Managers’ meeting going on and suddenly the Fire Alarm started ringing.

We were half way in the meeting but had to immediately leave the conference room and evacuate the entire building.

It was part of the procedure which we had to diligently follow as part of the Safety -Protocol.

The entire process happened quickly but in an organized man­ner.

When the count was taken to en­sure that all the employees were out of the building and in the ‘safe-Zone’ it was noticed that Rajesh­war, one of my senior colleagues was absent.

For almost ten minutes he was no­where to be seen.

We were a bit worried and just as we were discussing about him he appeared near the entrance of the building.

He seemed very fatigued and was almost out of his breath.

“I am sorry to come late.

“Just that the distance from our conference room to this ‘Safe Zone’ is way too long and tiring.

“To add to this I had to climb up and then down two staircases to finally get here” I noticed that Rajeshwar was almost breathless and could not even speak properly.

He somehow managed to gesture with his hands to the security guard to get him a chair to sit.

After about fifteen minutes the Safety Manager made an an­nouncement.

“Dear employees, all this was a drill to see how all of you respond dynamically to a fire or a similar crisis situation” Saying this he re­quested us to return to our respec­tive offices.

Rajeshwar seemed a bit upset.

“I am not going to climb those stairs again.

“This is way too much for me” he said to some us in anguish.

“Hey Rajeshwar, don’t you have a sales-strategy presentation to make? We are all waiting for that!”

“Our boss reminded him with a half-smile.

“Oh Yes Sir” he responded and then reluctantly joined us back to the conference room.

As we sat he walked up to the pres­entation stage.

We could see that Rajeshwar was literally out of breath.

He was panting and looking out of sorts.

He set up his laptop and started his presentation.

As expected, I noticed he was una­ble to even speak properly and that is because of his extreme exhaus­tion from the walk or rather the climb back to the room.

He was not making any impact on us and especially on our boss.

His verbal tone was low, he was going breathless while speaking and his overall body language was very passive.

Only five minutes into his presen­tation he stopped almost abruptly.

“Thank you very much for a pa­tient hearing” Saying this with a very dejected expression Rajesh­war switched off his power-point presentation.

Just as he was about to walk back to his chair our boss stopped him and began addressing him as well as all of us who were present in that room.

“Dear Rajeshwar, at the outset I want to ask you if you have ac­tually presented everything that you had planned and prepared or did you just stop midway? “I am sorry Sir, I stopped midway” he answered. “Why did you do that? If tomorrow you were to do the same thing in front of your customers while presenting at their office can you imagine the negative impact and poor impression you would create not only about you but also about our organization?” The boss asked in an angry tone. Rajeshwar was quiet and looking very nerv­ous. Our boss continued.

“What was the reason for you to lose your confidence, your convic­tion and more importantly your concentration while delivering your presentation? I did not see any enthusiasm or excitement.

You seemed very tired and men­tally as well as physically fatigued. Was it that you had not prepared for your subject?” The boss asked. “Dear Sir, I had prepared my topic of today’s sales-strategy presenta­tion thoroughly.

I really don’t know what happened to me today, Sir!” He told our boss in anguish and frustration.

“The boss looked at him firmly and then to us and explained.

“Dear colleagues, last month when we had the Annual Sports Day I noticed that except three managers all the other fifteen man­agers from various departments including Rajeshwar did not par­ticipate at all.

I would have expected each one of you to be there and play in at least a team sport which could have ena­bled and enhanced TEAM BONDING with your respective team mem­bers.

But most of you were sitting on chairs and just simply watching.

The only time I saw you most ac­tive was when the ‘LUNCH-Time’ was announced.

That’s when most of you almost ran towards the buffet table! Do you recall where the CEO and I were? I can say that along with our CEO I participated in the inter-de­partmental football game as well as a few games of badminton.

We, along with some other senior manager were on the field playing and not just watching? Please re­member, we were there and com­pletely active in the sports events because we believe the Power of Fitness!

Our CEO and I play sports espe­cially football, golf and badminton every alternate day in the evenings.

Since the past five years I for sure have seen my fitness levels as well as my overall stamina increase a lot.

This has therefore helped me tremendously in my professional work and also in my personal life.

Earlier I would get tired just after meeting three customers on one single day.

Travelling to their offices used to be a very demotivating process.

Even my customer-interactions were getting negatively affected especially because I used feel tired and non-energetic while interact­ing with them.

This was mainly because of fa­tigue and lack of stamina and en­ergy.

But since the time I started work­ing on my fitness I have seen not just my body but also my mind feel­ing positive, proactive and highly productive.

When I look at all of you, the young managers I see that most of you, despite being in your early thirties, are overweight.

Some of you have even got dark circles beneath your eyes.

I know this could be your personal matter but then as your senior and also your well-wisher I must tell you that some of you must imme­diately start working consciously towards developing a fit body and a fit mind.

Remember one very important thing, TO ACHIEVE ANY FEAT YOU HAVE TO BECOME FIT!” We all lis­tened to our boss and for sure un­derstood each and everything that he was explaining to us so passion­ately.

In my next column I will focus upon the various effective ways and means to develop PHYSICAL as well as MENTAL FITNESS!


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