Letters To The Editor 26th November, 2018

Parliament Sitting Jan Nissar,  Carlton, NSW, Australia As someone who is extremely interested in politics, the people and economy of Fiji, it will be interesting to see the make-up of
26 Nov 2018 13:09
Letters To The Editor 26th November, 2018

Parliament Sitting

Jan Nissar,  Carlton, NSW, Australia

As someone who is extremely interested in politics, the people and economy of Fiji, it will be interesting to see the make-up of the new Parliament, which starts its first sitting today.

I am so interested that I actually sat in the visitor’s gallery on two separate occasions on my regular visits to Fiji while Parliament was in session in the past four years.

What I expect to see is one side of the House which is very diverse and multi-cultural while the other side is totally not.

One side of Parliament which represents the interests of all the peoples of Fiji while the other side represents the interests of only one group.

One side which is for economic growth, prosperity and looks to the future while the other side is all for turning the clock back.

One side which has leaders who are progressive thinkers, visionary, technologically savvy, while the other side have recycled, failed leaders who have nothing to offer.

One side which will work hard, use innovation and new ideas while the other side will rely on the grace of God, prayers and fasting.

One side where the land of the iTaukei is very safe and enshrined in the Constitution, while the other side whips up unnecessary and fake emotions to win votes.

One side which is truly united with a charismatic leader while the other side struggles with who their actual leader is.

One side which represents all the people of Fiji while the other side is fixated on provincialism, backwardness and an “us and them” attitude.

One side which is for equality for all while the other side is for positive discrimination and racism.

One side which is relying on their achievements while the other side is relying on past glory.

In fact, if I were the Leader of the Opposition in the current Parliament, in the year 2018 and in this day and age, I would be totally embarrassed about the fact that I did not represent ALL the peoples of Fiji.

I would be realistic and resign immediately and not justify it as His will.

It is time for the people of Fiji to clear their heads and reflect on how they voted.



Josaia Bulavakarua,  Nalawa , Ra

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama on his newly-appointed ministers and assistant ministers. Looking at the cabinet line up I believe our newly appointed cabinet members have a lot of potentials to offer for Fiji.

I am looking forward to many more developments to continue by this government for the next four years especially in the remote areas.

I pray to God almighty to continue to shower his blessings to our newly appointed leaders and to the people of Fiji.

The election is over know and those who have been appointed to lead are appointed by God and therefore we should respect and abide their decisions as they are appointed by God almighty.

God bless Fiji.


Democracy the winner

Sova Pace,  Sydney

I have been following the Fijian elections and it’s great to see that democracy is alive and well in the land of my birth.

The fact that the election was close is a testament of this.

The Opposition SODELPA won five seats held by FijiFirst in the last Parliament.

This means it would increase the intensity of debates in Parliament.

That would benefit the country because the Opposition would be able to put pressure on Government about many national issues.

I must say that with a three-seat majority Government can still govern without much hassle.

I am impressed with the new Cabinet lineup, the new faces and the changes in portfolios. I believe they have the background, qualifications and experience to do well in their ministries. Let’s not pre-judge them but give them time to settle in.

I wish the new Parliament well and this is a  piece of advice I leave with the MPs: “You have been elected by the people and you are responsible for them.

“Remember that when you serve them honestly and to the best of your ability, you are serving God too.”


Opposition Whip

Narayan Reddy ,  Lautoka

To the new Opposition Whip just remember, sometimes it would be that ‘Being smart as a whip includes knowing when not to crack it’. Kudos and best wishes.



Amenatave Yaconisau,  Delainavesi

The use of the phrase ‘ we the people’ in the constitution don’t take away the right to dissent of opinion thus political rights.

If you disagree with others, that’s your right, not lack of knowledge.

This is a revolutionary view of different outlook and differences. We all have different beliefs.

This is not tyrrany.


Thank You, FijiFirst

Tomasi Lomaniviti,  Suva

The election is over and my FijiFirst party is back in action to lead us for another four years.

I must thank the Honorable PM for his great leadership and vision for Fiji. Leading up to the Election Day, there was a lot of criticisms and lies being spread by the people  about your leadership to discourage voters to cast their vote for other political parties.

However,  your great team came out as winners after the election with majority votes compared to votes for the remaining five political parties. The people of Fiji have made the right choice to embrace change and move on for the better future for our children.

Vinaka vakalevu our Honorable PM, you walk the talk and actions speak louder than words.


Health positives

Naca Nabutu,  Caubati

I am excited about the changes happening in our health services.

The public-private partnership is one of them. I read the Fiji Sun with interest that Government has signed a Letter of Award with Australia-based Aspen Medical Pty Limited to equip, maintain and operate the Ba and Lautoka hospitals, as well as undertake a vast upgrade of the Lautoka Hospital, bringing specialised, high-quality medical services and modern health facilities direct to all Fijians.

The article says with this development, cutting-edge treatments will be made available in Fiji, including, for the first time ever, radiotherapy for cancer and the 24/7 availability of cardiac surgery, along with tertiary care, better maternity care and expanded treatment options for NCDs.

This is great because Fijians do not have to go overseas for some of these treatments.

Another positive change is the appointment of Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete as Minister for Health. With his background, he should be able to lift the health services to a new level.

I thank Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama for placing his confidence in a person who I hear just wants to serve the people.

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