Managers Must Be Fit: Relevance Of Physical Fitness (Part Two)

In the previous column, through a real-life scenario, we looked at the importance and relevance of being physically as well as mentally fit in our professional and also our personal
01 Dec 2018 10:34
Managers Must Be Fit: Relevance Of Physical Fitness (Part Two)
Mayur Kalbag

In the previous column, through a real-life scenario, we looked at the importance and relevance of being physically as well as mentally fit in our professional and also our personal life.

Through this column let us look at the various effective activities we can do and practice to enhance our Fit-ness to thereby help us in accomplishing our Feat-ness!!!


“You are so ‘Fit’”!

This was a phrase used on Shalen by some his colleagues.

He had joined a well-reputed organization as a sales executive. On the personal front he was a swimmer and had won many inter-school and inter-university competitions.

In fact, as soon as he had joined the organization a lot of his team mates as well as his seniors were in awe of him and would ask him for guidance on physical fitness.

One on instance the general manager even complemented him in from of his other colleagues and said that Shalen was more effective at work not only because of his professional skills but also because of his physical fitness due to which he was able to work with greater stamina, deeper passion and intense motivation!

Shalen would work extremely hard at office but would still make it a point to go and practice swimming at least thrice a week.

“How are you able to make time for swimming despite the pressures of work?” Ravin, one of his junior colleagues asked.

“Hey Ravin, there are a few critical and yet positive reasons why I go for swimming three days in a week.

First reason is that my work is stressful and full of pressure and although it pays well I still feel stress and tension which not only affects me professionally but even personally.

I have seen my father getting affected negatively by stress as well.

His physical health started deteriorating and he also started adding a lot of weight.


Shalen’s experience

Dear Ravin, you will be surprised to know that my father was a Rugby player in college but within a few months of beginning his professional work he stopped playing rugby and in fact stopped all exercises due to the lack of time and also the high load of work!

As a result he started putting on a lot of weight and since many years he has been battling obesity and diabetes.

My father was a very successful employee. Unfortunately, he worked extremely hard for his employer and his organization, but not for his own fitness and his health.

Seeing this as a youngster was a lesson for me and hence I made a promise to myself to never give up on my passion for swimming and other exercises” Ravin listened attentively as Shalen explained further.

“A lot of professionals like us are physically fit and positively conscious of our overall external appearance till we get a job.

Once we start working passionately the interest in taking care of our physical fitness steadily fades away. We offer excuses such as ‘Too much work and work-pressure and hence where is the time for exercise?’

Dear Ravin, I know it is not easy to work eight or ten hours every day and still make the time to go to a gym or a health club for exercising or for playing some ‘sport’ activities.

Having said this, can’t we at least make time for some for in-house exercises?” “What do you mean by ‘In-house’?” Ravin asked.

“Sure, I will explain. Many of us get very tired after work and may feel reluctant to again travel to a health club or a gym.

But I believe that for those who don’t feel like going to a gym or a club they can surely create some time and space for exercising at home and that too without investing on any expensive exercising instruments.

If, every morning or evening, at home, you could do a hundred rope-skips or just start jumping as well as do a few forward-backward bending exercises, such activities will affect your body positively by enhancing your overall ‘blood circulation’ and simultaneously boosting your attitude of motivation and energy levels!

There are some who are fortunate to have activities such as zoomba and aerobic sessions organised by their human resource colleages within the work premise itself.

Making some time for attending such brilliant initiatives after working-hours have tremendously and positively affected the health of a lot of employees.

Dear Ravin, I don’t say that you must do exactly what others are doing.

All I say is that don’t let your work stop you from taking care of your physical health.

Today, when you return home please seriously introspect upon all the things I have explained to you.

I want you to think and then identify a specific exercise, a physical activity or a sport activity which you can start and continue to practice at least thrice in a week.

This way you will actually see a positive change in your overall attitude towards not just your professional work but also your life as a whole! Along with all this, please also look at what you eat and at what time you eat.


Staying healthy

Diet is also an important part of physical fitness.

A lot of us forget to even have our lunch on time.

Then there is the problem of ‘Over-Eating’.

I believe we must enjoy food but must never allow food to control us.

Please remember, food is not just about the quantity but also about the type of food we eat.

Today, there are many people in their early 30s suffering from Diabetes (High-sugar), Cholesterol, Hyper-tension (High Blood pressure), Acidity or Obesity and one of the main causes for that has been the improper type as well as quantity of food being eaten.

Hence, what is important is that, along with exercising we must also focus upon our eating habits as well.

A healthy and properly ‘quantified’ diet will help us towards enhancing our physical fitness” Shalen’s words were an inspiring ‘eye-opener for Ravin.

“Dear Shalen, I have always been keen to learn and then practice Yoga and Breathing Exercises.

But until now I never really made the conversion from ‘Intention to Action’.

I am fifteen kilos overweight and have always felt mental and physical lethargy at home and also at work, but after listening to you I have learnt a lot about fitness.

I have therefore decided, for sure, to start exercising as well as learning Yoga along with some rope-skips from this afternoon itself and not push it till tomorrow” Saying this Ravin left with a new learning and a new inspiration towards Fitness.

In the next and final part I will focus upon the ways and means to enhance our Mental-Fitness as that too is an extremely important part of our overall fitness towards Feat-ness!



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