Sports Making Impact In The Community

After facilitating programnes in the community, the Fiji National Sports Commission encourages hosting of community sports events as a means of ap­plying skills learnt in sports education pro­grammes. It is
08 Dec 2018 10:06
Sports Making Impact In The Community
The Somosomo Sharks after winning the Ucunipotu 7s in Labasa.

After facilitating programnes in the community, the Fiji National Sports Commission encourages hosting of community sports events as a means of ap­plying skills learnt in sports education pro­grammes.

It is a means whereby trained community leaders use sport as a means of raising funds and earning themselves an income.

A one-off funding assistance is provided by the Commission to help them host their event and set the platform for hosting further events.

We will take you through some recent com­munity events organized through it and pro­vide sustainable impacts of the programme from initial training facilitated by and through the Commission.

Ucunipotu 7s-Labasa

Somosomo Sharks was coached by Savenaca Seniloli a participant at the Train th Trainer Programme conducted in Taveuni by the Com­mission. They beat Westerland Natadra 14-7 to win the Huawei Ucunipotu 7s at Subrail Park. The event was organised by participants who attended the Taveuni training. The Commis­sion assisted by paying for referees costs and venue of the event. TOT participants Epeli Degevere, Jone Matasere and Lusiana Yavala assisted in the Ucunipotu 7s as match officials.

Yavala also officiated at the recent Oceania 7s in Suva.

Nacavanadi 7s-Gau

Following two weeks of training in Novem­ber, organisers of the Nacavanadi 7s who were part of the training conducted by the Commis­sion on Gau successfully hosted the Nacava­nadi 7s after a lapse 14 years Highlight of the tournament was the engagement of newly trained referees in the tournament.

If we wish to grow sports on the island, then we need to empower the islanders through ac­creditation under the various pathways.

The Gau Sports Association was formed.

They will now manage sports on the island under the community sports association structures organised by the Commission around the country.

A second tournament is organized by the Nacavanadi Old Scholars Association this weekend where trained officials will further benefit from the event

Bigger plans are in place for the island.

Diwali Celebration Volleyball-Delainavesi

Over 300 youths participated in a volleyball tournament organised by the Delainavesi Youth Club following their recent successes in hosting community events.

Using Public holiday to engage youths in meaningful activities means a lot for youths from 10 communities in Delainavesi who par­ticipated. Officials trained by the Commission initiated and organised this successful meet.

They were able to secure sponsorship from Hot Bread Kitchen and

Kadavu Rugby Referees Association

Following the success of their inaugural rug­by and netball tournament at the Nabukelevu-i-Ra Sevens in Kadavu in October, the Yaubla Sevens on the island this weekend involving 32 teams will be the next big one for the newly established Kadavu Rugby Referee’s Associa­tion.

The team of local referees are now becom­ing marketable to tournament orgainsers on the island where they are earning an income for their participation and engagement. Fiji Rugby will send a referee coach to assess their performance at the tournament.

These are four examples of how sports train­ing conducted in the community are creating employment opportunities for community leaders trained through the Commisison Pro­grammes.

Community Sports Associations

The Commission is etabslishing community sports associations in rural communities as the vehicle which will drive sports to create employment opportunities for people in com­munities.

The association concepts follows a multi-sport model where different sports are gov­erned by one governing body in communities. Under the provincial council structures the tikinas or districts are ideally where we want community sports associations established to align with the existing provincial strutures.

Community sports sssociations have been set up in Waidina, Namosi, Lakeba, Tainatoba (Wailevu Cakaudrove), Tunuloa, Buca Bay, Se­rua and Gau.

This is the platform to develop local talents by providing opportunities through sports.

Sports in Serua have come alive in recent weeks followingthe training conducted at Na­vutulevu Village in September.

The Serua Community Sports Association has been actively mobilising resources within the province and formed committees to look after the different sports and how they organ­ise their development under the associatrion umbrella.

Weightlifting In Serua

The Serua Weightlifting Committee is one of these committees set up to identify and de­veloip weightlifting talent through the newly opened Weightlifting Training Centre in Lo­mary.

With referees getting paid to officiate at the various rugby 7s tournaments opportunities are now available for other sports to organise competition in their sports under the commu­nity association umbrella and create employ­ment opportunities for our communities.

We will bring you more success stories in our next issue.

-Edited by Osea Bola


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